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  4. 6(104)'2012
  5. To determination of temporal descriptions of piano sounding

To determination of temporal descriptions of piano sounding

V.S. Didkovsky, V.P. Zaetz, A.I. Lunyov
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The results of measuring of temporal descriptions of sounding of piano and time of reverberation are analysed in the Small hall of the National musical academy of Ukraine. It is suggested to enter the concept of time of instrument`s aftersounding, that corresponds to time of fading of sound of piano on 60 dB in the octave stripes of frequencies. A formula is experimentally got for the calculation of time of aftersounding of musical intervals in distant part of hall. Comparison of the offered description is executed in course of time reverberations of apartment.
Keywords: piano, concerto hall, musical intervals, temporal descriptions, time of reverberation, time of aftersounding
Didkovskyi, V.S., Zaiets, V.P. and Lunov, A.I. (2012), "Do vyznachennia chasovykh kharakterystyk fortepiannoho zvuku" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(104), pp. 8-13.