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  4. 6(104)'2012
  5. Fairings of designs for hydroacoustic antennas

Fairings of designs for hydroacoustic antennas

O.G. Leyko, A.V. Derepa
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Description: The paper lists the analysis of results of researches, devoted to the fairings with different types of designs for electroacoustic antennas, assigned for operation in liquids. Their peculiarities of design implementation, advantages and disadvantages have been defined. The means to create the perspective designs of fairings for antennas operating in liquids have been determined.

Keywords: hydroacoustic antenna, fairing, amplitude losses

Leiko, O.H. and Derepa, A.V. (2012), “Obtichnyky konstruktsii hidroakustychnykh anten”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(104), pp. 13-16.