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  4. 6(104)'2012
  5. Electronic suboptimal control system for tracked mobile robot

Electronic suboptimal control system for tracked mobile robot

A.A. Kabanov, V.A. Kramar
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This paper is devoted to the problem of synthesis of electronic control system with sub-optimal control law in the sense of minimizing the quadratic performance for tracked mobile robot. Design of the sub-optimal control is based on singular perturbation method, the reduction of the system’s order technique and a simplified representation of the regulator. This fact allows us to simplify the implementation of the regulator on the microcontroller and reduce the computational cost. The paper presents the results of simulation and experimental test.
Keywords: tracked robot, suboptimal control, singular perturbation, the microprocessor system
Kabanov, A.A. and Kramar, V.A. (2012), "Radyoэlektronnaia systema suboptymalnoho upravlenyia husenychnыm robotom" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(104), pp. 51-55.