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  4. 6(104)'2012
  5. The use of radiointerferometers in the multisite radar complexes

The use of radiointerferometers in the multisite radar complexes

O.V. Karpenko, V.V. Onischenko
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Description: The possibility of radiointerferometers application for upgrading reception/transmission of radar information and interference immunity in multisite radar complexes (MSRCs) is examined in the paper. The results of theoretical researches of energy and spatial performance of radiointerferometers are presented by example of double-channel radiointerferometer. The questions of the spatio-temporal coherent signal processing are considered against the background of active disabling interference in MSRCs. The small-base bistatic RC device chart for optimal signal processing is offered.

Keywords: radiointerferometer, radar station, multisite radar complex, resolution, antenna-feeder device, directional pattern

 Karpenko, O.V. and Onyshchenko, V.V. (2012), “Yspolzovanye radyoynterferometrov v mnohopozytsyonnыkh radyolokatsyonnыkh kompleksakh”, Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(104), pp. 56-61.