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  4. 6(104)'2012
  5. Simulation of pipeline network system using grid

Simulation of pipeline network system using grid

A.А. Chemeris, M.Yu. Savchenko, S.A. Reznikova
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The paper considers an approach to build high-performance computing systems to solve the problem of simulating unsteady regimes of gas pipelines. The authors propose the use of grid technology with the use of asynchronous iterative methods. The example shows the effectiveness of asynchronous iterative methods for solving systems of linear algebraic equations.
Keywords: grid, modeling, asynchronous iterative methods, gas transportation network
Chemerys, A.A., Savchenko, M.Yu. and Reznykova, S.A. (2012), "Modelyrovanye setevыkh truboprovodnыkh system na hryd" , Information Processing Systems, Vol. 6(104), pp. 145-148.