Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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2. Contents 178-180
3. To the question of further development of forms and methods of application Aircrafts of Military Powers of Ukraine M.M. Petrushenko, V.V. Gamora, V.V. Koval 4-6
4. Possible going near determination of rational variant difficult system of military-oriented V.V. Koval, V.V. Tkachov, O.M. Zharik 7-9
5. To the question of quantitative-quality relation determination of aviations groupment forces С.П. Safronov, V.S. Shishkin 10-12
6. Estimation of spatial indexes of possibilities on protection of certain objects fighter aircraft in programmatic complex of design of battle actions of «Virazh-RD» S.P. Leschenko, S.I. Burkovskiy, I.M. Oleynik, O.V. Aleksandrov 13-18
7. The analysis of conducting operations, tactics of application means of an air attack and uses of new information technologies during the confrontation in Libya in 2011 S.P. Yarosh 19-25
8. Features of the automated control fighter aircraft in the conditions of unstochastic vagueness O.I. Volkov, P.P. Zuev, G.V. Pevcov, O.I. Timochko 26-29
9. Method of prognostication cost of production sample perspective (modernized) aviation decimators O.B. Kotov, O.B. Leont'ev, A.G. Dmitriev, A.S. Khizhnyak 30-32
10. Synthesis of algorithms external contour of management destroyers on method of parallel rapprochement O.A. Korshets 33-36
11. Application of method of dynamic programming for decision of task of determining the optimum amount of electric energy sources for users of the military air field G.I. Lagutin, V.M. Lysenko 37-39
12. Choice parameter nekontaktnogo undermining operated aircraft bombs with combat part of remote action V.V. Taranenko, V.I. Nikitchenko, R.G. Yefimova 40-43
13. Progress of aviation tools of radioelectronic fight of Air Arms of the United States of America trends Ya.N. Kozhyshko, A.I. Reznichenko, Yu.A. Olejnik, A.A. Mikhajlik 44-48
14. Methods and tools of creation and support of single informative space of technological service of aircraft construction enterprise А.S. Topal, A.N. Topal, I.V. Shostak 49-56
15. General methodic provisions on selection of models for forecasting of the technical state and reliability of a nonrecoverable articles for solving problems of their specified lifetime prolongation B.N. Lanetsky, V.V. Luck'yanchuk, I.V. Kovalenko, K.V. Borysenko 57-60
16. Analysis of allocation of temporal and power resources multifunction rls in mode of accompaniment O.L. Smirnov, O.N. Stavitskiy, E.A. Ryabokon', V.N. Chepiga, D.V. Knyscch 61-64
17. Maximum distance of discovery and identification of moving-target survey radar of military-oriented V.F. Zyukin, D.A. Grib, A.N. Kolesnik 65-68
18. Possibilities of the radio impulses carried on frequency for measurement of function of autocorrelation of thermal fluctuations electron of the ionosphere using V.D. Karlov, M.N. Zhuravsky, О.V. Besova, A.M. Chorniy 69-72
19. Analysis of existent normatively-technical base on the tests of surface radio-location facilities on disturbance protection and electromagnetic compatibility А.А. Kurilo, G.G. Kamaltinov 73-76
20. Measuring of time-phase-frequncy characteristics of radars receiving path by the hardware and software system of tolerance control I.G. Leonov, V.V. Sidorov, R.N. Zhivotovskiy 76-79
21. Method automatically analyses of signals in tine-domain in out of passive radiotechnical receiver V.V. Romanenko, P.V. Poteleschenko, І.E. Kugel, О.О. Guravliov 80-83
22. Possibilities of increase of exactness of trajectory measurings at refraction of radio waves above sea В.В. Chelpanov, A.V. Chelpanov, O.Ya. Lukovskiy 84-86
23. The synthesis of real pdh systems of synchronization by a conditional criterion of noise stability G.V. Alyoshin, A.V. Serbin 87-90
24. Influence of phase synchronization errors on the quality of the PLL with synchronous detector and agc G.V. Aleshin, D.A. Boiko 91-93
25. Visual-imitating modelling digital system SMP, realizing discrete transformation Hartly A.A. Zamula, B.V. Volobuiev, V.I. Chernish, Y.V. Zemlyanko 94-98
26. Research of characteristics of the descending channel of technology LTE in difficult noise conditions V.V. Kapurin, V.P. Lysechko, О.V. Severinov 99-101
27. Evaluation of methods forecasting of optimal working frequency decameter range I.N. Kozubtsov 102-106
28. Method of base generators frequency difference estimating by digital sequence synchronized bloc starting phase in special automated control system (acs) Аn.М. Nosyk, Ye.V. Shubin, O.P. Narezniy, Аl.М. Nosyk 107-111
29. Construction of reverse functions for the systems of protection to information V.N. Rudnitsky, V.G. Babenko, D.A. Zhylyaev 112-114
30. Features of construction of the radar-tracking landing complex for automated management by plane planting N.D. Risakov, V.V. Kucenko, I.V. Titov, A.P. Kulik 115-120
31. Planning the decision support systems with using of an adaptive analysis L.E. Serkova, S.L. Gamotska 121-125
32. Steganographic vstraivanie given in still image by method of the direct expansion of the spectrum А.A. Smirnov 126-129
33. Cross-platform research technology software for mobile T.S. Tkachova 130-133
34. Methods of data protecting in wi-fi networks L.A. Shuvalova 133-135
35. Method of determination of composition and production possibilities of departure metrology group S.S. Voytenko, A.P. Volobuev, S.V. Gerasimov 136-139
36. Interpreter of language for the universal data model V.I. Yesin, M.V. Yesina 140-143
37. Dependability model of the space vehicle two-channel informational-operating system with operative software verification S.A. Zasuha, Y.L. Ponochovnyi 144-149
38. Differentiation between concepts of localization and isolating. Classification of isolating actions V.Yu. Panchenko, T.A. Sutyushev 150-154
39. Methods of calculating combustion engine with the help of equations Nave-Stokes V.I. Rublev 155-157
40. The programming model of simultaneous addition of five positive integers in redundant recurrent number system of the third order V.N. Rudnitsky, I.N. Fedotova-Piven 158-161
41. Determination indexes of safety basic elements of ammoniac refrigeration machinery on a "technical reliability" D.V. Taraduda 162-167
42. Methods for the establishment and operation of decision support systems in technogenic emergencies I.V. Shostak, V.O. Davidenko 168-172
43. Authors 173-176
44. Index 177