Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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2. Contents 161-162
3. Construction of structurally functional mathematical model reconnaissance-controlling information system of air defence S.P. Yarosh 3-6
4. By evaluating the performance of centers of operational control V.V. Shkolyarenko, Y.І. Prizigley 7-11
5. Increase of operationability of management preparation of Troops (Forces) of Military Powers of Ukraine due to automation of process of planning of measures of military studies М.М. Kalmukov, S.V. Dudenko, O.A. Trublin, V.V. Kalacheva, S.S. Tkachuk 12-16
6. Experience of the foreign states in relation to realization of protection of objects from possible terrorist attacks (acts) from air during realization of measures of international and european level G.S. Stepanov 17-20
7. Management operation with the use of her cognitive model А.А. Adamenko 21-24
8. Estimation of battle possibilities and efficiency of battle aviation complexes at the attack missions O.B. Leontiev, V.А. Tugolukov, K.V. Bashinsky 25-27
9. Principles of adaptive planning distribution of airspace O.V. Barabash, O.B. Kotov, R.V. Khrashchevskyi 28-31
10. Estimation of efficiency of the use of technologies of tribotechnical renewal for the resource extension of the ground providing of aviation actions facilities M.G. Stadnіchenko, R.M. Dzhus, S.V. Stepanov, G.P. Sigaylo, O.M. Gurin 32-34
11. Means to improve the cargo aircraft performance characteristics by replacing the propulsion engine V.V. Loginov, E.Y. Ilenko, R.I. Mityay, А.V. Yelansky 35-41
12. Modes of operation optimization technique parameters onboard equipment military aircraft M.V. Gudkov 42-44
13. Static index of rationality of aerodynamic arrangement of lateral controls of passenger airplane O.B. Anipko, I.B. Kovtonyuk 45-47
14. Method of modification of the spercritical airfoil at the trailing edge V.V. Chmovzh, I.А. Kaleniuk 48-51
15. Helicopter tail rotors aerodynamic characteristics under cross wind blowing conditions V.O. Shlapatskyi 52-57
16. Selection criteria and indicators for evaluation of the effectiveness aerial reconnaissance the identification of illegal armed groups V.P. Gorodnov, E.B. Smirnov, A.V. Tristan, O.Е. Chernavinа 58-62
17. Network planning of air traffic controller actions T.F. Shmelovа, O.P. Bondar, I.L. Yakuninа 63-66
18. Calculation of areas of plane scattering elements sam N.N. Tverdohleb, N.S. Mikaylova, S.N. Piskunov, N.I. Oboronov 67-69
19. Method of evaluation of the generalized index of quality of antiaircraft complex is improved D.V. Ramshov, O.O. Zverev, S.V. Gaevoj 70-72
20. Optimal estimation of objects brightness temperature in two-antenna radiometer V.V. Pavlikov 73-79
21. Features of focused arrays phasing L.G. Kornienko 80-84
22. The particularities to realization dopplers filtrations the reflections in monopulse radar autosupport of the plane on final stage of the boarding V.V. Kucenko 85-89
23. Analysis of possibilities of optimum inter-period signal processing of the gausse signals and some deviations from optimum signal processing S.V. Polishko 90-93
24. Method of management by the streams of information in the fragment of mobile components of perspective communication network in changing extraordinary situations О.О. Lavrut 94-101
25. Structured schemes of management with use additional subject management Yu.A. Oleynik, Ya.M. Kozhushko, G.M. Tihonov 102-104
26. Application of vectorscopes for control after the frequency distributing of radio signals S.V. Gerasimov, A.O. Podorozhnyak, О.Р. Rachinskiy 105-108
27. The metal halide high intensity lamp discharge current-voltage characteristics experimental study under starting control in navigation systems O.V. Shulga, D.M. Nelyuba, O.I. Dannik 109-112
28. Mathematical model of source of the rationed position numbers with two grounds with limitations of local sensitiveness V.V Barannik, D.C. Kalchenko 113-119
29. Research of methods of logical treatment of information to the modular system of notation V.I. Barsov, V.A. Krasnobaev, E.A. Kontileva 120-125
30. To the question of prognostication of subsequent development of hardwares of disguise and imitation of military objec-tives V.V. Koval 126-128
31. Modern tool camouflage military facilities in the optical, thermal and radar range O.V. Stakhovskiy, K.V. Koritchenko, Y.I. Kisterniy, O.G. Sin′ko, D.Y. Zavizion 129-136
32. Methodical approach for estimation of operationability of control system parts and by subdivisions of air defense of Ground Forces М.О. Ermoshin, О.V. Kuleshov, M.P. Demenko, О.V. Kolomiytsev 137-140
33. Ecological secret service as constituent of ecological safety of Military Powers of Ukraine on the modern stage of state development S.G. Butenko 141-146
34. Analysis of the quantitative and high-quality state of soldiery power-stations and electro-aggregates G.I. Lagutin, V.V. Materka 147-150
35. Analysis of conceptions of creation of transport aerospace systems V.L. Kochurov, О.В. Solov'ev, V.A. Bespaliy 151-154
36. Analysis of requirements to the ground automated complex spacecraft control D.A. Blochа, V.I. Bogomia 155-157
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38. Index 160