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3. Improving the training of junior specialists aviation profile AirForce Armed Forces of Ukraine V.V. Sidash, G.V. Pevtsov 6-10
4. The main provisions of the complex techniques appropriate selection variants of rocket and air strikes in operations (combat) O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Hamorа, V.V. Koval, S.O. Kotlyar 11-14
5. Criteria and performance air campaign, which aims to gain air superiority О.М. Zharyk 15-20
6. Methodology of the automated design of the expertly-analytical scenarios of the exposure and removal of the threats of the realization of the national interests V.Yu. Bohdanovych, A.L. Vysidalko 21-29
7. Applying information technology in information and analytical support of military control K.A. Sokolov, O.P. Hudyma, A.B. Myronyuk, A.B. Shiyaty 30-32
8. A ground of the conceptual methodological going is near the ground of rational composition of forces and facilities of disguise of military objectives O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval 33-36
9. Analysis of the structure, functions and tasks of control units of information and psychological struggle in the armed forces of world leading countries G.V. Pevtsov, S.V. Zalkin, S.A. Sidchenko, K.I. Khudarkovskіу, A.N. Gordienko 37-46
10. The conceptual approach of assessing the state of information security O.V. Levchenko 47-50
11. Metodological going near analysis of threats of informative security of the state in military sphere and determination of measures of counteraction to them O.M. Kosogov 51-53
12. Comparative analysis of methods of evaluation of technical level of standards of armament and military technique P.I. Nor, A.B. Kotov, A.G. Dmitriev 54-57
13. Analysis the compatibility of air defence and radioelectronic warfare units at anti-terroristic operation A.V. Lezik, S.V. Orehov, G.P. Kosenko 58-60
14. Using ant algorithm to determine the elements of air enemy plan considering the number of air attack means G.V. Khudov, I.A. Taran, O.A. Zabolotny 61-63
15. Flightcrew, its role and place in the aviation safety system N.N. Breslavec, R.N. Dzhus, I.N. Klushnikov 64-67
16. Models of group flights of unmanned aerial vehicles using graph theor D.І. Bondarєv, D.P. Kucherov, T.F. Shmelova 68-74
17. Method automated of solving the problem of determining the flight path of strike aircraft unit in the space containing the limited-fly zone D.А. Parkhomenko 75-78
18. Approximate mathematical assessment model of all-moving fins exciting hinge moments and energy A.V. Safrоnov, A.N. Nedil’ko, V.A. Safrоnov 79-84
19. Comparative estimation of antiaircraft rocket complexes method of check of their conformity tactical and technical characteristics to operational and tactical requirements S.P. Yarosh, K.V. Zakutin, V.V. Voronin, V.V. Shulezhko 85-91
20. The analysis of tactical technical characteristics of the basic radar stations of radio engineering armies of armed forces of the Russian Federation G.V. Khudov, D.G. Gordienko, V.N. Kolbasa, M.A. Matvijchuk 92-95
21. Determination of dispersion of multiplier of weakening of radio-location channel on depth of rapid and slow stopping beating of signal I.G. Leonov, А.N. Korzhov, D.V. Karlov, I.М. Pichygin 96-98
22. Questions of rapid deployment of wireless sensor networks in combat areas S.M. Chumachenko, S.L. Daniluk 99-102
23. Value and influence of system connections on efficiency of management by troops and weapon L.I. Polischuk, O.D. Paschetnyk, T.V. Lavrut, S.N. Bogutsky 103-107
24. Methods of blind deconvolusion of optiko-electronic images in the conditions of nofocusing and greasings V.A. Pavliy 108-111
25. Model of the process of group searching defects in the repair of telecommunication systems technical objects V.P. Romanenko 112-116
26. Comparative analysis of operating systems to solve real-time tasks in military systems S.V. Dudenko, B.I. Nizienko, A.A. Trublin, V.V Kalachova 117-120
27. Method of the coloured encoding of elements of informative model in perspective ACE A.Yu. Gorobec 121-124
28. Analysis of attacks modern methods on military control electronic resources A.V. Severinov, A.G. Khrenov 125-128
29. Modelling of sliding encryption primitives based on recurring sequences V.G. Babenko, O.G. Melnyk, O.B. Nesterenko 129-133
30. Research effective method of controlling access to cloud antivirus telecommunication resources Mohamad Abou Taam, A.A. Smirnov, S.A. Smirnov 134-141
31. Quantitative methods for decision support V.M. Petrov 142-144
32. The features of electrical explosion conductors heating step pulse currents high density D.B. Kucher, R.A. Sharov, L.V. Litvinenko 145-147
33. Requirements for general purpose independent power sources with consideration of the experience of the anti-terrorist operation G.I. Lagutin 147-151
34. Authors 152-153
35. Index 154

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