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3. Justification appropriate option (methods) camouflage military facilities of the technical means enemy aerial reconnaissance using the analytic hierarchy O.M. Zagorka, V.V. Koval 6-8
4. A method of criterion function of control operations determination (by battle actions) is in the hierarchical structure of troops (forces) О.О. Astakhov 9-12
5. Model of change status weapons and military equipment during exploitation and scheduled repairs P.S. Zakusilo 13-17
6. Optimal distribution capabilities aviation brigade for a given object in the group kick O.M. Polujko, P.M. Onypchenko 18-20
7. The offers by definition of shock jets actions battle radius M.О. Ermoshin, М.D. Kuleshov, Yu.S. Antonenko 21-23
8. Methodical approaches to generating optimal variant of the program activities to equip aviation Armed Forces by aircraft O.Y. Mavrenkov, V.V. Loginov, V.V. Voytenko, S.V. Kyrnahzytskiy 24-27
9. Formation reserves aircraft weapons for aviation units combat training A.P. Babich, І.M. Pichugin 28-31
10. Particular qualities of unmanned aerial vehicle 's acoustic signals Y.A. Gordienko, N.V. Bougaiov, A.I. Solonets, I.A. Solopij 32-35
11. Matching characteristics of a pneumatic drive and a telescopic transmission the ground catapult V.A. Sereda 36-40
12. Prediction method of resource structural material of power components fatal glider apparatus military N.G. Stadnichenko, O.O. Fenenko, V.V.Varvarov 41-45
13. Use of remote visual observation posts positions for efficiency protection oneself subdivision antiaircraft missile troops, armed of antiaircraft missile systems of medium-range S.P. Yarosh, S.V. Lozoviy, M.I. Korsukov, I.D. Kanyuk, A.V. Kaniuka, O.G. Martcon 46-53
14. Indicators and criteria of air defence divisions groups combat operations efficiency in the light of parties’ casualties V.V.Shulezhko, S.B. Nazarenko, R.L. Vynoslavskyi 54-57
15. Point evaluation of reliability indexes of multiple cyclic exploited complex technical systems that are use on technical state. Basic calculating proportions B.M. Lanetskiy, V.V. Lukjanchuk, A.A. Artemenko 58-63
16. Rationale for ways to improve the operational model for calculating the parameters of the radar field O.M. Kolesnik, М.V. Bardakov, L.V. Beylis, V.M. Kryschenko 64-67
17. Ways of perfection of the survey radars defence systems from active impulsive and passive hindrances V.F. Zyukin, D.Y. Svistunov 68-71
18. Calculation method for scattering characteristics of above-water radar objects D.V. Molchanov, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky 72-75
19. Optimal rule decision-vaking of joint search and detection of objects on the criterion of maximum verisimilitude O.V. Vysotsky, G.V. Khudov 76-79
20. Devices and tracking algorithm group targets A.V. Chelpanov, A.V. Buyalo, К.P. Kvitkin 80-82
21. Analysis sizes of fractal dimensions phase portraits for recognition BPLA of multirotor type R.E. Paschenko, A.S. Fateev, D.O. Cupak, A.A. Romancov 83-87
22. Justification technique research ways to improve the reliability of the systems radar antenna rotation B.T. Kononov, N.M. Ryabukha 88-90
23. MOORA-kernel method and its using to make a multiple criteria alternatives comparison I.S. Romanchenko, M.М. Potyemkin 91-95
24. The distribution mission rating situation between persons of battle group and informational system of control point in Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine O.A. Chertok, M.A. Pavlenko, P.G. Berdnik, I.O. Borozenec 96-100
25. Terms of reference and significant the automated system command and control and weapons L.I. Polischuk, S.M. Bogucki, T.V. Lavrut 101-105
26. Zero-balance radiometric device with scanning antenna pattern V.K. Volosyuk, V.V. Pavlikov, K.M. Nezhalska, O.M. Tymoshchuk 106-109
27. Immunity analysis of Doppler navigator with automatic bandwidth adjustment of narrowband filter V.V. Pechenin, K.A. Scherbina, M.A. Vonsovich, J.V. Syedina, K.P. Msallam 110-114
28. Increase of exactness of parameters determination of short multifrequency signals by methods of linear algebra А.А. Belokurov, O.I. Votyakov, G.G. Pisarenok 115-117
29. Packet processing probing FM signals in the retranslation systems of technical diagnostics A.F. Velichko, S.A. Velychko 118-123
30. Service accessibility models of distributed cloud systems O.V. Yanovskaya 124-130
31. Method for processing and transfer of protected data using standard protocols TCP/UDP A.A. Zamula, D.A. Semchenko 131-134
32. Classification of methods assessment and management risk development software D.O. Lysytsia, S.S. Bulba 135-138
33. Data streams multiplexing method E.V. Lysenko, S.V. Scherbinin 138-140
34. Suggestion on modernization of the Ukrainian educational system О.В. Kotov 141-144
35. Development of recommendations for the assessment of indicators showing state of electronic components in surface-to-air guided missile during their shelf life when solving the problems of extending the designated terms B.М. Lanetskiy, I.V. Koval, A.A. Shokolovsky, V.P. Popov, S.V. Seleznov, S.M. Dontsov 145-150
36. Computer simulation of multispectral the target and background situation when you hover on ground targets V.A. Yunda, A.N. Zubkov, Y.N. Kosovcov, V.V. Atamanyuk, V.S. Mocherad 151-155
37. Features of definition of military facilities power supply break damage G.I. Lagutin, V.N. Lysenko, V.D. Zabolotniy 156-159
38. Increase resistance to impact induction motor reactive power compensation А.B. Egorov, О.Yu. Egorova 160-164
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