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3. Evaluation of overcoming air defence fighter aircraft enemy units under the conditions of the ATO A.M. Alimpiev, O.S. Mes, V.O. Voroshilov, M.Yu. Ustimenko 7-9
4. Monitoring implementation of activities state program of the Armed Forces of Ukraine V.Yu. Bogdanovic, A.L. Tsibizov 10-12
5. Analysis battle-operation of group of Armed Forces of the Russian Federation in the Syrian Arab Republic S.P. Yarosh 13-22
6. Ways to improve air defense efficiency of the groups of the Naval forces of Ukraine O.L. Kharytonov 23-24
7. Method of synthesis of rational structure of air defense grouping intelligence system with using genetic algorithm G.V. Khudov, I.A. Taran 25-31
8. Determination of optimum volume of raid of flying composition on aviation traineger V.V. Sidash, A.V. Nikiforov 32-35
9. Takeoff mode investigation of a “mini” category unmanned aircraft V.O. Shlapatskyi, Yu.O. Kamak, V.A. Zhurahov 36-39
10. Views on the establishment of ground aviacomplex for mass use uavs А.О. Gavrilenko, B.L. Yakutovich 40-42
11. Simulation of the navigation calculations on the construction of military orders «catch up on the route» E.S. Grisuk, M.V. Givica, A.O. Polishuk, R.P. Suprun 43-46
12. Technique of aerodynamic tests of models of fighters with imitation of engines A.S. Hizhnyak, P.A. Glushchenko, E.V. Spirkin 47-51
13. Analysis purposes of laws under control in crew fighter aircraft protection of important state objects O.V. Shchebets 52-54
14. Model of combat servicing command point during the management units of fighter aircraft under countermeasures means of communication O.I. Fedinsky, S.L. Nose, S.V. Fedyuk 55-57
15. The procedure for managing crews of fighter aircraft at the decision of tasks on the destruction of the transport enemy aircraft in the air under the cover of troops and facilities M.I. Fedorov, О.О. Аroslankin, V.M. Surgai 58-61
16. Method of estimating the accuracy of fighters aiming at air targets largest yaw rate target V.G. Chernov, V.Y. Pavlenko, A.V. Andrusennyk 62-64
17. The stages of management units and ground attack aircraft in an attack on ground targets D.O. Mogilko, A.V. Karkach, І.P. Mazhara 65
18. Ways to improve the technical means of air reconnaissance on aircraft bombers O.I. Lagyzov, M.O. Dmitriev, I.O. Tataryntsev 68-70
19. Model of battle staff command post units under management of bombers attacking tactical control points of enemy aircraft M.O. Chorny 71-73
20. Methods of using of NKPB-7 on a battle way for landing operation and bombing from the airplane AN-26 S.R. Melnychuk, N.A. Chepchenko 74-77
21. Output device engine power installation military transport aircraft with the development of measures to reduce infrared visibility M.M. Shelud'ko, A.V. Hudokonenko, V.V. Bezdelny 78-80
22. The use of capabilities training-simulating complex "Virazh-RD" to perform the calculations and flight simulation transport aircraft on a combat mission M.Yu. Romanchenko, M.S. Solomon 81-84
23. Mathematical modeling of flow profile S.M. Poroshin, О.V. Solovyov, P.N. Solyanik 85-89
24. Principles of tuning of synchronizer of the improved landing radar for optimum Doppler filtration of reflections by channel of autoaccompaniment of airplane N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, I.L. Kostenko, V.A. Doroschuk, V.G. Karev 90-95
25. Development methods for determining speed and converge angle aircraft weapons using digital video recorders V.N. Zozulya, A.V.Ryzkov, Y.N. Dobryshkin, А.І. Sobora 96-98
26. Formation of the mixed stream when calling planes on landing and prevention of potentially conflict V.S. Stetsenko, O.S. Shulha, B.A. Telyatnik 99-101
27. Reserve aircraft weapons forming economic aspects for combat training of aviation units A.P. Babich, I.M. Pichugin 102-106
28. Coordination bodies of the Air traffic organization and civil aviation S.M. Furman, O.V. Goluk 107-110
29. Interaction civil and military authorities with a stop illegal actions aircraft оn which can be carried out assassinations D.V. Melnykov, M.O. Maksimov 111-113
30. Selection and background indicators and evaluation criteria of efficiency technical support of air defence troops in modern conditions armed warfare D.M. Zapara, M.B. Brovko, H.M. Zubrickiy 114-116
31. Computation of index for spare part kit efficiency of surface-to-air missile complex Yu.V. Trofimenko, O.M. Doska, P.O. Marynkevich 117-119
32. Scientifically-methodical providing of researches on the ground of prospects of development of zenithal rocket armament I.M. Nikolaev 120-122
33. Results of theoretical and experimental researches of fluctuation error of measuring of angular coordinate of little pitch aim at her location within the limits of line-of-sight V.D. Karlov, E.A. Melenti, N.N. Oleshyk, A.A. Rodukov 123-126
34. Receipt method of radio-location aim recognition sign at treatment of basic and cross-country race polarization of the reflected multifrequency signal taking into account difference of phases between them Ye.L. Kazakov, O.E. Kazakov, O.V. Kolomiycev, S.I. Klivec 127-130
35. Calculation methodology of size limitation of the synthesized antenna array of radiolocation supervision space system A.L. Кuznetsov, D.V. Karlov, V.M. Kovbasa, M.A. Matviychuk 131-134
36. Method of controlling modes of work programmable radio equipment A.V. Shishatskiy, О.G. Zhuk, R.М. Zhivotovsky 135-137
37. Cognitive approach to the development of information models in decision support systems M.A. Pavlenko, V.К. Medvedev, P.G Berdnik, S.V. Mihasov 138-141
38. Genetic segmentation algorithms images of optic-electronic surveillance systems V.G. Hudov, A.М. Makovejchuk 142-145
39. Development architecture and functioning algorithm of neural network memory with correction results A.Y. Zakovorotnyi 145-149
40. Methods of qualitative analysis risk software development A.A. Smirnov, A.V. Kovalenko, N.M. Yakimenko, O.P. Dorensky 150-158
41. Synthesis and study of the neural network aiming and stabilization system with the backlash in the kinematic coupling device B.I. Kuznetsov, T.E. Vasilets, A.A. Varfolomeyev 159-162
42. Mathematical models of information processes at liquidation of emergency situation V.K. Mironenko, M.D. Kacman, V.I. Macyuk 163-170
43. Peculiarities of academic mobility in the context of ukrainian higher education L.В. Kubiavka, M.А. Belichenko 171-174
44. Authors 175-177
45. Index 178