Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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3. Comparison of different approaches from determination of indexes and criteria of efficiency of the armed fight in air space О.М. Zharik 6-12
4. Ground of ways of creation of ground-proof-of-concept complex of Military Powers of Ukraine and the basic requirements to his components V.M. Zozulya, V.A. Lyashenk, О.М. Vorobyov, N.K. Bagdasaryan 13-18
5. The conceptual constituting substantiations of the combat staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine through a value of prevented damage of troops in an operation V.M. Mozharovskiy 19-23
6. Method for determining direction of impact of air attacks on operational direction M.A. Pavlenko, V.K. Medvedev, P.G. Berdnik, R.V. Safronov 24-27
7. Information model of the effectiveness assessment planning training І.О. Romanenko, T.О. Ivachnenko, S.V. Osievskiy 28-36
8. The basic aspects of the methodical apparatus of the substantiation of distribution of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the peace time troops and the troops which will be mobilized H.A. Sakovskyi 37-42
9. Method of evaluation of level of strategic potential of the state (2013 – 2016) О.М. Semenenko, R.V. Boyko, V.P. Didichenko, Yu.B. Dobrovol'skiy, O.A. Ges’ 43-48
10. Methodological approach to influence level scoring of readiness of crew to field personnel combat might in tactical aviation S.S. Drozdov 49-53
11. Justification of factor-space selection for qualimetric modelling of combat-capable trainer aircraft on the basis of flight instruction training session analysis A.M. Alimpiev, V.P. Yeroshenko, I.B. Kovtonyuk, O.B. Leontev 54-59
12. Analysis of network-centric model of application of facilities of defeat from data of air secret service В.М. Ivaschuk, I.M. Zelinskiy, A.S. Nebrat, O.O. Borschevskiy, O.M. Trisantovich 60-63
13. Ways of increase the accuracy of hit point for rockets complexes of air and land basing Y.M. Agafonov, Y.A. Tkachenko 64-66
14. Methodical approach to the substantiation of tactical-technical and economic aspect of aviation guided missile of class "air-air" short range A.S. Khizhnyak 66-69
15. Mathematical model to estimate the costs financial resources related to the implementation procurement unmanned aircraft systems E.Yu. Ilenko, P.N. Steshenko 70-73
16. The concept of designing compact system mortar start of the aircraft M.V. Ambrozevich, V.A. Sereda 74-79
17. Proposals for the structure and content of operational-tactical requirements for the systems (complexes) anti-aircraft missile I.M. Nikolaev 80-82
18. Development of standard procedure of fail-safety test of electric sheet connectors of antiaircraft missiles for solving problems of extension of stated indices B.M. Lanetsky, I.V. Koval, V.V. Lukyanchuk, V.P. Popov 83-85
19. High-frequency asymptotic method of calculation of the secondary radiation model unmanned aerial vehicle I.E. Ryapolov 86-89
20. Justification of intensity of changes of functional conditions of mobile radar complex S.J. Gogoniants, S.V. Polishchuk 90-92
21. The improved method of calculation distance of detection of tactical unmanned aerial vehicles means to radiomonitoring S.O. Dupelich 93-97
22. On the measurementof distance to aim, carrying out flight within the limits of troposphere waveguide above sea V.D. Karlov, D.B. Kucher, O.V. Strusinskiy, E.V. Lukashuk 98-101
23. Principles of constructing automatic tracking channel which is part of precision approach radar N.D. Rysakov, I.V. Titov, A.V. Simonenko, S.N. Rot, D.N. Voronov 102-107
24. Method study of fuzzy knowledge bases of intrusion detection and prevention systems in mobile radio networks class MANET S.V. Salnyk, V.V. Salnyk, E.M. Bovda 108-114
25. Problems and prospects for the use of methods homomorphic encryption in cloud technologies T.G. Bilova 115-118
26. Review of possibilities of quantum cryptoanalysis and cryptographic platforms, which are proof to him and can be basis for the systems of electronic digital signature V.S. Burkovskiy 119-126
27. Directions of improvement of checking system technical state of standards of armament and military technique S.S. Voitenko, S.V. Herasimov, V.V. Kycenko 127-131
28. The drawing of individual approaches to improve the readiness of border departments to act in emergencies required by certification border natural and industrial hazards I.V. Krivii 132-137
29. Approach to the choice of strategies service car engine technical condition M.Y. Myronyuk 138-140
30. Assessment of methodological errors verification electric measuring devices of accurrent piecewise-speed signals special form V.V. Mosharenkov 141-144
31. Supporting of environmental protection and energy conservation of data-centre in Ukrainian Defence Ministry O.V. Ovcharov, S.V. Guzchenko, P.V. Ushmarov, G.B. Gyshko, V.P. Chepurnyj 145-153
32. Upgrading of informative co-operation of subdivisions of military powers with facilities of space secret service on basis of creation of groups of space support U.V. Reznikov, A.I. Solonec, K.K. Kulagin 154-156
33. Study conditions logistics management of thematic information and communication flow monitoring precondition emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 157-162
34. Mathematical model of determining the necessary amount of requests on metrology maintenance of standards of armament and military technique Yu.I. Shevyakov 163-165
35. Model of neuron network for recognition of air objects which are on the air field of basing I.Yu. Yuzova 166-168
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37. Index 172