Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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3. Concept air command military units combat training based on the modern information technologies A.V. Nikiforov, O.A. Ges’ 6-10
4. Systematic study unit and adjustments programmes and plans of development of the Armed Forces of Ukraine O.M. Semenenko, Y.B. Dobrovolsky, R.V. Boyko, L.M. Semenenko, M.V. Naumenko 11-18
5. Mathematical model to estimate the maximum potential value of the exciting hinge moments of aerodynamic aircraft control surfaces in case of transonic flutter A.V. Safronov, O.M. Nedil’ko 19-23
6. Intelligent technology management aviation technology based domain analysis V.V. Khizhnyak, A.O. Litovchenko, A.G. Dmitriev 24-29
7. The overall methodological approach to safety in test of parachute systems for air drop V.A. Dmytriiev 30-32
8. The estimation of parameters of the detection zones of the UAV "Orlan-10" radar equipment self-propelled anti-aircraft missile system 9К33М3 "Osa-AKM" O.I. Sukharevsky, V.A. Vasilets, I.Ye. Riapolov 33-38
9. Method of analitical modeling process of changing realibility function of antiaircraft rocket troops taking into account enemy’s fire influence V.O. Shuenkin, M.O. Sliusarenko 39-43
10. Substantiation of extent of test of surface-to-air missiles and missile solid-propellant missile engines in the case of their continuous service for solving problems of extension of stated indices B.N. Lanetsky, I.V. Koval, V.V. Lukyanchuk 44-47
11. Method of determination of parameters of the service system of anti-aircraft missile complex Y.B. Pribyliev, S.S. Voitenko, L.M. Sakovich 48-52
12. Parameter optimization for antenna system spherical radome of the missile homing head in EHF V.V. Tarnopolova, I.V. Hutorna, V.A. Vasilets, O.I. Sukharevsky 53-55
13. Features of the anti-aircraft snipers’ training with the use of the modern simulation facilities P.V. Pistriak, V.V. Afanasiev, D.O. Torianik 56-59
14. Informative statisticians and their application in tasks of synthesis of decision rules of finding out signal on background of hindrances in the conditions of a priori non-parametric vagueness V.P. Dedenok, D.V. Karlov, G.V. Pevtsov, U.V. Reznikov 60-66
15. Comparative analysis of the accuracy characteristics of the phase and amplitude direction finding methods in re-reflection conditions А. Kobzev, М. Murzin, А. Oskolkov, H. Zubrytskyi 67-69
16. General conditions of the improved method of estimation of efficiency of radiolocational supporting of operations forces and means of air defence S.J. Gogoniants, S.V. Polishchuk 70-73
17. Correlation properties improvemet of MF signals with double orthogonality for detection small targets radar in multipath conditions I.G. Leonov, A.V. Kostyanez, R.V. Golub 74-78
18. Parameters evaluation of radio equipment in surveillance radar "old" parks with the use of mobile video terminals A.A. Malyshev, V.V. Sidorov, I.M. Nevmerzhicky, A.A. Gryzo 79-82
19. The distribution information management by zones (levels) of information and telecommunication networks E.N. Bovda 83-86
20. Overview cryptanalysis algorithms of public distribution keys systems such as the Diffie-Hellman, which are based on non-commutative groups V.S. Burkovsky 87-92
21. Method of intrusion detection in mobile radio networks on the basis of fuzzy knowledge bases S.V. Salnyk, V.V. Salnyk, Y.O. Stempkovska 93-98
22. Issues and future directions to combat small ultralight drone in internal armed conflict V.V. Sokоlovsky, Y.V. Samsonov, M.I. Zuban 99-102
23. Conditions of implementation signal-code constructions in anti-interference communication and control systems Y.V. Stasev, D.O. Medvedev, I.E. Leshchenko 103-107
24. Analysis and comparative research of postquantum digital signature algorithms O.V. Shevtsov, I.I. Svatovskij, T.U. Kuznetsova 108-116
25. Method of estimation of the parameters of signals with digital modulation types A.V. Shishatskiy, O.G. Zhuk, V.V. Lutov, R.M. Zhivotovsky 117-121
26. Study filters can FAP with dynamic systems gain control under fourth root S.A. Yukhnovsky 122-124
27. Determination of rational method completing of Armed Forces of Ukraine by officers S.V. Gorbenko 125-127
28. Optimization of relations between power of warhead and precision weapons characteristics dispersion V.P. Grekov, A.A. P'yankov, Yu.A. Tkachenko 128-130
29. Methods of optimal allocation limited resources to provide the maximum level of readiness units of the state service for emergency situations to perform tasks on the destination G.V. Ivanets 131-134
30. Methods of making measurements and basic stages of their development and attestation E.L. Lymanska, M.A. Ped, V.S. Yarovyi, Y.V. Ferima, M.A. Zinchenko, M.V. Borisenko, O.I. Bondarenko 135-141
31. Analysis of possible methods of visual recognition – resolution group supported the objectives based on wavelet transformation of signals V.N. Loza, Є.S. Lenkov, M.N. Ohramovich 142-146
32. Experimental methods for determining the aerodynamic coefficients of the normal force and overturning moment V.I. Makeev, A.O. Vakal 147-151
33. Analysis of methods different spectral image fusion with using universal quality score A.B. Tancyra 152-156
34. Formation of information logistics monitored prerequisite emergencies R.I. Shevchenko 157-161
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36. Index 165