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3. Integrated management model integrated potential counter the threat of a military character for a given level military security V.Y. Bogdanovic, O.V. Pavlovskyi 6-11
4. Method of determining tasks to the component of integrated capacity military character threats with use method of expert-meaning intermediate scenarios V.Yu. Bogdanovich, A.М. Prima 12-16
5. Aspects of improving the system for management of anti-airwide defense of Ukraine B.I. Nizienko, S.A. Yuchnovsky, S.A. Makarov 17-20
6. Methodology of scientific research of operational control of troops (forces) E.B. Smirnov, V.I. Tkachenko, O.M. Shmakov, V.G. Malyuha 21-26
7. Trends in the improvement of the equipment of the military pilots I. Kliusnikov, A. Yerilkin, A. Marchenko 27-29
8. Development of unmanned aerial vehicles ways of usage Yu.F. Kucherenko, А.М. Nosyk 30-34
9. European airspace capacity forecasting and provision O. Luppo, O. Alexeiev, A. Holubova, T. Kolesnyk 35-40
10. Complex method of substantiating an expedient set of measures for the maintenance of vehicles for ground handling of aircraft of armed forces of Ukraine during the period of their transfer to condition based maintenance S.M. Novichonok, О.B. Kurenko, O.A. Usachova, S.I. Borovyh 41-45
11. Method Safety Videoinformation Resources through a tiered selective treatment in telecommunication systems О.G. Ocsiuk, D.S. Havrylov, P.M. Guzhiy, B.O. Demidov 46-48
12. Method of estimation of degree of danger of nonpermanent situations is in air space A.I. Tymochko, P.P. Zyev 49-53
13. Features of modelling of dynamics of flying machines with a deviation of a vector of draught of engines A.A. Shalygin, V.O. Nerubatsky 54-57
14. Suggestion on evaluation of battle actions of zenithal mobile fire groups M.О. Ermoshin, О.V. Kuleshov, О.V. Kolomiytsev, V.V. Shulezhko 58-60
15. Substantiation of components of general requirements for interactive electronic maintenance documentation of SAM system V.V. Kobzev, V.А. Vasilyev, О.М. Doska 61-64
16. General scientific and methodological statements about organization and execution of operations for prolongation of surface-to-air missile stated characteristics. Nomenclature of stated characteristics, structural and functional schemes of dependability B.M. Lanetsky, I.V. Koval, V.V. Lukyanchuk, V.P. Popov 65-70
17. Adaptive control of tracking mode parameters of a multi-function radar O.L. Smirnov, O.N. Stavitskiy, A.A. Nakonechnyi 71-77
18. Improvement of the secondary treatment of radio-location information in 19Ж6 radar A.A. Grizo, І.М. Nevmerzhiсkiy, V.V. Monastirniy 78-81
19. Parameters numerical values of errors distribution law in coordinate measuring process at the difference-distancemeasuring passive location method V.V. Kutsenko, S.H. Kovalenko, D.D. Dobrowolski 82-84
20. Radar scattering char-acteristics of F/A-18A hornet seaborne fighter-bomber in SHF, UHF and VHF band I. Ryapolov, Y. Belevshchuk, R. Lyaschenko, A. Polyakov 85-91
21. Method of optimization of the structure of the distributed database in the nodes of the infocommunication network of the cloud environment O.M. Misyura, V.F. Tretyak, V.M. Bilchuk 92-96
22. The concept of the organization of interaction of elements of military radio communication systems I.O. Romanenko, A.V. Shishatskiy, R.M. Zhyvotovskyi, S.M. Petruk 97-100
23. Methods of evaluating operational situation in automatic systems of manage army in conditions of uncertainty S.S. Gatsenko 101-105
24. Method of adaptive choosing number channels in MIMO system A.G. Zhuk 106-109
25. The analysis of modern tendencies of development of the stream cipher generator N.A. Poluyanenko 110-119
26. Functional representation of linear error correcting codes M.A. Shtompel 120-122
27. Complex assessment model of efficiency and control of the material support elements during the preparation and performance of service and combat missions by units (subunits) of Ukrainian national guard in a special period V.P. Gorodnov, V.V. Vlasyuk, V.V. Ovcharenko 123-132
28. Construction Features of antimine seats armored combat vehicles considering the ergonomic factor L.S. Davydovskiy 133-139
29. Algorithm of prognostication of the general inflicted harm because of extraordinary situations, necessary material and technical resources and personnel for liquidation or warning them G.V. Ivanets 140-145
30. Justification’s methods to recommendations for improvement of engineer corps with the participation of regional industries enterprises O.V. Peredrii 146-149
31. Requirements for vehicles metrological services of special communication hardware technical support L.M. Sakovych, Y.V. Ryzhov, P.L. Arkushenko, A.V. Khodych 150-152
32. Research of influencing of placing of heat-generating elements of step is the optimum sizes of vehicles radio electronic A.M. Sinotin 153-155
33. Passive facilities of radio electronic defense of objects from influence modern and perspective decimators R.G. Sydorenko, G.V. Akulinin, O.A. Skopintsev 156-159
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35. Index 163-164