Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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3. The methodology of setting and solving the inverse problem of optimization of the combat (quantitative and qualitative) structure of tactical aviation and the anti-aircraft missile forces of perspective Air Forces S. Drozdov, О. Leontyev 7-14
4. Basic features of use of the Air Force under present-day conditions during armed struggle V. Shamko, A. Zharik, V. Koval 15-18
5. The features of the hybrid war of the Russian Federation against Ukraine. Experience received by the Armed Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A. Alimpiev, G. Pevtsov 19-25
6. The main points of the complex methodology for choosing the expedient alternates for covering important state targets by the forces and means of air defense in the operation (combat operations) O. Zagorka, V. Tyurin 26-30
7. Integrated methodology to adaptation of the Air Force control system in modern conditions of the armed struggle V. Malyuha 31-35
8. Implementation of allocated training and modeling systems during training and scientific and technical activity of the Air Force of Ukraine A. Yaretskiy 36-41
9. Solving the problem tasks of the prospects for the development of airfield and technical maintenance means of aircrafts V. Kirichenko, V. Кaviyk, B. Vasiliev 42-48
10. Analysis of state of aircraft protection systems of the Air Force of Ukraine P. Skorenkiy 49-51
11. Optimal high-speed regulator for launch system of gas turbine engine of helicopter V. Bashynskyy, A. Denisov, E. Bursala 52-55
12. Method of those flights leadership group to determine the appropriate way to approach the formation and flow of aircraft landing in different ways A. Smyk, B. Telyatnik, M. Sarafyan 56-58
13. Features of a choice of magnetic systems materials for aviation electric motors V. Shevchenko, V. Shaida, E. Zuban 59-64
14. Analysis of construction of modern airborn protection complexes of flight vehichles and substantion of development necessity of the automated airborn protection system, it's conceptual bases of construction І. Shein, O. Borisyuk, К. Andrejev 65-70
15. Methods of work of aviation direction at control to unit of army aviation R. Vlasenko, A. Shefelyuk, І. Mаshаrа 71-74
16. The state and perspectives of the development of anti-aircraft missile armaments in the Air Force of Ukraine D. Karpenko 75-78
17. Estimation of the efficiency of co-operation to high-speed arms of the opponent at the organization of the anti-aircraft missile opening of objects and grouping of troops S. Yarosh, O. Tesenchuk 79-83
18. Methodology of estimation of the efficiency of reflection of attack of cruise missiles by grouping of zenital missile troops in conditions of uncertainty A. Deinega, M. Potyemkin, D. Grazion 84-87
19. The technical description of training system for missile launches in perspective missile complexes S. Zviglyanich, N. Izyumskiy 88-91
20. Potential capabilitys of radiotechnical troops radars to detect operational-tactical and tactical unmanned air vehicle S. Vishnevsky, L. Beylis, V. Klimchenko 92-98
21. Recognition type multirotor BPLA with the use fractal dimensions of phase portraits R. Paschenko, V. Ivanov, D. Cupak, A. Molchanov 99-104
22. Designing visual-imitating applications for modeling algorithms of selection of moving targets for existing and modernized RTV radars with Simulink package I. Nevmerzhitsky, A. Gryzo, M. Matviychuk, V. Semenov, E. Guida 105-109
23. Optimum algorithm of work in composition the landing radio-locator of measuring device of angular co-ordinates of airplane on the signals of channel of autoaccompaniment N. Rysakov, I. Titov, A. Simonenko, A. Kulik, V. Karev 110-115
24. The influence analysis of «hybrid» war on the developmentof automatic system of aviation control and anti-aircraft defenses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine A. Kyshnir, A. Davikoza, J. Kucherenko 116-120
25. The improvement ways of obtaining and processing information methods in air electronic intelligence М. Stepanenkov, A. Kobzev, V. Romanenko 121-123
26. The partial methodology of conformity estimation of the communication system to the needs of a definitely anti-aircraft defense control system S. Yukhnovskiy, A. Kulik, I. Kostenko 124-126
27. Method of predicting signal-noise environment of radiotechnique systems in conditions of radioelectronic counteraction R. Zhyvotovskyi, U. Gorobets, V. Makarchuk, A. Pomin 127-130
28. Noise immunity communication channel with the spacecraft formation by reducing the plasma density shock wave O. Shefer 131-134
29. Method of selecting hybrid modes of working multiantenna military radiocommunication systems A. Shyshatskyi 135-144
30. The method of determining the priority of taking by the National guard of Ukraine under the protection objects of the critical infrastructure in a special period V. Evseev 145-150
31. Helicopters of the iraqi republic of the fight against sea targets in the course of Iran-Iraq war 1980-1988 A.S. Pospelov 151-157
32. Military aspects nature and the distinction between “illegal armed groups”, “illegal paramilitary groups” V. Panchenko 158-161
33. The technical approach to define necessary capabilities of integrated potential components for the threats deescalation on the executive level V. Bohdanovych, A. Prima 162-166
34. Ontological GIS, as a means of organization of geospatial information V. Prykhodniuk, O. Stryzhak 167-174
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