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3. The cognitive approach to defining of tasks by integrated potential component for the deescalation of military threats in the system of military security V. Bohdanovych, I. Svyda, A. Sirotenko 5-10
4. Evolutionary-innovative approach to development of complex samples of arms and military equipment, to formation and implementation of the strategy for the development of the armament system of the armed forces of the state D. Grib, B. Demidov, Y. Kucherenko, O. Khmelevskaya, V. Gridina, L. Mikhalova 11-25
5. Current circuit for a helicopter gas turbine engine starting system with a free-wheel DC motor A. Denisov, A. Bursala, E. Bursala, O. Shapovalоv, K. Bashinskiy 26-34
6. Scientific-methodical statements on assessment technical and economic efficiency of works directed for extension of surface-to-air missiles` assigned measures B. Lanetsky, V. Lukyanchuk, I. Terebuha, V. Lisovenko 35-40
7. The main provisions of the method for the building combat order of anti-aircraft defence units curing explosive objects A. Lezik, S. Piskunov, A. Volkov, V. Sedyukh 41-47
8. Investigation of the conditions of electromagnetic compatibility of radioelectronic means of air mobile and radar services and trunking communication facilities in the frequency band 136 ... 174 MHz S. Makarov, I. Moskovchenko, V. Lebedev, O. Pavlichenko 48-53
9. The general problems of development of ciberphysical systems S. Volkov, Yu. Shcherbina 54-59
10. Method of support of data transfer routes in mobile military networks of military purpose based on fuzzy logic V. Salnyk, S. Salnyk, T. Strela, V. Oleksenko 60-68
11. The RACPwP protocol of the hierarchical plan system for tasks with high criticality L. Shabanova-Kushnarenko, N. Borisova, O. Cherednichenko, Y. Gontar 69-74
12. Method of multicriterial evaluation of the state of the special purposes of radio communication system channels A. Shyshatskyi, O. Zhuk, R. Zhyvotovskyi, P. Zhuk 75-83
13. Is it possible to deter an opponent who uses "hybrid tactics"? A. Antonov, V. Bzot, I. Kuzhel 84-90
14. The analysis of terrorist attacks in Ukraine based on open-source data set H. Pievtsov, A. Feklistov 91-95
15. State emergency service of Ukraine units' potential mission effectiveness during emergency response assessment model H. Ivanets, M. Ivanets, H. Safarova 96-100
16. Corps artillery of the armies of the USSR and Germany at the beginning and during the Second world war P. Trofimenko, S. Latin, В. Matusko, О. Suprun 101-109
17. The method for recoil energy reduction of security forces' small arms O. Bilenko, K. Pershina, D. Pavlov 110-115
18. Qualimetry theory based organizational-technical system functional aspects quality characteristics formalization The aim of this research is development of models, determining the basic elements of evaluation, system and procedure of 116-122
19. The method of distribution of the defense budget of Ukraine between the components of defense with accounting indicators of necessary financing and priority of the problems of those companies at planny year O. Semenenko, R. Boyko, O. Vodchyts, S. Vasilenko, H. Zubrytska, O. Kremeshnyy 123-131
20. The criterion of optimality system restore marine complexes О. Timoshchuk, O. Ducky, O. Kolomiets, I. Trofimenko 132-136
21. Improving the method of determining requirements to a minimum permissible value of the performance of the correct evaluation of the result of performance of diagnostic checking M. Yakovlev, Y. Ryzhov, L. Sakovych, P. Arkushenko 137-143
22. Index 144