Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. The conceptual principles of forming the system of ensuring the information security O. Levchenko 7-12
4. Analysis of general approaches for the construction of information security system K. Sokolov 13-17
5. Views on problematic issues of application of Air Force in air defense H. Stepanov, V. Kaminsky, M. Pavlenko 18-23
6. Information datability management group management by air І. Mаshаrа, O. Timochko, V. Chernov 24-29
7. Technique computation launch range antiaircraft missile from seaside base firing range (temporary ground) taking in consideration peculiarity of target flight profile type VR-3 "Rejs" O. Vedmid, M. Romaniuk 30-38
8. Estimation of ground based radar destruction probability by loitering munition with the radio homing mode A. Hryzo, I. Nevmerzhitsky, V. Grigoryev, R. Zіnyak 39-46
9. The analysis of the electromagnetic field of the antenna that is excited with ultrawideband and multiband signals S. Zhyla 47-54
10. Radiation of spatially limited inhomogeneous plasma V. Karlov, Yu. Kirichenko, A. Artemenko, O. Lukashuk 55-65
11. Arithmetic model «radiotechnical facilities – control system» according to Petri net model М. Pavlenko, Yu. Shapran, M. Stakhova 66-72
12. The method of parameters optimization of the multifunctional laser information-measuring system on the multiplicity of signals, structures and technical parameters G. Aloshin, O. Kolomiytsev, O. Kuleshov, K. Kulagin, A. Tkachev 73-79
13. Analysis of influence of window functions on the accuracy of angular coordinate estimation of emitting sources when preliminary forming orthogonal beams V. Vasylyshyn, V. Lyutov, A. Shkoda, A. Glushko 80-85
14. Method of evaluation of channel parameters with technology МІМО-SEFDM O. Zhuk, A. Shyshatskyi, E. Prokopenko, R. Zhyvotovskyi 86-91
15. Main activities to ensure the efficient functioning of control, communication and navigation systems under the influence of destructive heliogeophysical disturbances G. Kalashnyk, M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko 92-98
16. Method of selection of rational ways of tasks performance by brigade tactical groups in stabilization activities on the basis of game theory V. Dudnik 99-105
17. Model of calculation of safe path with fire and defense potential of military groups based on the building of artificial immune system and the bacterial search algorithm V. Lytvyn, D. Uhryn, S. Shevchuk, O. Iliiyuk 106-118
18. Influence of projectile ballistic coefficient dispersion on non-lethal and limited range weapons' tactical characteristics О. Bіlenko, D. Pavlov 119-122
19. Defense resourse management: metodological approach to determin resource requirements for Armed Forces development during defense planning М. Dieniezhkin 123-129
20. Increasing the accuracy of the electron-pneumatic mechanism control of the clutch of vehicles of categories N3 and M3 by using the serial arrangement of electron-pneumatic valves M. Mykhalevych, V. Bogomolov, V. Klimenko, O. Yaryta, D. Leontev, Yu. Ryabukha 130-137
21. The method of the three-criterion Euclidean kernel and its use for multiple criterial comparison of alternatives М. Potоmkin, R. Sirchenko 138-142
22. Index 145-146