Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-7
3. The development of forms and methods of use of the Air Forces of Ukraine in modern conditions of armed struggle V. Shamko, O. Zharyk, V. Koval 9-15
4. Comrehensive employment of military and non-military forces and means concept for providing the sufficient level of state military security V. Bohdanovytch, I. Svyda, А. Syrotenko 16-29
5. Methodology of evaluation under conditions of non-stochastic uncertainty purpose of decision making about accessories of the part (division) to the grouping of air forces V. Bilchuk, I. Dzeverin, S. Lazebnik, O. Khmelevska 30-40
6. Single information space as a basis of effective implementation of the principles of program-target planning for the development of armaments and military equipment O. Holovin 41-46
7. Implementation of the integrated distributed system of modeling in the system of collective training of aircraft staff of the Air Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine S. Botsiian, M. Hudkov, І. Oliynyk 47-52
8. Strategy and methodology of synthesis realization of optimally distributed structure of aircraft flight and navigation complex in conditions of destabilizing impacts M. Kalashnyk-Rybalko 53-61
9. Ways of development of surface-to-air missile weapons in the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in conditions of resource restrictions B. Genov, B. Lanetsky, V. Luk’yanchuk, I. Nikolaev 62-66
10. Methodology of sets substantiation of promising anti-aircraft missile systems and determination of their permissible variation O. Turinskyi 67-72
11. The estimation of the use of corner reflectors for simulation of tactical aviation aircraft O. Sukharevsky, V. Vasilets, I. Ryapolov, Ye. Ryapolov 73-78
12. Influence of the reflection from the local objects on the accuracy of the meteoring parameter estimation in the impulse Doppler weather radar D. Atamanskiy 79-87
13. Increasing informativity of radar stations type 5N84A V. Gartovanov, M. Araslanov, V. Batyev 88-96
14. Security assessment of programmable logic-based systems using cases: taxonomy, notation, concept O. Illiashenko 97-103
15. Analysis of improvement methods of noise immunity of multi-antenna systems of military radiocommunication S. Kalantaievska 104-110
16. Evaluation of quality indicators of mobile telecommunication network special purpose О. Klimovich 111-115
17. Study of the properties of optimum spectral filtration of optical radiation with the use of the normed Kullback-Leibler divergence L. Kupchenko, A. Rybiak, O. Goorin 116-121
18. Security of encrypted cloud database Salman Rasheed Owaid 122-130
19. Comparative model of texts and their described objective situations conformity Kudhair Abed Thamer, L.V. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 131-136
20. Influence of stress factors of the combat situation on the psyche of servismen of the Air Forces (based on the experience of antiterrorist operation) V. Kudrenko, V. Afanasenko 137-144
21. Features of security forces weapons’ specification designing О. Bіlenko, D. Pavlov 145-150
22. Substantiation of the missions and structure of the forces formation of the National guard of Ukraine during participation in the reacting to the arising of epidemics and epizootics V. Yevsieiev 151-159
23. The method of the quantitative risk assessment of use of troops (forces) during disaster management D. Suleymanov, A. Nikitin 160-166
24. Increasing the effectiveness of the coverage of explosive objects due to the joint use of tactical and fire subdivisions of air defense and tactical and special units of electronic warfare A. Lezik, S. Oriekhov, G. Levahin, D. Knysh 167-173
25. Mathematical model of the processes of expenditure and replenishment of the resource of the grouping of complex technical objects S. Lenkov, A. Selyukov, I. Tolok, E. Lenkov, T. Bondarenko 174-181
26. Methodological basis of efficiency assessment concerning functioning of the unified system of surface picture display within the sea sector V. Mazur, O. Borovyk 182-189
27. Index 190