Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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2. Contents 5-6
3. Adaptive control method of integrated counteraction potential against detected (forecasted) threats of military security of the state V. Bohdanovytch, I. Svyda, А. Syrotenko 7-13
4. Information threats as the variety of military threats to the state O. Levchenko, Y. Mikhieiev 14-19
5. The UAV flight route optimization by taking into consideration the wind influence A. Shalyhin, V. Nerubatsky, S. Denysova 20-24
6. Bootstrap method for evaluating the reliability indicators of the airborne equipment of the surface-to-air guided missiles with the use of the priority information for solving the problems of extension of the appointed indicators B. Lanetsky, V. Dedenok, I. Koval, V. Luk′yanchuk 25-31
7. Requirements for refraction control in the border layer of the atmosphere, in accordance with its impact on the calculation of the determination of air objects on limited small heights V. Karlov, V. Misailov, A. Artemenko 32-37
8. Development of optimum navigation information processing algorithm М. Borysenko, S. Herasimov, A. Kostenko, D. Makarchuk 38-44
9. The main activities to implement the process of identifying the automated military systems characteristics on its pre-project developmental stage Yu. Kucherenko, А. Nosyk, A. Dovbnia 45-52
10. Method tone and color correction for diverse and multi-temporal data of optical-electronic observation systems S. Berezina, O. Klimishen, D. Karlov, O. Dychko 53-60
11. Justification of method of processing different intelligence information in geoinformation systems of special purpose O. Koshlan 61-67
12. Method of the textual information Semantic compression for counteracting computer linguistic steganography Ya. Tarasenko, O. Piven, I. Fedotova-Piven 68-78
13. Methods and means of accelerating the process of automatic synchronization of the synchronous generators B. Kononov, V. Kononov, O. Kononova, V. Kirvas 79-87
14. Terrorism in Europe as a factor of development of security threat P. Pacek 88-95
15. Air operation during Belgorod-Kharkiv offensive combat august, 3-23, 1943 Yakovlev V. 96-101
16. Research of behavior and nature of the fracture of welded joints of HB 500Mod steel under explosion loading S. Bisyk, O. Slyvinskyy, L. Davidovskyi 102-112
17. Integrated model of evaluating the material supply system efficiency of a separate border guard subunit in a special period V. Gorodnov, V. Kyrylenko, А. Shevchenko 113-119
18. Software for simulation of consumption processes and functions of the resource group of technical objects S. Lenkov, I. Tolok, E. Lenkov, V. Tsitsarev 120-127
19. Method of determination time movement anomalies of vessels on the basis of the information and telecommunication system of marine safety «Gart-12» data in the system of the surface picture exploration R. Rachok, O. Borovik, V. Mazur 128-134
20. Mathematical simulation of secondary radiation characteristics of the shell OF-25 for self-propelled gun 2C3 "Akatsiya" in various wave bands M. Surgay 135-141
21. Index 142