Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-7
3. New “labyrinths” of the security environment and its impact on ensuring the military security of the state V. Bohdanovytch, А. Syrotenko, V. Vovchanskiy, A. Prima 9-15
4. Management of structural dynamics of complex systems of military purpose in a dynamically changing operational tactical situation D. Grib, B. Demidov, О. Dovbnia, Y. Kucherenko, A. Tkachov 16-26
5. Methodological approach to the quantitative evaluation of the indicators of the capabilities of the parts of military anti air defense V. Didichenko, A. Solomitskіі 27-32
6. Conceptual foundations of adaptation of the intelligence of the Armed Forcer of Ukrainе in accordance with NATO standards O. Ivaschenko, V. Kyrdiuk, A. Ogarok 33-38
7. Methodological approach to clusterization of information messages during counteraction of information and psychological influence of the opponent H. Pievtsov, S. Zalkin, S. Sidchenko, K. Khudarkovskij 39-46
8. Analysis of the functioning of systems of management by state information resources S. Salnyk, A. Storchak, K. Gerasimov 47-54
9. The challenging issues of air force’s operational art in the present context H. Stepanov, V. Orihovsky 55-61
10. Automated variable speed pitch control system M. Yeremiyev, S. Tsukanov, D. Kritskiy 62-70
11. A starting system engine of a helicopter with a digital pulse width modulator of voltage by power of a BDLC motor A. Denisov, A. Bursala, E. Bursala, O. Shapovalоv, K. Bashinskiy 71-78
12. The qualimetrical models of the property of combat - capable trainer aircraft as technical vehicle for basis of flight training of cadets O. Leontyev, V. Yeroshenko, M. Naumenko, I. Kovtonyuk 79-87
13. Major trends of the development and application of a unmanned aerial vehicle groups V. Lupandin, G. Megelbey, O. Matsko, T. Kurtseitov, P. Mironenko 88-96
14. Ways of formation of rational organizational structure of the aviation unit V. Malyuha, I. Kryzhanivskyi 97-103
15. The algorithm for the selection of rational project parameters of fenestron V. Tavrin, A. Yevpak, A. Petrenko 104-112
16. An approach to evaluating the efficiency of combat actions to group the antiaircraft missile M. Yermoshin, A. Kuleshov, G. Rоmаnеnkо, І. Chеnigel 113-118
17. Method for estimating the storage measures of the airborne equipment of the surface-to-air guided missiles for solving the problems of extending their assigned measures B. Lanetskiy, I. Koval, V. Popov 119-126
18. Method of estimating the impact of maneuvering actions on the efficiency of air defence missile cover Ye. Ryаpolov 127-132
19. Design method of surface-to-air missiles using the object-oriented approach and electronic launch technology O. Turinskyi, А. Skoryk 133-142
20. Suggestions on the use of multifrequency signal for upgrading of jammer protection modernized П-18МА and П-18 Malakhit radar A. Hryzo, О. Alchakov, І. Lashkul, V. Poltavec 143-150
21. Model of evaluation of information processing in the navigation systems of winged rockets under conditions of uncertainty S. Herasimov 151-157
22. The reasoning of necessity enhancing video privacy in conditions of providing the quality of the video information service provided in virtual infocommunication systems V. Larin, D. Yerema, Y. Bolotska 158-162
23. Organization of the system of protection of objects of diplomatic purpose in the conditions of threat to their safety I. Volkov, T. Sutushev 163-170
24. Experience of application of parts and divisions of exploration of the leading countries of the world in the specialized conflicts of the XXI century O. Kosogov, V. Oleksiyuk, V. Gogulov 171-175
25. Analytical and imitation model (structural aspect) application of troops (forces) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military forming during liquidation of consequences of emergencies N. Chomik 176-183
26. Calculation method of the criterion of control directives radionavigation complexes of water transport O. Daki 184-189
27. Index 190