Science and Technology of the Air Force of Ukraine

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1. Title 1-4
2. Contents 5-6
3. Method of calculation of plan consistency indicator in evaluating options of the fighting method application of Air command A. Bеrеzhnyi, I. Kostyuk, V. Kalachova 7-12
4. Structural-logical sequence and principles of organization of counteraction to information-psychological influences by unfriendly state V. Bogdanovych, O. Dublian, O. Peredrii, P. Pacek 13-19
5. The basic properties of a complex military system M. Yermoshyn, H. Drobakha, M. Shuryha 20-25
6. System-conceptual bases and problem aspects of managing the structural dynamics of a unified system of anti-air defense of a perspective O. Turіnskyi, B. Demidov, D. Grib, Yu. Kucherenko 26-35
7. Methodological approach to forming prospective lessons learned system in the Ukrainian army Yu. Pashchuk, V. Pashkovskyi 36-43
8. The color coding algorithm of complex air traffic information model for operator’s efficiency О. Dmitriiev, М. Melnichuk, O. Tymochko, A. Romaniuk 44-49
9. Approach to shaping kriter device of the estimation to efficiency of the mixed groups piloted and unmanned aviation I. Klushnikov, V. Nerubatsky, A. Shalyhin 50-55
10. Experimental study of characteristics of the control valve type “nozzle-damper” of hydraulic automatic control systems O. Litvyak, S. Komar 56-60
11. Модель демпфера пневматичної катапульти V. Sereda 61-66
12. Methodology of estimation of fighter accuracy output on target by angle and time of exit V. Chernov, V. Surhai, І. Mazhara 67-72
13. Improvement of method of calculation of aspect of area of finding out aims ratio by a survey RLS on condition of influence of active noise hindrances V. Klimchenko, O. Bielavin, V. Tutunnyk, A. Lukianchykov 73-79
14. Research of criteria of modified non-symmetric crypto-code construction of McEliece on extended elliptic codes S. Yevseiev 80-92
15. Method for estimating the transmission rate of information by MPLS technology over TCP in wired telecommunication networks М. Ivchenko, S. Herasimov 93-98
16. Selection ranges of different spectrum sensors in the multichannel intelligence interests Yа. Kozhushko, O. Iohov, O. Lavrov, O. Kalmykov 99-104
17. Розробка вдосконаленого класифікатора погроз для моделей поведінки агентів систем безпеки O. Milov, S. Milevskyi, O. Korol 105-112
18. Analysis of approaches for the creation of geoinformation platform to provide geoinformation support for decision making on tactical level V. Podlipaiev 113-121
19. Indicators and criteria for evaluating the efficiency of deploying the task force of the National Guards of Ukraine to localize the area of the armed conflict of a non-international character S. Hodlevskyi 122-131
20. Experience of involvement of vehicles and equipment for the needs of foreign countries armed forces in the special period V. Cherep, V. Didichenko 132-137
21. Index 138

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