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2. Contents 321-325
3. Estimation of noise stability of combined codes of transforms А.V. Korolyov 3-9
4. Research of a stability industrial-economic processes circumscribed by polynomial models V.M. Vartanian, V.G. Kuchmiev, Ju.A. Romanenkov 10-15
5. Synthesis of a sequential fault locator of plant on is binary to quantized signals V.E. Savanevich 15-22
6. Increase detection’s reliability of abnormal telemetering measurements by a method of admissions I.F. Olenovich, P.P. Topolnizkiy, A.V. Andreev, A.R. Rihalskiy 23-31
7. Probability of the open not detected error in packet switching networks V.V. Gorbachov, S.V. Rodionov, A.D. Buchanckov 31-36
8. Use of thin films of hightemperature superconductors for protection of elements for the radioelectronic equipment from electroerosion destructions at influence of powerful electromagnetic radiations V.O. Kolpakov, V.D. Kalugin, D.B. Kucher, O.I. Fik 36-42
9. Choice of an index of quality of the process of compression and transmission of a video data D.V. Grinjov 42-44
10. Optimum control of allocation of tools of a spare V.B. Kononov, Ju.I. Rafaliskiy, A.P. Gurin 45-47
11. The application of the GIS “Panorama” for decision of the applied military tasks Ju.V. Stasev, O.V. Kasianov 48-54
12. Detection of errors in a modular arithmetic unit on the basis of applying the check radix L.A. Ovcharenko, S.S. Chekalin 55-62
13. Influence of parameters of damage on service capability of working blades of compressors of air drives A.E. Tikhomirov, V.А. Tabunenko 62-65
14. The model of hierarchical adaptive providing subsystem of system of metrological service of means of measurements S.S. Vojtenko 65-67
15. Estimation technique for informative abilities of radar-tracking system which secures the AD aviation Е.N. Babak, A.N. Kolesnik, D.Ju. Svistunov 68-71
16. The analysis of existing raising arrangement system and guideline at their choice for perspective starting installation A.A. Piankov, P.S. Slupskiy 72-77
17. Game Model Of Installation Transfer Prices Of Intrasystem Resource Transferring In Credit-Financial Structure A.I. Lysenko, I.A. Sorokina 78-85
18. Definition of frequency of radar signals at manifestation of nonlinear effects in optical-acoustic spectrum analyzers A.I. Strelkov, A.E. Kazakov, V.V. Karnaukh 85-87
19. To question about frequency band expansion of forming signals in digital synthesizers N.P. Kandyrin, A.M. Dzigora 88-93
20. Dynamic model of the inertial manipulation of the moving radio meanings in the objective suppressions conditions D.L. Osipov 93-98
21. Account of allowable capacity of terrestrial station and throughputs of a network of satellite communication V.N. Kharchenko, O.O. Lavrut, V.N. Selevko 98-102
22. Modelling of process of stocks speedup taking into account internal energy modification V.I. Zamiatin, Ju.A. Gusak, O.A. Okunev, I.V. Norinchak 103-106
23. Urgency of the task of an estimate(estimation) of information bucking of conflicting legs V.M. Bilchuk, N.A. Aleksandrikova, I.S. Niolaevav 107-109
24. Adaptive algorithm of tracking of the manoeuvring targets V.D. Karlov, R.E. Paschenko, S.V. Yarovoy, N.N. Petrushenko, O.Y. Lukovsiy, A.V. Chelpanov 110-114
25. The statistic characteristics of polarisation vector of scattering of jam signals B.V. Khrabrostin, A.F. Katasonov, A.I. Omelchenko 115-121
26. Estimation of adequacy to the known theory of action on a radiodirection finder of a two-point coherent parasite V.A. Kriachko 122-128
27. Management of economic costs during technical decision-making in aircraft manufacture V.P. Bozhko, Ju.Ju. Guseva 129-134
28. Substantiation of necessity of testing of systems of inhibiting action on nonhermeticity I.V. Rogozin, V.A. Prokopov 134-138
29. Mode of an estimation of availability index of product of the diesel engine-generator on a degree of unevenness of gyration of his shaft B.T. Kononov, K.I. Gudimenko 137-140
30. Algorithms of construction of signals with pseudorandom modification of an opera-ting frequency for jamproof radio systems Ju.V. Stasev, A.S. Kolomiets, Ja.N. Kogushko 140-148
31. Setting of the research problem of dynamic characteristics and mathematical model of the concentrator of the information of an information web of a uniform terrestrial measuring complex A.V. Nikolaev 148-158
32. Dispersing properties of a coating and self-focusing of wave beams in nonuniform plasma A.M. Sotnikov, V.E. Novikov, G.F. Konyakhin, S.I. Klevets 159-166
33. Development of the model of the object-oriented analysis and design of the complex program systems V.М. Grachev, S.А. Olizarenko 166-174
34. Modelling of Fire Influence on Surroundings I.A. Choob, E.V. Morshch, V.E. Pustovarov 174-176
35. Estimation the quality of regularized control of dynamic system P.A. Kachanov, A.A. Zuev 177-184
36. The analysis of influence of element base on choice of the architecture of the parallel computing system S.А. Plakhteev 185-189
37. Equivalence relations on a set of diagnostic models of plants of monitoring A.V. Chechuy, V.N. Torchilo, A.P. Sopchak 189-194
38. Fault locator of extremely high-frequency radiosignals A.N. Bogdanovsky, M.B. Kozelkova 194-196
39. Mode of a solution of the task of parallel demand processing to databases С.В. Osievsky 197-204
40. Technique of a parameter estimation of streams of the requirements in multisatellite network systems S.V. Kozelkov, V.F. Stolbov 205-210
41. The analysis of development and usage of high-energy generators of radio emissions / P.V. Shapoval // Sistemi obrobki informacii. – 2002. – Issue 5(21). – P. 210 - 213. The analysis of power generators of radio emissions is carried out and the levels of hi P.V. Shapoval 210-213
42. The analysis of modern and perspective directions of optimum polyharmonic signals synthesis with the normalized spectrum for a control of armaments and military technics samples technical state V.N. Chinkov, Ju.A. Kryhtin 214-218
43. The structure of tracking algorithm with adaptive recirculator of error for increate of stability of tracking of maneuvering targets on redial speed A.A. Kovalchuk 218-223
44. Research of an appearance of an interference of parallel фазо-frequency-modulated signals with double phase-shift keying S.G. Rassomakhin, M.F. Linnik, V.A. Avilov 224-227
45. Usage of a process engineering of inverse multiplexing on differential speed to independent data links А.А. Balyubash 227-231
46. Estimation of an exactitude decentralized of a system of navigational-temporal security I.A. Kashaev 231-234
47. Experimental investigations of backscattering relation of radiowaves with vegetation parameters S.Е. Jatsevich 235-238
48. Algorithm of calculation of a nonaberrational modulation transfer function at the arbitrary aperture of an optical system S.V. Chorniy, A.A. Zhevtiuk 238-242
49. Research of algorithmic structures through a program complex «Algorithm - 2.5» V.V. Kosenko 243-246
50. Technique of definition of an azimuth of a base direction with usage of satellite navigational process technology S.N. Flerko, V.N. Deineko, O.I. Votyakov 246-251
51. Technique of an estimation of component errors of measurements at the expense of errors of definition of an orbit of a space vehicle D.V. Golkin, O.S. Butenko, S.M. Andrejev, K.F. Fomichov 251-256
52. Some opportunities of the direct realization of the principle “from the algorithm to the structure” in the systems of the automation designing O.I. Bogatov, A.V. Nizovtsev, E.V. Kondratyeva, V.N. Kondratyev, I.I. Prokopenko 257-263
53. Perfection of method of checking (calibration) measuring instruments on the basis of model regulated measure A.A. Karevik 264-269
54. Influence of radius of correlation of atmospheric heterogeneities on detectability of optoelectronic servers of a television type at observation of space plants А.I. Strelkov, A.P. Lityuga 270-276
55. Influence of data compression on a noise stability of messages reception A.Ju. Strjuk, R.M. Kabakchey, K.S. Klimenko 277-280
56. Acoustic sounding of the atmosphere in the ecological safety control in atomic power engineering O. A. Dorovskaya, O.E. Konovalenko, G.I. Sidorov 281-287
57. Algorithmic models of organization management in complex social-technical systems E.A. Druzhinin, V.A. Bek, D.A. Gorlov 288-295
58. Method polymerase of a chain reaction in real-time mode I.V. Poltorazkaya 295-298
59. Allocation of working modules of special real-time matrix processors M.P. Blagodarnyi, Ju.M. Zigangirova 298-300
60. Abstracts 301-320

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