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2. Contents 417-421
3. Mode of fast coding of the binary information A.V. Korolyov 3-8
4. Adaptive search algorithm of minimum paths on plants with network organization S.S. Bagrov, Ju.E. Parfenov, О.I. Bogatov 9-12
5. The Formalization diagnostic sign in computer system of the medical diagnostics A.I. Povoroznyuk, N.I. Povoroznyuk 13-18
6. About parametric reliability of components of a solid-state electronics engineering at low stationary values levels of a high-energy exposure М.I. Kovalenko, G.V. Prokhorov, А.К. Gnap 18-24
7. Method two-character binominal of coding of the binary informations V.V. Barannik 24-28
8. Method suboptimal vinerovskya of filtering on the basis of two-dimensional conversion of the Haar K.A. Bokhan 29-34
9. The remote form of tutoring in a system of military education V.I. Tkachenko, M.I. Ginevskiy, S.Yu. Gajdarov 35-39
10. Determination of a settlement load at planning a transmission network with mobile objects А.V. Storoshenko, V.G. Smolyar, O.N. Odaruschenko, P.N. Groza 39-46
11. To a problem on a resolving power of monochromatic radio signals on frequency of optical-acoustic spectrum analyzers A.I. Strelkov, A.A. Mozchaev, V.V. Marchenko 46-50
12. Application of methods of the theory of control to the analysis of industrial systems Ju.A. Romanenkov 51-55
13. Detection hardly noticeable of plants on a hum noise of a sea surface by a fractal method Ju.G. Danik, R.E. Paschenko, G.A. Kuchuk, M.V. Malyarov 56-66
14. Dispersion weights in the gas environment A.N. Panchenko, A.B. Kulchitsky, A.S. Rogozin 67-75
15. The test system of the diesel engine-generator K.I. Gudimenko 76-79
16. Subjective visual perception of objective fast cyclical deterioration of clearness of the observable television map V.N. Anokhin, V.A. Girdvoin, A.A. Kopilov, A.P. Lytuga 80-82
17. Invariant monitoring and correction interconnecting of navigational systems in the tasks universalization of control of aeroballistic flying meanses О.N. Fomenko, V.G. Makarenko, А.А. Gzuravlev 83-93
18. Mode of control of antenna systems on the data of the equipment of satellite navigating А.N. Zagorulko 94-99
19. Metrology supply system formalized model A. Morozov 100-105
20. Algebra of diagnostic algorithms V.Ya. Gzikharev, А.V. Chechuy, V.N. Torchilo 106-111
21. The variant of reliability estimation of the multimode objects L.V. Stulov, S.V. Novichenko 112-116
22. Outline estimation of the targets quantity in multi radar system Yu.A. Sirotin 117-122
23. Modeling of the discrete pluralities and their mapping by means of analogies A.L. Yerokhin, V.N. Burtsev 123-127
24. Choice of control and diagnostic method for increase operating benefits of control information systems I.N. Klyushnikov 127-134
25. Channel capacity of an adaptive radio communication system VHF of a range with one-sided searching of channels О.P. Bataev, А.Е. Kolesnic 134-141
26. Singularities of moving-conductor properties of fractal composite materials with a-radioactive inclusions А.М. Sotnikov, G.F. Konyakhin, G.V. Ribalka, S.I. Kononenko, V.F. Klepikov, V.F. Litvinenko, V.E. Novikov 142-155
27. Definition of indexes of quality of operation of the automized management systems S.N. Zviglyanich, V.I. Ryabukha 154-158
28. Method of an estimate of probability of an infware of plants by radiants of the information V.M. Bilchuk, N.A. Aleksandrikova, O.V. Desyatov, I.S. Nikolaeva 158-166
29. Mathematical formalization of the test model of objects' interaction in the complex program system S.А. Olizarenko 166-172
30. Approximate algorithm of restoring of topology of a web A.V. Shostak 172-174
31. Method of choice of points radar station of the circle browse with usage of digital maps of terrain A.A. Voronin, D.Ju. Svistunov 174-181
32. Wired communicational line functioning effectiveness estimation I.V. Grebennik, A.Yu. Khabarov 181-186
33. Problem formulation of the requirements validity to the parameters of radio-electronic means reliability of mobile antiaircraft missile complexes and the method of solution it B.N. Lanetckiy, A.A. Zverev 187-189
34. Application of the symbol-numerical method for problem solving of temporal coordination of needs and operational lifes N.M. Fedorenko 190-194
35. Method for finding common associations among the discrete attributes D.E. Sitnikov, E.V. Titova 194-202
36. Decision making in the task of system optimization at indeterminacy of events S.T. Shufani 203-208
37. Process of scaling numbers in a modular number system D.S. Lopatin, L.A. Ovcharenko 209-215
38. The ways of rising steadiness to hindrances of radiotechnical systems on base of adaptive synchronous alteration of receiver's tracts and transmitter's tracts S.V. Kozelkov,  D.P. Pashkov, S.O. Tischuk 216-219
39. Mathematical models controlled differential-bound economics-productions N.E. Khomyakova 220-228
40. The representation of points of the elliptic curve above binary fields V.Ju. Kovtun, A.A. Smirnov, Ja.Ju. Stasevа 228-232
41. Decisionmaking concerning an amount of tools of a defeat of the opponent in the operation in conditions of not stochastic indeterminacy V.M. Bilchuk, А.А. Adamenko, E.V. Bregznev 233-235
42. Trainer complex for conducting the bipartite tactical doctrines V.V. Fedchenko, O.I. Votyakov 236-242
43. The formation and choice of the decisions of a task of designing territorial distributed information processing systems V.V. Beskorovainyi 243-247
44. Analytical description of the condition of belonging object having the variable metric characteristics to a stock sheet I.A. Chub, M.V. Novozhilova 248-251
45. Accounting for the time mismatches in unauthorized detection of the noise radar illumination signals Ya.D. Shirman, V.M. Orlenko, S.V. Seleznyov 252-261
46. The рrophylactic тest method of high voltage electric motor isolation V.E. Pustovarov, Ju.A. Jasinsky 262-265
47. Application of diffraction reflecting coats for defense ground aims from the precision weapon with semiactive laser prompting A.N. Katunin 266-272
48. Formings of a core of extreme indexs of foreign arms and military engineering V.L. Petrov, A.N. Degoda 273-277
49. Optimal control by allocation of inhomogeneous forces and facilitiess by yardstick of the minimum of a mean total amount of the basic enemy forces in a conflict situation V.B. Kononov, A.P. Nesterenko, Ya.N. Koghushko 277-281
50. Routine of determination of an entry point on the basis of analysis of vectors of drug rooms of the performances of the source graph of states S.V. Osievskiy, A.A. Timchenko 281-284
51. Usage of geoinformation systems at a solution of the task of an information display about aerial circumstances real-time V.E. Lisicien, S.P. Kovalenko 285-288
52. Graph-analytical method of minimization completely of particular logical functions in oblate maps E.N. Korobkova 288-298
53. The main approaches to an estimate(estimation) of effectiveness of the noncommercial projects E.A. Druchinin, V.A. Bek, I.N. Cikhmistro 299-306
54. Images formation model in radiometric matrix map-matching navigation systems V.I. Antyufeyev, V.N. Bykov, A.M. Grichanuk, A.S. Cherepnyov 307-314
55. Definition speakers training of the cadets in learning process I.O. Kirichenko,  M.F. Pichugin, A.D. Frolov 314-317
56. Possibilities radar station of a decametres wavelength range on a measurement accuracy of a phase of an echo return from the purpose А.V. Polyarus, D.V. Karlov, V.L. Misailov 318-323
57. Implantation of new methods, forms and training tools in the process of preparation of the experts V.B. Vishneveckiy 323-327
58. Decision support in extreme conditions using intelligent technologies E.I. Kucherenko, S.F. Chalij 328-336
59. Construction of the network of subscriber lines of digital integral networks I.P. Piven, A.S. Kolomiets 337-342
60. About the metric approach to an estimation of quality and reliability of the software V.S. Kharchenko, O.M. Tarasyuk, V.V. Sklyar 342-345
61. Influence of road conditions on the strategy of relative frame radio aids in the antagonistic game D.L. Osipov 346-351
62. Application of the elementary filter correlated of a stream of impulses of photoreferences for a raise of a measurement accuracy of concentration of special biological impurities T.A. Strelkova, E.I. Chilin, S.I. Kalmikov 351-357
63. Discernment of entering radio signals on nonlinear response of an optical-acoustic spectrum analyzer А.I. Strelkov, G.G. Pisarenok, V.V. Karnauch 357-362
64. The method for constructing cryptographically strength Boolean functions that have controllable algebraic degree Y.A. Izbenko, A.V. Ivashkin 363-368
65. The analysis of structure of specialized informational - telecommunication systems A.V. Potiy, A.A. Kuznecov, I.A. Borodina 369-372
66. Definition of a complex index of a system effectiveness metrological of security V.V. Khizhnyk, V.T. Marcenkovsky 373-377
67. Performance of frames, as plants of searching and detection I.N. Butko 378-383
68. Setting of the task joint bayes of optimization of searching and detection of plants in radar-tracking systems D.V. Golkin, G.V. Khudov 383-390
69. Method of a drop appreciable of flying meanses S.I. Klevec 390-393
70. Abstracts 394-416