Information Processing Systems

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2. Contents 238-240
3. Quasi optimal processing of short radio impulses in acoustic spectrum analyze А.I. Strelkov, А.А. Kopilov, V.V. Korotkov 3-9
4. Method of building and visualization realistic terrains for training complexes of ground vehicles P.A. Kachanov, A.A. Zuev, O.G. Vasylchenkov 10-16
5. Criteria and parameters of efficiency analytical probabilistic information-measuring systems V.V. Khizhnyk 17-23
6. Parametrical training of multialternative algorithms of recognition of radio emissions and their sources set by complex reference descriptions G.V. Pevzov, V.А. Lypandin, D.А. Kolisnichenko 24-28
7. Model and structure of a neural network for realization of digital processing signals in expanded fields Galua I.А. Kalmikov, Ju.О. Schelkunova, V.R. Gakhov, D.V. Gordenko, V.I. Novikov 29-41
8. Method of three-dimensional encoding of data’s V.V. Barannik 42-46
9. The estimation parameters of a trajectory of the maneuvering purpose at use of indistinct management in factors of amplification α, β the filter V.R. Khachaturov, К.М. Rukkas, А.V. Prosov 47-53
10. Solution of a poorly substantiated system of linear equations in definition of light concrete composition V.Yu. Dubnitsky, V.G. Nanikashvili 54-58
11. The problems optimum management of distribution of non-uniform forces and means V.B. Kononov 59-62
12. Method of processing the controlled parameter giving possibility to appreciate the state of a man-operator in the real time scale V.E. Pustovarov, D.V. Irikov, A.B. Yegorov 63-68
13. Ground of control and diagnostic software procedures for ensure requirement efficiency of digital systems operating benefit / E.A. Artemenko, I.Y. Gaivoronsky, I.M. Klyushnikov 69-75
14. Excitation of chaotic modes in self-oscillatory systems out-of-band pulse signals I.I. Magda, V.Е. Novikov, А.М. Gorbany, R.V. Shapoval 76-87
15. The analytical method in management of investments Ju.A. Romanenkov, N.М. Fedorenko, І.V. Chumachenko 88-91
16. Estimation of range of disk operation of data manipulation language operators in a network database S.V. Osievskiy 92-98
17. The method of measuring technical instruments casualties estimation because of unfavourable external factors G.V. Fesenko, A.O. Podorozhnyack, R.Y. Goditskiy 99-102
18. Check of geometrical and electric arguments of power cables with the help of similarity parameters B.T. Kononov, А.A. Nechaus 103-109
19. Internal friction in monocrystals of the silicon irradiated with alpha particles N.Ya. Rokhmanov, А.К. Gnap 110-119
20. Methodical approach of estimation of combat potential of aircraft group А.B. Leontyv, А.А. Svarich, S.S. Svarich, S.V. Nemchenko 120-124
21. Mistakes of measurement of coordinates of a source of radiation at processing spatial phase structure of a signal accepted by carried correlative-base system А.F. Mas-lov, Е.S. Rozchupkin, О.P. Kolodey 125-138
22. Yardstick of an estimation of performance of regional information mana-gement systems Е.Е. Malafeev 139-146
23. Modeling of processes of functioning of gunners of complex systems with the help of a method of aggregate modeling М.F. Pichugin, О.D. Frolov 147-150
24. Estimation of a reflectance of optical radiating from cover of a radio-isotope type V.V. Belimov 151-154
25. Language processor for user interface of an expert system B.N. Sudakov, Omar A.H. Avadala 155-160
26. Method of a reliability augmentation location of navigation systems on the basis of synthesizing algorithm of selection of plants on the radiometric maps А.G. Sudakov 161-166
27. Reduction of images as obtained by an optical system during its turn and shift A.V. Koshel, M.J. Pakshin, D.S. Javtushenko 167-173
28. New ways of reception of constant time the advancing in the units exact of synchronization B.T. Kononov, A.N. Malysh 174-182
29. Mathematical model of radio electronic means reliability of mobile antiaircraft missile complex B.N. Lanetsky, A.A. Zverev 183-186
30. Studies of influencing of padding diffraction elements on a modulation transfer function of optical observation systems S.V. Chorniy, A.A. Zhevtiuk 187-192
31. Efficiency criterion of tracking and air control system operated G.G. Kamaltinov, A.N. Kolesnik, M.V. Beylin, D.J. Svistunov 193-201
32. Method of the last link for document formation in the process of the information system work L.I. Matjushenko, S.G. Nazarenko, S.I. Karpov 202-206
33. Statement and method of the decision of the problem of management of support of the purposes in system of the passive location of triangulable type V.M. Grachov, S.N. Anastasenko 207-216
34. Development of a radiometer with indemnification of fluctuations of a control ratio of a radiometer and selective interference V.V. Pustovarov 212-217
35. Model and Method for Solving of the Route Optimization Problem over a Topological Criterion N.V. Belous, A.S. Smelyakova 218-225
36. Abstracts 226-237