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2. Contents 238-241
3. Forests identification by radar remote sensing V.K. Ivanov, O.M. Stadnyk, S.Ye. Yatsevich 3-8
4. Mechanical characteristics of surface layers of silicon at bombardment by the accelerated ions А.К. Gnap, N.М. Pelikatniy, N.I. Kovalenko, N.Ya. Rokhmanov,  G.V. Prokhorov 8-13
5. The fractal pattern of radio absorbent composite materials with radioactive includings V.F. Klepikov, V.E. Novikov, G.F. Konyahin, A.M. Sotnikov 14-21
6. Fractal method of detection of gases and pattern of semiconducting countermeasure feelers P.F. Budanov, Yu.G. Danik, S.E. Kalnoj 22-27
7. Method of estimation of the truth of informative support of operating subject in operation by using several sources of information A.A. Adamenko, O.V. Desyatov 27-35
8. Submission and minimization of undetermined logical functions in compressed maps E.N. Korobkova 35-51
9. The semantic formula of the Gedel’s theorem about incompleteness and its significance for construction of systems of recognition Yu.V. Pargin, V.I. Novikov, K.V. Kuv-shinov 51-57
10. Algebraic sequential decoding of convolutional codes S.I. Prihodko, A.S. Zhuchenko, D.A. Parhomenko 57-61
11. The majority algorithm of decoding of algebraic geometric codes A.A. Kuznetsov, A.V. Severinov, V.N. Lysenko 61-66
12. Adaptation algorithm compression date in computer date I.V. Ruban, M.N. Kolmykov, A.A. Rezunenko 67-72
13. Heightening of fidelity of determination of frequency in an optical-acoustic spectrum analyzer A.I. Strelkov, A.A. Mozhaev, V.V. Marchenko 73-81
14. Optimal management of distribution of homogeneous means of a spare at an unknown time of the termination of a conflict situation and at full draft on funds of a spare V.B. Kononov 82-87
15. About communication between growth of the modulus and growth of the performance of a holomorphic curve, by given above a half-plane S.V. Lvova, I.A. Lebedeva 88-94
16. Method of processing management of Simpson R.Y. Goditskiy, S.V. Rudakov 94-97
17. Estimation of an information quantity about availability of object contained in aggregate of marks on an output of devices of primary processing V.E. Savanevich, A.V. Pugach 98-108
18. Synthesizing of algorithms of recognition of groups of cabinet radiations with teaching on the basis of a nonparametric estimation of average functions of verisimilitude by a method of the normal contributions G.V. Pevzov, V.A. Lupandin, D.I. Umanec 109-114
19. Method of recalculation coordinates of air object from system topocentric coordinates in geodetic V.M. Grachov, A.L. Vasilenko 114-119
20. Adaptive methods of distribution of the radar-tracking information in the ACS of air defence A.V. Siskov 120-127
21. Study of possibilities of frequency-selective limitation of cues in a ultrahigh frequency and short-wave frequency radio equipments V.М. Ilujshko, E.S. Kozel-kova 128-134
22. Abatement of time of convergence at usage of the broadcasting traffic of the routing information G.A. Kuchuk, А.А. Balyubash 134-139
23. Two-parameter relation of thermal conductivity of ceramic heat-shielding covers, which do not require a calcinations I.M. Prihodko, A.L. Vinnik 140-143
24. Estimation of results of reconstruction of aggregates of uninterrupted power supply of emergency electrical power supply of the consumers of own needs nuclear power plant V.E. Pustovarov, Т.А. Pisarenko, А.I. Emelianov 144-148
25. Technique of optimization of discrete search and detection of objects G.V. Hudov 149-156
26. The analytical patterns of trajectories of aeroballistic flight vehicles at universalization of terminal management О.N. Fomenko, А.А. Zhuravlev 157-166
27. Development of the automized educational system on the basis WWW-techno-logies N.Р. Demenco, M.I. Ginevskij, S.Ju. Gajdarov 166-169
28. The comparative analysis of adaptive detectors at a detection and ranging of multiple targets F.М. Andrews, R.E. Paschenko, I.V. Тaranchenko 170-183
29. Estimation of influencing of difference of the observed purpose from an axisymmetric solid of revolution on a possibility of determination of its provision in a picture plain of the radar-tracking system on elements of a polarization scattering matrix Е.L. Kazakov, А.Е. Kazakov 183-187
30. The system of the IVGTT glycemic data computer treatment S.S. Lapta, E.I. Lapta, N.S. Butenko, T.V. Zhemchuzhkina 188-193
31. Research of stability of elevation systems of radio technical systems of space apparatus control S.V. Kozelkov, D.P. Pashkov, A.P. Rachinskij 194-199
32. The models of fail-safe structures of digital checking and control systems V.S. Kharchenko, V.V. Sklyar, V.I. Tokarev 200-206
33. Information processing about move of space vehicles at know-how of control with small number of posts А.N. Bogdanovskiy, М.B. Kozelkova 206-209
34. Mathematical model of satellites identification in the conditions of coordinates uncertainty Е.A. Makogon 210-217
35. Two-stage neural recognition of the aerial target type using their single range profiles V.M. Orlenko, A.S. Bityutskiy 218-223
36. Abstracts 224-236

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