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2. Contents 238-241
3. Protection of the information in the automated control system of armies and the weapon Ju.V. Stasev 3-9
4. Influence phase and frequency instability coherent of oscillator on quality of coherent accumulation of echo-signals V.P. Dedenok, V.R. Khachaturov, А.S. Petrenko 10-17
5. Universalization of mathematical model trajectory managements of aeroballistic flying devices in a vicinity of small normal overloads О.N. Fomenko, А.А. Ghuravlev 18-27
6. Synthesis of nonparametric algorithms of recognition of the images set by complex reference descriptions, on the basis of approximation of the statistical average functions of plausibility by ranges Smirnov G.V. Pevsov, V.L. Russkikh, V.А. Lupandin 28-33
7. Parameters of accuracy of definition of angular and spatial coordinates of sources of a radio emission means of the radio-electronic control over conditions of distant tropospheric distribution of radiowaves A.V. Kobzev, A.N. Bovkun 33-44
8. Imitating model of shine of space objects А.М. Reznichenko, V.А. Jamnizkiy, I.I. Mishura 44-51
9. Method color-difference compression of images V.V. Barannik, D.V. Grinev 52-56
10. Speed semi-conductor fractal windfeld elements P.F. Budanov, Ju.G. Danik, S.Е. Kalinoy 56-60
11. Classification of fractals on types fractal structures and to areas of their application S.V. Ribalko, Z.B. Kholodnay 61-71
12. Estimation of the parameters influencing change of size of an average delay of a package of the data in informational- telecommunication of a network М.I. Ginevskiy, G.А. Kuchuk, А.А. Pashnev 71-79
13. Calculation weight multiplier by optimization of two-alternative decisions in problems of joint search and detection of objects G.V. Khudov 80-84
14. Algorithm of work of a control system at the decision of a problem of optimum distribution of homogeneous means of a reserve during a disputed situation with the purpose of drawing the maximal loss to the opponent V.B. Kononov 85-89
15. Technique of a rating of efficiency of process of realization of complex algorithm for a perspective management information system of real time in conditions of influence of handicapеs E.I. Bobir, Y.V. Panteley 90-95
16. Taxonomic parameter of a level of efficiency of application of parts and divisions of internal armies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine V.I. Vorobiov, V.P. Gorodnov, O.V. Фык 96-104
17. Questions of a choice of criterion of efficiency of integrated circuits, projected in the systems of the automated designing, based on existential model О.I. Bogatov, Е.V. Kondrateva, V.N. Kondratev, G.I. Stopchenko 105-111
18. One of the approaches to evaluation of Automated Control System durability D.P. Labenko, A.D. Labenko 111-119
19. Method multimodal majority reservation of digital managing computing systems and their research with use of imitating modeling V.S. Kharchenko, I.V. Piskachova 120-125
20. Harmonics of Rectified Voltage 12-pulsation Rectifier V.E. Pustovarov, V.V. Oro-binsky, V.V. Shevchenko 125-140
21. The algorithm of authenticity on networks ISDN A.A. Kuznetsov, V.E. Chevardin, I. V. Kucheryavenko 140-144
22. Model for a substantiation of requirements to a parameter of quality of radio engineering watching system I.A. Kulinich, Y.E. Parfenov, A.A. Sosunov 145-151
23. Mathematical model of movement unguided plumose a jet shell in the indignant atmosphere A.М. Shiyko, V.A. Telukhin, R.Ju. Mikhaylik 151-159
24. Imitating model for research of survivability and a choice of parameters many-tier reserved structures V.S. Kharchenko, Z.G. Mukhametov, V.I. Tokarev 160-166
25. Modelling of the directed properties of aerial RLS P-37 for imitation signal-interference conditions М.R. Araslanov, М.P. Baturinskiy, V.G. Gartovanov 166-172
26. Technique of the account of ballistic factor at decision-making on regular or supernumerary course of controlled descent from an orbit V.А. Jamnizkiy, А.N. Rojanov 173-179
27. Substantive provisions of a technique of definition of a rational parity between intrasystem checks of systems of arms, flights, educational and fighting fires О.F. Galickiy, М.F. Pichugin 180-185
28. Decrease ramrod intensity of an electric field at a presence in time рядном an interval of the charged microparticles А.N. Panthenko, А.S. Rogozin, V.G. Rykun 185-196
29. Potential parameters of quality of detection of the low-flying purposes in conditions of existence of a tropospheric wave guide above a sea surface D.V. Karlov, V.L. Misailov, Ju.I. Rafaliskiy 196-201
30. Recognition of the data of remote sounding of different spatial distinction V.V. Gnatushenko 202-208
31. Estimation of quality of search systems E.I. Bobyr, I.E. Leshchеnko 209-214
32. Measuring complex and control system of a trajectory Movements of a measuring probe in three-dimensional space O.E. Marykivsky 214-218
33. Estimation of costal characteristics M-графов V.G. Kuchmiev, N.V. Dotsenko, I.V. Chumachenko 219-223
34. Abstracts 224-238