Information Processing Systems

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2. Contents 238-240
3. Maintenance of functional resistance of the distributed information space system О.V. Barabash 3-12
4. Method of automatic hypothesis formation with multidimensional associational quantifier in the intellectual decision support systems V.L. Petrov, A.A. Feklistov, А.A. Feklistov 13-19
5. The employment of MUSIC and EV algorithms for target angle of elevation measurement in a meter wave band O.P. Kolodey, A.Y. Shramkov, M.V. Beylin, V.D. Batiyev 20-28
6. Technique of the automated synthesis of the formalized expositions of knowledge for a discernment of air plants B.I. Nizienko, O.V. Shevchenko, A.V. Alexandrov 29-35
7. Fast pyramidal binominal-polyadic non-numeration В.В. Баранник 36-41
8. Kinetics of electrons in semi-conductor plasma and streams in phase space V.I. Karas, V.Е. Novikov, G.F. Konyakhin, А.М. Sotnikov 42-50
9. Wavelet-transform for image contour representation E.P. Pytiatin, O.A. Kobylin 51-54
10. Formalization of a task of the description of transformations for synthesis of structure of information system with use of the developed abstract algebra of models of information structures G.А. Drobakha 55-61
11. Synthesis of algorithms, optimal by a posteriori probability maximum criterion, for radio emission selection on the Fourier processor output G.V. Pevtsov, S.A. Gulkin 62-70
12. Substantiation of volumes of binomial standard test on reliability B.N. Lanetskiy, V.S. Ghukov, V.V. Kobtsev 71-75
13. The statement of problem of optimization of throughput of multichannel phase–array radar by control of time interval duration between radiocontacts A.A. Kovalchuk, Y.E. Parfenov, A.A. Sosunov, V.SH. Hismatulin 76-83
14. Use of strong prime numbers at cryptotransformations on elliptic curves V.N. Fedorchenko, A.A. Smirnov, N.S. Goncharko 84-87
15. Determination of the operating features algorithm A.M. Olhovoy 88-92
16. Direction finding of sources of a radio emission in conditions of independence of fluctuations of parameters of environment U.R. Liepin, V.N. Kuprij, S.А. Eremenco 93-96
17. Multicriterion choice of project of logistic information system V.V. Kalachova, D.V. Sumtsow, V.F. Tretyak 97-100
18. Ultrasound image reconstruct processing of shear deformations in heterogeneous tissues A.I. Povoroznyuk, M.S. Girnyk 101-105
19. The device of stabilization of probability of a false alarm using of serial statistics and various logic on elements "of window" F.M. Andreev, O.A. Bardanova, R.E. Paschenko,   U.I. Rafalskiy, S.V. Yarovoy 106-112
20. Advanced methodical approach to an estimation of losses of measuring engineering instruments G.V. Fesenko, A.A. Podorozhnjak 113-116
21. Design of informatics analytic information system in the Military institute S.V. Plutakhin, A.V. Gorlov, E.A. Makogon 117-120
22. Recurrent method of formation mathematical expressions for probabilities of variants non resolution the space objects which are included in the catalogue of space objects S.V. Logachov 121-129
23. Choice of a method of shaping of structure of algorithms of information processing for complexes of means of automation of command items of Air Defense Forces L.І. Маtyushenko, S.G. Nazarenko, E.J. Pershina 130-134
24. Analytical method of determination of inertia descriptions of jet-projectiles A.N. Shiyko, R.Ju. Mihaylik 135-139
25. Estimation of thermal stability of grounding electrode lightning-conductors F.І. Akimov, Ju.А. Akimova 140-143
26. Estimation of thermal stability of grounding electrode lightning-conductors D.P. Labenko,  O.I. Bogatov 144-147
27. Estimation of systems of protection of the information in computer information systems by criterion "efficiency - cost М.V. Novozchilova, К.А. Ovechko 148-151
28. The main rules of a technique of definition mass and balance data of helicopters with a skid-type landing gear V.А. Dmitriev, О.V. Karpenko 152-155
29. Determination of the number of insurance cases in military duty execution under increased risks V.Ju. Dubnitsky 156-159
30. The analysis of methods of prompting of a precision artillery and rocket ammunition I.V. Naumenko, V.Ju. Kosukhin 160-163
31. Information-measuring complex of the stand pulsing air – the jet engine S.N. Larikov 164-167
32. Simulation analysis of traffic insulated pulsing source G.A. Kuchuk 168-173
33. Choice of perspective lines of capacities of sources of electric energy for samples of arms and military technical equipment B.Т. Kononov, А.B. Kulchitskiy,   Ju.А. Kusakin 174-177
34. The formalized description of processes of the analysis and synthesis of documents in sphere of an information antagonism V.L. Petrov, К.I. Khudarkovskiy,   S.V. Zalkin 178-181
35. Decision-making on set of strategy of application by the opponent of the polytypic means of defeat in conditions of not stochastic uncertainty А.А. Adamenko 182-186
36. Determining the components and the structure of the decision support system software for automatic control systems of the complex systems M.I. Volodin, V.P. Prokhorov, A.V. Prokhorov 187-190
37. Models of refusals of completing products of radio-electronic means with various types of interactions degradation processes A.S. Kiriljuk 191-195
38. Task of optimum control of distribution Homogeneous forces and tools by criterion of a minimum average summarized amount of forces of the opponent V.B. Kononov, Ju.I. Kushneruk, Е.А. Kononovа 196-199
39. Method of joint association and generalization of the information on air conditions in systems of processing of the radar-tracking information S.A.Voitovich, S.G. Shilo 200-207
40. Demands basing Methods to automated management systems by cosmic vehicles of tie and it economic analysis D.B. Zujkov, A.V. Koshel, K.K. Kulagin 208-212
41. The technique of functional design of multiparallel rebuilt special processors E.G. Tolstouzka 213-218
42. Mathematical model of the diesel engine-generator A.N. Malysh 219-224
43. Abstracts