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2. Contents 238-239
3. Power and statistical rates of convergence of adaptive detectors D. Lekhovitsky, P. Flekser, S. Polishko 3-14
4. Estimation of possibility of air target recognition on the basis of geometrical characteristics E. Kazakov, V. Bzot, A. Muzychenko 15-23
5. The efficiency of the moving target system on introduction the corrective filter in the echo-signal processing circuit V. Litvinov, V. Klimchenko, A. Malyshev, A. Ochkurenko 24-32
6. Way of measurement radar-tracking range portraits of breadboard models of the air purposes in moonless chambers V. Nakonechnyj, K. Sadovy, S. Orechov, I. Kriklivenko 33-40
7. The method of multipath effect compensation in the equipment of satellites radionavigation systems A. Kazakov, S. Karateeva 41-46
8. Potential opportunities of definition of frequency of pulses in акустооптическом the analyzer of a spectrum at use chreley sanctions A. Strelkov, V. Marchenko, G. Pisarenok 47-52
9. PAR adaptation to technique state in condition of unillumination elements’ parts U. Liepin, G. Golovin, N. Svitenko 53-62
10. Mathematical model of exploitation of tools of measuring technique V. Chinkov, A. Piskachov, S. Gerasimov 63-68
11. Mathematical model of electromagnetic conditions of transmitting station on a communication center of Armed forces of Ukraine A. Gnatov 69-74
12. Development of mathematical model of the autogenerating tracing filter V. Rapin, S. Hutornenko 75-80
13. Designing of multiprocessing computing systems on the basis of programmed integrated microcircuits and opportunities of their automation O. Bogatov, J. Kuljavets, D. Labenko 81-88
14. Two-level isophot coding of color coordinates V. Barannik, N. Korolyova, P. Gurzhy 89-93
15. Method of revealing threat occurrence a situation of an overload in unit of switching the computer network of a perspective ACS S. Simonov 94-98
16. Question of integration of national aeronavigation system to perspective global system of the organization of air movement J. Kucherenko, O. Guzko 99-105
17. Formation of contact at dry rolling with sliding N. Rakovskaja 106-113
18. Model development and mathematics modeling of optoelectronic interface of optochemotronic sensor A. Girich, Y. Zholudov, A. Zamkovoy, N. Rozhitskii 114-121
19. Optimization of the signal processing of radar station with the synthesized antenna aperture under the influence of uncompensated phase fluctuations E. Prilepsky 122-125
20. Calculation of 2-D model reflector-type antenna system with a shadowing edges of radio absorber barriers V. Ivanov, E. Ryabokon’, A. Sazonov, O. Sukharevsky 126-134
21. Spatio-frequen correlation functions of wave field in random media A. Stadnik, A. Mozhaev, A.Vasiljev 135-147
22. About an estimation of time delay V. Shalyapin, L. Egorova, J. Levadnyj 148-155
23. The Noise characteristics of the point thermocouples on base of the contact metal-semimetal BiSb in SHF-range of the lengths of the waves. Part 1 V. Plaksiy, O. Sukhoruchko, A. Koretskiy 156-160
24. Researches of deciduous and coniferous forests by radar methods S. Yatsevich 161-168
25. Method of decrease of radiometric observability ground low-sized objects A. Sotnikov, I. Krasnoshapka, A. Gavrilov 169-172
26. The extended electrodynamics smoothness criterion G. Yermakov, R. Vorobjov 173-179
27. Using of rank correlation for group examination Co-ordination estimation A. Popelenko, V. Belimov, I. Norinchak 180-184
28. Identification and discrimination of growth curves V. Dubnitsky 185-192
29. Algorithm of optimum distribution of diverse means by criterion of a minimum of the average population mean at variable parameters V. Kononov 193-200
30. The decision of a problem on the least topmost covering in any columns S. Listrovoj, A. Sidorenko, A. Gul 201-209
31. Asymmetrical cryptosystem on algebro-geometric codes А. Kuznetsov 210-216
32. The model and metric assessment of scientific works quality V. Kharchenko, O. Tarasyuk, L. Kharchenko 217-224
33. Chronicle and information 225-227
34. Abstracts 228-237