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3. Conflict characteristics of universal classes of hash-functions E. Artemenko 3-6
4. The decision of a problem of calculation of losses of the parties by different criteria of distribution firing influences of diverse types of arms from one grouping on the elected type of arms from the second grouping S. Bagrov, I. Volohova, S. Zvarich, I. Natarova 7-13
5. The concept of compression of the data acting from an applied level in telecommunication systems K. Bohan, M. Karpov 14-21
6. Necessary conditions of existence of managing sequences for realization of a dynamic mode of functioning of command-telemetering radiolines of management by space vehicles D. Voronov, Yu. Lytvynov, A. Gostev, V. Shlokin 22-28
7. Deterministic fault detection method for non-linear systems based on interval models– a non-optimization approach K. Gerasimenko 29-34
8. Aerospace image processing with the use of the field of fractals dimensions M. Gru¬shenko, R. Paschenko, N. Petrushenko, A. Shapovalov 35-42
9. Estimation of capacity of inadvertent handicapes for station of detection of the purpose, created by superbroadband radio engineering system G. Ermakov, D. Kalugin, O. Smirnov, D. Litovchenko 42-47
10. About modelling one of factors of quality of the information in information systems G. Zholtkevych, Ahmad Yusef Ibrahim Ibrahim 48-54
11. The estimation of the far zone of linear arrays border V. Zamyatin, A. Shevchenko 55-64
12. Choice probabilistic parameters of quality of the information of databases of the automated information systems S. Zvigljanich 65-69
13. Method of calculation of information distance between models of radar-tracking signals V. Zjukin, A. Gryzo 70-74
14. Method of definition of factor of the miss of an atmosphere in an infra-red range B. Ivashchuk, S. Chorny, A. Zhevtjuk 75-78
15. Algorithm of the neural network learning for the real-time classification of the nonstationary data A. Kirvas 79-82
16. Choice of model of dynamics of orbital structure multisatellite low-orbit system E. Kozelkova, V. Tarohtej, J. Tarohtej 83-87
17. Research of stability breaking by the opponent of cascade theoretic-code circuits А. Kuz¬netsov, V. Grabchak, S. Yevseyev 88-93
18. Technique of an estimation of quality of functioning of system of transfer and finishing of the data to users G. Kuchuk, A. Pashnev 94-98
19. Some Aspects of Construction Simulation Models of Complex Systems A. Lanovoj 99-106
20. The without platform complex navigational for the control by transports vehicles V. Makarenko, A. Podorozhnyak, S. Rudakov S. Shvets 107-116
21. Estimation of a way of deduction long-pullout cable systems in the set position A. Markin, Fam Zuy Kyen 117-121
22. The basic of a direction of maintenance of effective masking self-propelled antiaircraft-rocket complex in conditions of the compelled sudden expansion from a march O. Misjura, N. Staheev, J. Opalev, V. Kovalthuk 122-126
23. Information network of systems of supervision as a basis of information support of Air Forces I. Obod, V. Tarshin, A. Bulay 127-131
24. Method of representation of knowledge in expert system of special purpose M. Pavlenko, V. Rudenko, P. Berdnik, I. Zagursky, S. Shilo 132-137
25. Method of management a stream of applications in an programming services telecommunication network K. Polshicov, A. Lavrut, V. Struts 138-144
26. Research of approaches to compensation of motion at the compression of dynamic images I. Ruban, D. Sumtsov, A. Tarasov 145-151
27. Optimization of structure of the distributed computer networks at restrictions on parameters of timeliness of delivery of messages and survivability of a network S. Semenov 152-154
28. The analysis of a noise stability of radiometer at influence of a narrow-band handicap R. Sidorenko, I. Krasnoshapka 155-160
29. Results of research a root-mean-square mistakes of definition of amplitudes of signals N-OFDM at block accommodation subcarriers V. Smoljar, I. Sljusar, S. Druzhinin, V. Olhovsky 161-165
30. Selection fire(-fighting) liquids and development of a technique fire-fighting structures of explosive substances with the help of automatic installation fire-fighting new type I. Fedjuk 166-168
31. About an adaptive neural network implementation possibility for prediction of the system’s time scale differences V. Chinkov, M. Trotsko 169-174
32. Methods of ontology automatic forming development and their employment in the artificial intelligence systems S. Shcherbak, V. Volkova 175-181
33. Modelling of structure cluster ALI NAYEF KHALEEL ALHEJOJ 182-186
34. Features of application зондовых techniques in the crossed electric and magnetic fields A. Gnap, V. Kolesnik, V. Onishchenko, V. Kolesnik, B. Gnap, N. Kovalenko, Ju. Dubrovin 187-197
35. Detecting of electromagnetic radiation by semi-conductor detectors with hot carriers N. Ivanov, T. Kurskay, I. Mishchenko 198-201
36. Decay of powerful heterogeneous pump wave in plasma with the ions of two sorts on an ionic cyclotron and ion-ion hybrid waves D. Maslennikov 202-208
37. Development of a method of a condition of an element of a power supply system by the control of his electric parameters I. Panteleeva 209-212
38. Statistical phase synthesis antenna lattices E. Prilepsky 213-216
39. Experimental estimation of dynamic characteristics of the nonequilibrium plasma created at the category in heavy-current magnetoplasma the compressor A. Sotnikov, S. Meshcherjakov, A. Gavrilov 217-222
40. Technique of an estimation of labour input of process of creation of remote rates S. Dudenko, V. Kalachova, V. Pudov 223-227
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