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2. Contents 242-244
3. Modelling of the settlement-clearing center cluster ALI NAYEF KHALEEL ALHEJOJ 3-10
4. Substantiation of an opportunity of representation of files of lengths of series in the mixed space V. Barannik, P. Gurzhy, S. Sidchenko 11-15
5. Development of algorithm of formation codogram in cascade theoretic-code circuits V. Grabchak 16-19
6. On the Opportunity for Marked Tree Representation of semi-scheme notion samples G. Zholtkevych, Ahmad Yusef Ibrahim Ibrahim 20-26
7. Application aircraft average and superlong waves for definition of time and spatial characteristics of radio-electronic means I. Zima, E. Asanov, A. Leushin 27-29
8. Estimation of descriptions of snow-cover on radio-locations images with the use of fractals V. Ivanov, R. Paschenko, S. Yacevich, L. Yegorova, E. Yacevich 30-36
9. Mathematical model of the digital calculator codes of the phase simple and complex FМ signals N. Kandirin, A. Dzigora 37-42
10. Complex for tests of the onboard equipment of planes and helicopters for electromagnetic compatibility. КИ-БОЛА-ЭМС-В. Tests by external handicaps V. Knyazev, V. Kravchenko, I. Lesnoy, J. Nemchenko, S. Somhiev 43-46
11. The neutron generator G. Konjahin, S. Klevets, V. Vereschagin 47-50
12. To program realization of algorithm of compression of the range of definition of logic functions E. Korobkova, A. Shpak 51-61
13. Opportunities of increase of speed of phase frequency trim of generators on AFD S. Kravets, А. Kravets, A. Moiseenkov 62-64
14. Model of process of buffering of packages in hardware of multiplexing Model of process of buffering of packages in hardware of multiplexing 65-70
15. Not deforming transformation of a spectrum of a multifrequency signal with the purpose of elimination ambiguity at measurement of range I. Leonov, А. Prisyagzny, S. Voloshin 71-75
16. Models of message confidentiality providing by meanse of cryptography on the basis of the diversity principle I. Lysenko, D. Fillipov 76-80
17. The analysis of quality of functioning of the organization with use of estimated parameters M. Mazorchuk, I. Anikin 81-86
18. Solution of measurements combining problem in remote sensing systems using correlation dependence К. Nezhalskaya 87-93
19. Conditions theoretical at a decipherability a dynamic mode of functioning of a radio network of management Аn. Nosik, Al. Nosik, V. Kalacheva 94-99
20. Research of a method combinatory linearization for the analysis of a condition energy objects I. Panteleeva 100-102
21. Model of reliability of product of radioelectronic equipment at the stage of extension of the appointed terms of service (resource) S. Paskhin, A. Zverev 103-106
22. Formation of logic structure of the allocated homogeneous storehouse of data A. Pashnev, A. Kurko, E. Migura 107-109
23. Technique of identification of an indistinct situation with manufacturing recommendations to an information subsystem V. Ryabtsev, А. Golub, Yu. Novikov 110-115
24. Features of kinetics and representations about the mechanism of process electrolytic aluminizings in xylol solutions O. Sidorenko, V. Larin, N. Opaleva 116-127
25. Spectral properties of signals with pseudo-casual reorganization of working frequency and continuous modulation of a phase K. Sporyshev, A. Tkachev, S. Osievsky 128-133
26. Influence estimation of application of means of radiolocation remote sensing earth on some quality parameters of ground armament and military technics A. Sudakov, K. Kulagin 134-143
27. Model of the limited natural language for system of support of decision-making in managerial process B. Sudakov, A. Pershin 144-153
28. Natural climatic factors influence on thermal visibility of military equipment objectives G.B. Cherepennikov, I.V. Piskachova, A.S. Balabukha 154-157
29. The analysis of risk factors unclaimed production of enterprise N. Shmatko 158-165
30. The method of calculation the maximum value of energy stream density inside of the special building V. Yurkov 166-168
31. Application wire primary converters in quasi-optical pathes millimetric waves O. Marykivsky 169-172
32. About the optical-acoustic gauge working at big sound amplitudes A. Strelkov, S. Kal’noj, T. Strelkova, V. Karnauh 173-179
33. Method of the decision of tasks definition of isomorphism any graphs E. Listrovaya 180-184
34. The organization of supply with information rcb protection with account data of weather N. Budanov, E. Kachanov, G. Korzanov 185-189
35. Determination of forces and means for preserving of pollution section of wood during the nuclear power plant wreck G. Fesenko, V. Barbashyn, A.Romin, A. Podorozhnyak 190-193
36. Classification of educational objects of military ranges under factors military-man-caused loadings on an environment S. Chumachenko 194-201
37. The scientific approach to creation of model of a rate in the maximum military educational institutions of Armed forces of Ukraine A. Kurtov, O. Nikitjuk, V. Polikashin 202-214
38. Ways of improvement of studying of discipline of «Basis of ecology» in the maximum military educational institutions S. Minka, V. Minka 215-219
39. Development of information-training systems for auditing and remote training on a speciality "Complexes and systems of antiaircraft arms" A. Skorik, V. Voronin, I. Koval, A. Skorik 220-224
40. Abstracts 225-236
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