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3. Security analysis of electrical equipment of power units of the atomic electric stations S. Artyuh, P. Zanibortch, D. Irikov 3-11
4. Synthesis and analysis of optimum detectors of signals of query in airplane defendants of radar indafication systems B. Bakumenko, A. Bulay, I. Obod 12-19
5. Estimation of efficiency of functioning of telecommunications networks of critical application O. Varnakov, S. Galushka 20-24
6. Estimation of efficiency of the battle use of multichannel zenithal rocket complex with the improved functional structure V. Voronin, A. Skorik 25-31
7. General description of basic mathematical models of control and diagnostics on the basis of electromagnetic situation of А. Gnatov, М. Starostenko, О. Hramov 32-37
8. Analysis of influencing of quality of estimations of parameters of motion on estimations of prognosis of vector of the state of space vehicle A. Dremlyuga, I. Lisachenko, A. Royanov, B. Chumak, V. Popov 38-45
9. Criterion of classification of artificial companions of earth from data of the optical-electronic measurings D. Dyachenko 46-50
10. Probability estimation of the ultrawideband reflector lateral radiational level G. Yermakov, G. Akulinin, O. Stavitsky, М. Ivanets 51-54
11. Statistical descriptions of basic parameters of diagram of orientation by cylinder aerial of grate at the small values of phases errors V. Zamyatin, V. Chepiga, G. Levagin, A. Shevchenko 55-63
12. Organization of management by the modes of discovery and accompaniment of purposes in RLS from PAR V. Karlov, K. Kvitkin, V. Gavrilkin, V. Chelpanov 64-70
13. Principles and variants of construction of the radio-location system with the use of radiation of mobile communication A. Kondratenko, P. Kovalenko, I. Dobrinin 71-78
14. Analysis of malfunctions of thruster-on asynchronous to the question of choice of their effective defence O. Kondatyuk, A. Egorov 79-86
15. Estimation of influencing of relative position of airscrew on aerodynamic descriptions of combination the «arched wing is airscrew» A. Kornienko, A. Leontev, E. Ukrainets 87-94
16. Creation of the reconnaissance-shock fire system on the basis of perspective rocket complex V. Kosuhin, S. Martinenko 95-99
17. Features of choice of optimum row of powers of autonomous electro-aggregates A. Kulchitsky 100-109
18. Ground of requirements to exactness of estimations indexes faultlessness of REM of exploited AMC for the decision of tasks of extension appointed terms of service (resources) B. Lanetsky, V. Kobzev 110-117
19. Autocorrelation coherent multifrequency signal processing I. Leonov, A. Prisyazhniy, S. Voloshin 118-123
20. Analysis of possibilities of digital synthesizers of signals on forming of difficult signals with changeable parameters V. Loshakov, I. Krasnoshapka, A. Kostyanets 124-133
21. Research of influencing of basic parameters of the ortogonal multifrequency arcwise-frequency-modulated signals on the region of localization of the measured polarizations vectors A. Martinchuk, G. Kachurovsky, G. Zubritsky, O. Smirnov 134-139
22. Choice of criteria for optimization of self-reactance rows of technological equipment of backer-ups commuter-technical flights A. Nikiforov, A. Goncharenko 140-143
23. Semi-Markov model of reliability of the antiaircraft rocket complex of the surface ship with the built - in monitoring system of the technical condition V. Nosenko, O. Ivanchenko, K. Matuzaev, S. Mavrin 144-151
24. Basic problems of construction of the single system of the informative providing of management by troops Yu. Opalev, N. Staheev, O. Misyura, V. Malyuga 152-155
25. Analysis methods of construction codes of authentification messages A. Severinov, A. Iohov, A. Zhuchenko, V. Lusechko 156
26. Definition of nonparametric statistics fractal the network traffic Yu. Stasev, A. Haritonov, G. Kuchuk 163-172
27. Modeling of etalon timestamps neural network extraction from the wavelet-spectra of the images, which is translating by digital television channels M. Trotsko 173-178
28. Application linear phased array for measurement of the near field of aerials V. Usin, V. Kovalchuk 179-182
29. Correction of the distortions of image, conditioned by an even change E. Prilepsky 183-186
30. Method of construction highly nonlinear boole functions A. Kuznetsov, Yu. Izbenko, A. Yukalchuk 187-191
31. Research of firmness of algorithms of encipherement at the use of modern Computers A. Smirnov, V. Kovtun 192-198
32. Use of algorithm of Huffman for construction of pseudo-median filter A. Shostak, Yu. Doroshenko 199-201
33. Control of toxicness of exhausts gases of transports vehicles in Military Powers of Ukraine S. Artemev, S. Petrov, L. Pisnya 202-206
34. Possibilities of infrasound monitoring for use in interest of Military Forces J. Gordienko, A. Ljaschuk, A. Solonets 207-210
35. Method of optimization of placing of educational objects on territory of military ground on a ecology-economic criterion S. Chumachenko 211-215
36. Mathematical model of optimum division of time of preparation of military specialist D. Evstrat, Yu. Kushneruk, I. Barkatov 216-218
37. Abstracts 222-231
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