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2. Contents 237-239
3. Unified coordinate-time supplying as the base of solving primary and secondary radar system joint functioning contradiction B. Bakymenko, A. Bylay, I. Obod 3-9
4. Evaluation of adequacy and efficiency of models of decision-making by the method of credible algorithmic quanta of knowledges I. Vereschak, I. Sirodza 10-16
5. The analysis of experience of development simulation system A. Gryzo, D. Gryb, S. Leshenko 17-24
6. Adout cognitive visualization of on-line information in intelligence systems A. Yerokhin 25-31
7. Exactness of measurings of parameters of motion of spaces vehicles in the conditions of single-article technology of management А. Zagorulko, V. Ozhinsky 32-37
8. Complex approach to the ground of requirements of vitality of communication network of marine mobile objects O. Ivanchenko, S. Zaytsev, S. Mavrin, I. Grushevoy, T. Skibin 38-43
9. Method of estimation of potential paralleling cyclic tasks I. Kirillov, E. Tolstoluzskaya 44-52
10. Method of parametric synthesis of the digital ACS fuzzy-controller for the nonstationary controlled systems D. Kiryanov 53-57
11. Choice of computer network structure to ACS of aviation and air-raid defensive S. Klimov, Yu. Stasev 58-62
12. Data format of presentation of static images on the basis of discrete transformation Hartly M. Kalmikov 63-65
13. Analysis of malfunctions of thruster-on asynchronous to the question of choice of their effective defence O. Kondratyuk, A. Egorov 66-68
14. Method of calculation of cost of satellites-relays A. Koshel, D. Dyachenko, I. Gajvoronsky, S. Petrov, A. Polyakov 69-73
15. Estimation of error of approximation of image in the bases of piece-permanent and trigonometric functions A. Krasnorutsky, A. Kolomijtsev, A. Oleksin 74-79
16. Generalized method of decision of unidimensional task of choice of optimum row of powers of autonomous electro-aggregates A. Kulchitsky 80-84
17. Digital realization of multi-pole coordinated filter N. Niculin, S. Galushka 85-88
18. Potential capabilities of detection radar of the «Osa» anti-aircraft missile complex after its improvement I. Obod, O. Nakonechny, I. Strashny, O. Grigus 89-94
19. Research of possibility of quantitative estimation of efficiency of the radio engineering systems in the conditions of mutual hindrances D. Pashkov, S. Lomonosov 95-99
20. Simulation model of aviation nickel cadmium batteries A. Rugal, S. Marenich 100-104
21. Analysis of ensemble properties of complex signals A. Severinov, V. Lysechko, A. Zhuchenko 105-108
22. Mathematical vehicle of signature control of the digital systems V. Tupkalo, A. Kharitonov, G. Kuchuk 109-117
23. The estimation of the measurements accuracy of the antennas system characteristics by amplitude methods V. Usin, V. Kovalchuk 118-122
24. Adaptive algorithms of accompaniment of aims on radial speed with parallel filtration V. Hismatullin, A. Sosunov, A. Kovalchuk 123-128
25. Metrological providing of preparation of topogeodezical and gravimetrichecal data’s by the measuring tools of mobile starting options G. Cherepennicov, I. Baculin, S. Gerasimov 129-134
26. Design of the physical fields B. Kononov, S. Olhovikov 135-141
27. RadioPhysical methods of determination of component composition of fine-dyspersated mixtures. Part 2 O. Sukhoruchko, S. Khomenko, A. Koretskiy 142-144
28. The mathematical model of digital signals synthesizers N. Kandyrin, A. Dzigora 145-154
29. Determination of the shortest Hamiltonian cycles in the unoriented count S. Listrovoj, V. Pudov, V. Kalachova 155-160
30. Model of conduct of unconscientious taxpayer V. Dubnitsky, D. Yurgelevich 161-167
31. Factor analysis of industrial cluster G. Zholtkevych, Ali Nayef Khaleel Alhejoj 168-179
32. features of system software development of rheography researches S. Linnik, O. Velichko, D. Belyansky 180-183
33. Model of distributing of deep temperatures in fabrics of man S. Sakalo, A. Azarhov 184-189
34. Analysis of possibilities of research of anomalous conductivity of heart K. Smolyanova 190-195
35. Optimization of parameters of the system of speed-up sedimentation of hemocytes A. Utitskih, O. Datsyuk, I. Voziyan 196-199
36. Art of military manager and inferiors in relation to the hidden management in business (official) intercourse A. Kurtov, O. Nikityuk, V. Polikashin 200-215
37. Chronicle and information 216-217
38. Abstracts 218-230
39. Authors 231-234
40. Index 235