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3. Procedure for assessment of stated uncertainty of State Standard of Ukraine of electrical power and power factor units S. Akhmadov 3-6
4. Methods of estimations covariations at measurement of alternating voltage T. Barashkova 7-10
5. Account of uncertainty of a signal restoration at dynamic measurements T. Bykova, G. Cherepaschuk 11-12
6. Uncertainty of Methodologies of assessment of noxious gases emissions in atmosphere on railway transport O. Velychko, T. Gordiyenko 13-18
7. Interconnection of probabilistic approach and fuzzy logic at estimation of uncertanly of measurings E. Volodarskiy, L. Kosheva, A. Karpenko 19-22
8. Specificities of the data analysis of interlaboratory comparisons, carried out in the accredited calibration laboratories N. Efremova, S. Kachur 22-25
9. Estimation of uniformity for small volume sampling V. Yeremenko, Yu. Kuts, V. Mokiichuk 26-29
10. Measurements’ reduction to calculations under fuzzy conditions А. Zavorotnyy, V. Kasyanyuk 30-31
11. The procedure of measuring uncertainty evaluation at metrological works performance I. Zakharov, M. Sergienko, O. Velichko, V. Chepela 32-36
12. New Paradigm of Metrology А. Кolbasin 37-39
13. Uncertainty of the state voltage unit standards V. Коpshyn, V. Кіkalo, U. Darmenko, R. Vendichanskiy 40-42
14. Estimation of the quantity of experts for qualitative measurements of attributes in conditions of uncertainty N. Korablev 42-44
15. DSTU ISO\IEC 17025-2001 requirements specifically to estimation uncertainty in measurement and ways of their realization A. Kocuba, V. Novikov 45-46
16. The correct method of measuring flow curve and its parameters by uroflowmeter J. Makal, A. Idzkowski, W. Walendziuk 47-49
17. Nonlinear parameters of the electrochemical supercapacitors and their measuring V. Martynyuk 50-52
18. Features of analysis of results of measurings in the dynamic systems with the chaotic conduct Yu. Machehin 53-56
19. Optimization of algorithms of determination of transmitivities phaser of phase antenna grates in the conditions of self-reactance vagueness of measuring information S. Nedzelsky 56-58
20. Automation of uncertainty in measurements calculation process V. Novikov, A. Kocuba 59-61
21. Studying of influence of the expanded of uncertainty of the second sort on risks the manufacturer and the customer the method of statistical modelling S. Patsera, V.Korsun, S. Kurdjukov 62-65
22. Validation of and uncertainty in the results of measurement using the methods of quantitative chemical analysis which are applied for sanitary epidemiologic examination for food-stuff and their contacting materials N. Prodanchuk, A. Podrushnyak, T. Makarchuk Т. Zabrodskaya, А. Koval, Ju. Mekhova 65-68
23. Flexibility of quality management system in the testing laboratory E. Ramazanova-Stepkina 69-71
24. Uncertainty of results measurements at the control of a difference frequencies of rotation electromechanical converters P. Soprunyk, O. Vasilevskiy, Y. Chabanyk 72-75
25. Analysis of calculation of vagueness of vacuum-backed manometer with the gas greasing A. Funtikov, A. Davidenko 75-77
26. Exploring of the ways that enable to evaluate the uncertainty of indirect measurement when linearization of error equation is impossible V Tzidelko, N. Iaremchuk, M. Vasilenko 77-81
27. Vagueness and error, their likeness distinction and use in different metrology procedures V. Chaliy 82-85
28. To the question about a priori evaluation of vagueness of measurings realized by a measuring channel V. Сhubatenko 86-89
29. The attributed indefiniteness of measurements as the characteristic of the technique quality of measurements V. Сhubatenko 89-91
30. Application of classification procedures of the discriminately analysis for reduction of information uncertainty of multivariate measuring signals / P. Shapov, T. Osina, V. Mulyarov 92-94
31. Method of reduction of uncertainty at the digital spectral analysis Je. Zanimonsky, A. Olejnik, Je. Zanimonsky, Ja. Krilsky. 94-96
32. Uncertainty calibrations of measuring channels A. Naumenko, T. Chebykina, V. Chepela 97-98
33. Abstracts 102-106
34. Authors 107-109