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2. Contents 169-170
3. General paradigm of protection of the information: determining of terms from carriers to channels of information leakage I. Gromiko 3-9
4. Methods of increase of noiseproof features of polling radio systems B. Bakumenko, I. Obod 10-12
5. Research of certainty of product transmission in the ACS of high schools with use of the cascade labelling-theoretic schemes V. Grabchak 13-16
6. Evaluation of adaptive variability of abiotic systems // V. Dubnitsky, V. Chernyvsky 17-19
7. Choice of algorithm of context design at development of method compression of images D. Dyadik, A. Stryuk 20-24
8. The technical of experimental determination of a dispersive ultrasonic delay line time-fervency parameters Kandyrin N., Kostianets A. 25-27
9. Development of the circuit of line encryption of the information in ACSV with use it is high nonlinear functions A. Kuznetcov, Ju. Izbenko, A. Jukalchuk 28-30
10. Method of dada hiding in images by centering the values of color components A. Kovalenko , A. Rezunenko 31-33
11. Detection of the aerodynamic purposes in conditions of noise and passive handicapes with a broad Doppler spectrum V. Karlov, I. Leonov, A. Prisyagzniy, O. Lukovskiy 34-36
12. The selector of longitudinal fashions for the laser informational - measuring system A. Kolomiytsev 37-39
13. The methodical approach to determining parameters of criteria of optimisation at synthesis interactive control systems of perspective battle air complexes A. Kononov, D. Dovgzuk 40-43
14. Acousto-optical filtration in optoelectronic systems of target detection by spectra features L. Kupchenko, A. Rubjak, A. Ignatjev 44-49
15. Modelling of the traffic of the multiservice allocated telecommunication network G. Kuchuk, I. Kirillov, A. Pashev 50-59
16. Rating of reliability of definition of parameters the telecommunication traffic A. Mozhaev 59-61
17. The analysis of a capability of control of a complex reflection coefficient of the multilayer structure containing semi-conductors, in a millimeter-wave of lengths of waves G. Moiseeva 62-65
18. The analysis of application of displays in systems of visualization of air simulators P. Mozar, V. Zinchenko, I. Korchin 66-68
19. Estimation of accuracy of a position determination of air objects in synchronous time-sharings I. Obod, A. Bulay, Yu. Lutsenko 69-71
20. Mathematical modelling of processes of operation of complex organizational hierarchic systems for formalization of a procedure of acceptance of administrative solutions Yu. Pargin, N. Lyubchenko 72-74
21. Balance weights of mobile aggregates C. Rakovskiy, N. Rakovskaya 75-79
22. Research of effect of a distortion in scale of the image on accuracy of coordinate binding G. Hudov, A. Kolesnik, I. Butko 80-81
23. Clustering objects with algorithm DBSCAN O. Chaplanov, O. Chaplanova 82-84
24. Methods of estimation of opportunities of radionavigation maintenance system of flights of aircraft on results of performance of a task on applicability A. Chernyatyev, O. Кulyk 85-88
25. Method of analytical estimation of time of existence of cosmic objects on the circumterrestrial orbits V. Yamnickiy, Е. Zhilin, E. Vetlugin, I. Vetlugina 89-91
26. State-of-the-art state and prospects for the development of meters of parameters of signals and routes of a high level of power of superhigh frequencies of a range Yu. Belokurskiy, Yu. Kozlov, A. Kozlova, I. Rugzentsev 92-94
27. Conception of the system of first-line support of actions as component the modern automated control systems of the military setting V. Borovoy, V. Kovkin, V. Kovalchuk 95-96
28. Problems of TCP Yu. Zavizistup, A. Kovalenko, A. Mohammad 97-101
29. Improved algorithm of a hill climbing of a criteriaon of performance A. Zarubin, A. Lihodeev, O. Dobrov 102-104
30. The comparative analysis of base standards and systems tranking links for organization of a network of radio communication of a control system by daily activity of a troops (forces) G. Zmievskoy, V. Krasnokutskiy, M. Kolodeev 105-108
31. Determining of an axis of normalization in conceptual structures of planimetric plottings with projective distortions / Yu. Pargzin, D. Grinev, V. Onishenko 109-111
32. Equations of the errors of strapdown inertial navigation systems and the analysis of observability V. Kortunov, G. Proskura 112-114
33. Simulation of static and dynamic application files for multiphase maintaining systems Ali Nayef Khaleel Alhejoj, S. Ignatov 115-118
34. Ф-functions in problems of cover T. Romanova, S. Shevtsov 119-122
35. Parametric decay instability of plasma with ions of two grades in a field of a powerful wave of pumping D. Maslennikov 123-125
36. Mechanism of transmission of signal on nervous system I. Cherepnev 126-127
37. Neural network ARTMAP-IC for medical diagnostic of a cancer dairy gland Н. Kirvas 128-129
38. Financing of a portfolio of investment projects with allowance for effects of risk factors M. Mazorchuk, V. Maliy, T. Klimova 130-132
39. Development of reference model poorly structured business-processes S. Chalyj, A. Kalnitskaj 133-137
40. The pattern of an estimation of transport risks of a commercial firm on the basis of illegible logic K. Simonova 138-141
41. Tasks of a state policy of Ukraine in sphere of military-technical cooperation in the market of arms V. Shemaev 142-144
42. Recommendations on the working cadets during assimilation lecturing material I. Dobrinin , S. Sidchenko , A. Bovkun , A. Grizo , V. Borovoy 145-147
43. Algorithm of development of remote courses at organization of teaching and educational process under the remote form{*shape*} of training S. Dudenko, V. Kalacheva, V. Pudov 148-152
44. Organizational-methodical premises of increase of efficiency of study of military-technical and military-special disciplines in the maximum military educational institution S. Makarov, O. Visotskiy, O. Lebedev 153-154
45. The analysis of possible forms of realization of educational process under the remote form in higher educational institutions of Ukraine V. Stolbov 155-157
46. Chronicle and information 158
47. Abstracts 159-164
48. Authors 165-168
49. Index 168