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2. Contents 167-168
3. Net information technology Control for increasing effectiveness of business process V. Аvrаmеnkо, V. Kаlаchоvа, І. Маkrushаn 2-5
4. Some model of spontaneous states transitions of information systems architectural components Ahmad Ali (Abdel Karim) Almherat, G. Zholtkevych 5-9
5. Method interpersonnel polyadic restoration of the videodata in the standard TETRA V. Barannik, N. Korolyeva, I. Kovtun 9-12
6. Synthesis of algorithms of optimum control of discrete stochastic system of self-prompting of fighters I. Barishev, E. Korshets, O. Visotskiy 12-15
7. Adaptive learning algorithm of fuzzy-wavelet-neural network А. Bednarska , Е. Vynokurova , I. Pliss 15-18
8. Technique of an estimation of efficiency of an aviation anti-tank complex at use of anti-tank guided missiles on several elements of the group purpose in one action V. Berezanskiy, S. Kalkamanov, B. Golovko 19-21
9. Method of a substantiation of the decision on necessity of attraction of additional resources for operation for conditions of risk / E. Bregznev 22-24
10. Method of definition such as air object M. Volodin, E. Pershina, V. Kapranov, B. Shmonyak 24-28
11. Approach to the forming of information gene formalizing describes M. Evlanov 28-35
12. Electrodynamic method of calculation of existential characteristics superbroadband antenna lattices in view of mutual influence of elements G. Ermakov, O. Smirnov, D. Litovchenko, M. Ivanets 36-39
13. Influence of correlation on reliability of evaluation uncertainty in measurements I. Zakharov 40-43
14. Potential opportunities on selection in survey radar stations of lines of the purposes at presence discrete (like-target) preventing reflections V. Zyukin, D. Grib, A. Grizo 44-47
15. Ways of increase of noise immunity of the navigating equipment of consumers of satellite navigating systems A. Kazakov, A. Vodyanih 48-51
16. Circuit aspects of increase of accuracy of definition of coordinates of self-propelled installations E. Karmaniy, V. Tyutyunnik, A. Katunin, K. Sadoviy 52-55
17. Development of navigation in Ukraine (a condition and prospects) E. Kozelkova 56-59
18. Mathematical models of problems of optimization of structure Homogeneous fighting means counteract groupings V. Kononov 60-63
19. The recommendations for increase quality of functioning of onboard communication centers of air items of management I. Kostenko, A. Chernyatyev 63-66
20. Metrological attestation of the electromagnetic flap standard A. Kryukov, M. Kryukov, Yu. Nemchenko 67-69
21. Preprinted processing of the color information S. Kuzmenko, Z. Holodnaya, E. Yalovkina 69-71
22. Optimum management of power resource of multifunction radar station zenithal rocket complex on the stage of conclusion of the zenithal guided rockets on kinematics trajectories A. Megelbey, S. Kadubenko, G. Levagin 71-75
23. Method of estimation of reliability of the systems of treatment of information of the real time in modular arithmetic Mohammed Jassim Mohammed, V. Krasnobaev, N. Derenko, O. Zefirova 75-77
24. Method of the analysis of activity of the operator of the automated control systems of air movement M. Pavlenko, P. Berdnik, I. Hromov 78-82
25. The mathematical model has swept off the information agrees with report ТСР K. Polschikov, A. Lavrut, N. Aleksandrov 82-83
26. Maintenance of uniform loading on wheels of cargo carriages N. Rakovskaya, B 84-86
27. Analysis resolves the capabilities of the adaptive basely-cross-correlation system S. Rodenko, S. Khmelevskiy, R. Karnauh 86-89
28. Multiresolution image analysis in edge segmentation I. Ruban, K. Smelyakov, O. Shitova 90-92
29. The analysis of existing aviation boards of radar-tracking complexes and features of their functioning Yu. Sevostyanov 93-96
30. Principle of management an amplification of active charts factor for SBP at multiplicative suppression of cophased constituent and invariant including of operating strengtheners V. Semenets, P. Fedotov, O. Kruk 97-102
31. Radar functionality improvement by using signals with pseudochaotic frequency modulation V. Tarshin, V. Vasilev, A. Кuznetsov, І. Zligostev 103-105
32. Suboptimale stochastic low order controller S. Udovenko, L. Chalaya, V. Perepelitsa 106-108
33. Automatic models of multiversion instrumentation and control systems V. Kharchenko, V. Sklyar, V. Golovir 108-109
34. The effective crossover models for optimization problems O. Chaplanov, E. Chaplanova 110-112
35. Statistical evaluation of correctness of “Guess m numbers of n” -type lottery V. Dubnitsky, Yu. Natalina 112-114
36. Use of a method of consecutive increase in a rank k-homogeneous matroid in combinatory problems of discrete optimization at synthesis of complex technical systems Yu. Kravchenko, V. Savchenko 115-117
37. Reconstruction of three-dimensional objects by their traces on a system of mutually perpendicular flats with using interflatation of functions V.I. Mezhuyev 117-120
38. The algebraical codes decoding on spatial curves I. Pasko 121-125
39. Improvement of contrast of optical system image with aberrations Ye. Prilepsky 125-127
40. Computation of trajectory of motion of drop of liquid in a gas stream taking into account its deformation V. Rublyov, V. Loginov 128-129
41. Experimental investigation of light diffraction on two ultrasonic waves with different frequencies A. Rubjak, G. Rubalka, A. Cherkashuna 130-132
42. Automatic measuring complex of main parameters of liquids. Part 1 О. Sukhoruchko, V. Vasil’chenko, A. Koretskiy 132-134
43. Problems of work of nuclear power installations of atomic power stations in not nominal modes S. Bogma, V. Shevchenko 134-140
44. Automation of management of power and facility at liquidations of emergency situation G. Fesenko, V. Barbashyn, A. Romin, A. Podorozhnyak 140-143
45. Development of I&C systems network availability markov’s models by use of FME(C)A-tables V. Kharchenko, Iraj Еlyasi Komari. 144-147
46. Analysis of efficiency of fuzzy neuron nets in the tasks of prognostication of extraordinary situations of man-caused nature O. Shmatko, Е. Golubnichya 147-151
47. Research of cost of preparation of cadets - pilots in Kharkiv Air Force University A. Erilkin, V. Ivanyuk, V. Shmakov 152-154
48. Use of the automated control systems in educational process О. Konovalenko, V. Brusencev 154-156
49. Abstracts 157-162
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