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2. Contents 169-170
3. Modelling of processes of operative management by multiphasic serving systems Ali Nayf Haleel Alhjoj, I. Goncharov, S. Ignatov 2-6
4. Estimation of antigambling two signs of structural code constructions V. Barannik, A. Judin 6-10
5. Research of an opportunity of use of systems of mobile communication of the third generation in interests of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine I. Gepko, A. Moskalenko, A. Lavrut 11-12
6. Spatial division of zones of work of radio engineering control systems by space vehicles from operative ranges of preventing radio-electronic means V. Gumenyuk, E. Kozelkova, A. Morgun, S. Stavitskiy 12-15
7. Modelling of processes of restoration tribocoupling military technics application revitalizant R. Juice, A. Priymakov, G. Priymakov 16-19
8. Statement of a problemof optimum control by operations edge cutting machiningof optical polymers V. Dmitrienko, I. Havina 20-22
9. Development of network agents identification method in web A. Yerokhin, A. Turuta 23-27
10. Modeling measuring instruments with experimental dynamical characteristics I. Zakharov, M. Sergienko 27-31
11. Analysis of fractal descriptions of the reflected radio-location signals V. Ivanov, R. Pashenko, A. Fateev, А. Vovk 31-34
12. Evaluation control and diagnostic index method of the digital control systems are constructed on the OTS-components I. Klyushnikov, O. Bursala, I. Boykov 35-37
13. Estimation of efficiency of interpersonnel representation of images in the standard TETRA I. Kovtun 37-40
14. Recycling of heat in cogeneration to installation on the basis of the gas motor-generator 11ГД100М Optimization L. Krutiy, D. Shimuk, V. Prihodko 40-44
15. Mathematical model of image spectral filtration unit, taking into consideration atmospheric optical features L. Kupchenko, O. Ephimova, A. Rubjak 44-47
16. Method of creation of managing subnet of network of telecommunications G. Kuchuk, A. Bolyubash 47-51
17. Increase of speed of transfer of the information at use of ensembles of complex signals N. Linnik 51-54
18. Тechnology of construction of extensional base of stratificated semantic network for the systems of support of decision-making N. Lyubchenko, Yu. Pargzin 54-57
19. Forming of a requirement to operating agency of system service tools of measuring monitoring А. Morozov, A. Chernov 58-62
20. Weight windows on the basis of atomic functions in problems of formation of the radar images of the surface and subsurface images of sounded mediums V. Pavlikov 63-66
21. Definition of actions on decrease(reduction) in losses of energy in electric networks of power supply systems I. Pantyelyeyeva 66-68
22. The analysis of main principles of construction of the ground automated complex of management of space vehicles of supervision V. Prisyagzniy, V. Mironenko 68-70
23. Models of problems of combinatorial optimization for decision making support in the agro industrial complex V. Putyatin, S. Kovalenko 71-75
24. Active suspension bracket of wheels in beamless pluriaxial units N. Rakovskaya, B. 76-79
25. Research of an automobile brake pneumodrive with the help of a hardware-software measuring complex I. Rogozin, V. Prokopov, V. Tyutyunnik, V. Sidorov 80-82
26. Neiralnetworks implementation of multiplicative Hammerstein model with many entrances T. Sakalo 83-85
27. Increasing the compression efficiency on the ground of purposeful selection of image presentation model K. Smelyakov 86-88
28. Estimation of parameters of the analytical description of communication "factor-response" in conditions of small sample of supervision E. Suvorova, O. Seraya 89-92
29. Determination of size of fluctuation error of measuring the azimuth of air objects, conditioned large-scale heterogeneities of troposphere О. Teslenko 92-94
30. Use of technology replication in a control system of databases V. Tretyak, Yan Isun, D. Golubnichiy 95-99
31. Estimation of the operating efficiency of corporate distributed systems V. Tulupov 100-104
32. Influence of meteorological conditions on characteristics of the underline surface S. Yatsevich 104-107
33. The method of defuzzification of fuzzy sets V. Golub, А. Kuprinenko 107-108
34. Alternative estimation and ranking under a given interval initial data in geometric design I. Grebennik, T. Romanova, S. Shekhovtsov 109-112
35. Influence of pulse superbroadband electromagnetic radiation on radio-electronic equipments (REE) A. Egorov, B. Gavrilenko, M. Grushenko, V. Gzuk, A. Zalivan, V. Karas, Yu. Lonin, V. Chumakov 113-116
36. Frequency Response of Optical Systems and its Optimization E. Prilepskiy 116-118
37. The formalized representation of the reasons and consequences of the risks influencing duration, cost and quality of performance of works of the project T. Bondareva, E. Lisenko 118-120
38. Statistical analysis of correctness of application of random roaming hypothesis in analysis of financial processes V. Dubnitsky, D. Yurgelevich 121-124
39. Determination of resource reserve management system in process of realization of new techniques creation project M. Mazorchuk 124-128
40. Currency risk forecasting in dealing information systems taking into account fundamental factors E. Fedorov 128-130
41. Technique radiothermometric researches at the decision of problems of medical diagnostics A. Azarhov, S. Sakalo 131-135
42. Reconfiguration structures of diagnostic attributes at synthesis of the computer diagnosis A. Povoroznyuk 135-139
43. Design procedure of maximum dangerous distances at explosion of a stack of an ammunition N. Adamenko 140-141
44. Information quantity method of estimation for discrete messages transmitting under the influence of interference I. Katerinchuk, V. Kirilenko 142-143
45. Recycling of military property as a stage of life cycle of production of military purpose O. Petrenko, A. Sudakov, K. Kulagin 144-150
46. Research of the influence of the type and moisture of the soil on mass of the surge bad material in atmosphere under uncontrolled combustion of oil product G. Fesenko, V. Barbashyn, A. Romin 151-152
47. To a question on definition of efficiency of training influences M. Voevodina 153-157
48. Chronicle and information 158
49. Abstracts 159-164
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51. Index 168