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3. Design procedure of characteristics of the two-mirror aerial with a matrix irradiator V. Antyufeev, V. Bikov, T. Beregznaya, A. Grichanyuk, V. Krayushkin, M. Shokin 2-8
4. Аlgorithm of determination of a posteriori probabilities of the in good condition state of knots of commutation of the informative systems O. Barabash 8-11
5. Radial-basis functions neural network with polynomial activation functions Ye. Bodyanskiy, O. Chaplanov, O. Chaplanova 12-15
6. Development of the expanded model of system of operation of a flying complex I. Boykov 16-18
7. To questions on coherence of space of the factors accompanying measurements of navigating parameters // A. Volobuyev, M. Yakovlev 18-21
8. Management overloads of multiservice telecommunication network O. Vorobjov, I. Iljina, A. Kovalenko 21-23
9. Electromagnetic noises parameters, as the article of diagnosing А. Gnatov 23-25
10. Identification of the found out targets in complex joined system of the radar-tracking identification D. Grib, V. Golovanov, A. Artemenko 26-29
11. Mathematical model of presentation of photos with the use of color-difference planes D. Grinyov, O. Anokhina, A. Dremlyuga 30-32
12. Use the adaptive linear element when making module network for recognition of the flat metallic plates of the different sizes under UWB flexing G. Ermakov, D. Knysh, M. Ivanec 32-35
13. Influence of spatial distribution of hydrometeorological characteristics on the data of remote sensing of the Earth V. Ivanov, S. Yatsevich, L. Yegorova, Ye. Yatsevich 35-37
14. Automation of process of constructing of stockings wares of handwork I. Kikteva, A. Zavolodko 37-39
15. A method of providing of electromagnetic compatibility of the radio engineerings control S. Kozelkov, D. Pashkov, V. Gumenjuk 39-41
16. Мethod of the effective distributing of aims at a fire-control subdivision S. Kovalenko, A. Kolomijtsev, V. Obryadin, K. Khudarkovsky 41-43
17. Design of process of convergence of traffic of separate services of networks of multiservices G. Kuchuk, A. Mozhaev 43-46
18. Influence of limitation of bar of admission of communication channel on quality of transmission of the difficult signal N. Linnik 46-48
19. Algorithm of recognition of images of structures with use single-vane attributes and methods of neural networks A. Lipanov, A. Mihaylov 49-52
20. The principle of mirror reflection in antennas with non-linear elements A. Luchaninov, D. Gavva, D. Greckih, E. Krikun 53-56
21. Facilities of management and maintenance of uncontradiction of extensional database a logical conclusion are in the systems of support of decision-making N. Lyubchenko 56-60
22. Hybrid neural networks for patterns recognicion I. Novoseltsev, N.Axak, O. Barkovskaya 60-64
23. Towards developing ontology contradiction problems solving D. Pavlov 65-72
24. Problems and prospects of development of use of renewed energy sources I. Pantyelyeyeva, S. Belikovа 72-73
25. Analysis of the moving ionospheres indignations caused by the start of rocket-transmitter, with the use of phases plane R. Paschenko, D. Karlov, K. Kulagin 74-78
26. Compressing semantic display V. Petrik 79-82
27. Elements and devices of functional microelectronics P. Polyakov, , А. Borodin, V. Polyakov, V. Horungi, V. Antonova 82-86
28. Combinatorial hardware models of problem of geometric designing V. Putyatin, A. Elkin 86-91
29. Experimental research of a contact surface of running wheels pluriaxial railway units N. Rakovskaya, B. Kovalskiy 91-94
30. Criteria of construction of coherent scopes of images I. Ruban, K. Smelyakov, O. Shitova 94-96
31. Single errors detection by a nonlinear sygnaturnym analyzer A. Rysovanyy, V. Gogotov 97-99
32. Optimization of digital network of the integrated service by criterion of cost of transfer of unit of the information S. Savchenko, V. Krasnobaev 100-103
33. The analysis electromagnetic field of the parabolic mirror aerial radio-electronic location stations P-19 in a near zone A. Sazonov 104-106
34. Direction of maintenance of monitoring of district the perspective equipment pilotless vehicle Yu. Salnik 106-108
35. The ways of reliability increasing in telecommunication systems A. Svirgun, A. Lavrut, M. Ruban 108-111
36. Processing fuzzy sets data by neural network with adaptive activation function O. Seraya, D. Brezinskiy 111-113
37. Interference a method of radiosounding of the bottom layers of troposphere on radio signals of artificial satellites of the Earth O. Teslenko 114-117
38. Choice of mathematical model of representation vibroacoustic a signal of the main reducer of the military-transport helicopter V. Chernyavskiy, G. Sigaylo, S. Shevchenko 117-120
39. The basic contradictions of modelling of operations of armies (forces) of antiaircraft defense V. Servatyuk, G. Drobaha 120-122
40. About modeling of abnormal situations in complex system with canal structure A. Yerokhin 123-125
41. Analysis of structures of nerekursivnikh digital filters synthesized the different methods A. Levchenko, M. Shpinkovs'kaya 125-127
42. Fascicular generators of pulse superbroadband electromagnetic radiation A. Egorov, B. Gavrilenko, M. Grushenko, V. Gzuk, V. Karas, Yu. Lonin, V. Chumakov 128-130
43. The analysis and correction of transfer function of film measuring transducers of the microwave power I. Zakharov 130-134
44. Automatic measuring complex of main parameters of liquids. Part 2 O. Sukhoruchko, A. Koretskiy, A. Golik 135-137
45. Defensive radiomaskiruyuschie covering B. Shirokov, A. Korzh 137-138
46. Co-operating of macromolecules with external electromagnetic field I. Cherepnev, N. Polyanova 139-142
47. Design of backbone network of the navigation-temporal providing structure at liquidation of extraordinary situations A. Podoroznyak 142-146
48. Creation of the educational business game program by means VBA MS Excel S. Danilevich, V. Kirvas 146-149
49. The adaptive automated control of knowledge О. Konovalenko, V. Brusencev 150-152
50. Automation of process of drawing up of the schedule of employment for faculty of high school A. Lyubchenko 152-154
51. Production of levels of development and structures of a military collectivism in administrative activity of the commander O. Nikityuk 155-160
52. Abstracts 164-168
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