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2. Contents 171-172
3. Models and means of formation of the complex information-educational environment of an educational institution P. Lizunov, A. Beloshchitskiy 2-8
4. Using of genetic algorithms on the base of networks of Petri at planning of the reconstructed processor module N. Belova, D. Petrosov, V. Tsukanov, I. Chaly 9-14
5. Choice of indexes of efficiency for the estimation of co-operation of zenithal troops of rockets and fighter aircraft S. Burkovsky, N. Stakheev, O. Misyura, Yu. Opalev, D. Pivnev 15-18
6. An analysis of facilities of construction of mathematical description of statistical conformities in database SQL Server A. Varligina, A. Dmitrenko, A. Zavolodko, A. Yushchenko 19-22
7. Analysis of influence of the current angular coordinate estimates on the target tracking in jamming V. Vasilyev 22-25
8. Method of redistribution of calculable resource of critical region of network of telecommunications automatic control system O. Vorobjov 26-35
9. Comparative analysis of outlets mandrelling techniques Y. Vorobyov, V. Voronko, V. Stepanenko 35-38
10. Recognition of text on structural critical points D. Grinev 39-42
11. Rheological features of feature of aviation tribosystems at application of technologies of tribotechnical renewal R. Juice 43-46
12. Analysis of pseudorandom sequences generating algorithms for code division multiple access systems O. Zamula, V. Grabchak 47-50
13. Mathematical model of the adaptive routing of digital information about an air situation in a telecommunication network perspective automatic control system of aviation and anti-aircraft defence I. Kirillov, S. Semenov 50-53
14. Diminishing of instability of bearing frequency of radioimpulse signals by means of adaptive correction of spectrums of echos V. Klimchenko, A. Ochkurenko 54-58
15. Decision-making question in relation to a management in the difficult hierarchical systems V. Krasnobayev, Yu. Panteley, R. Zhermelyova 58-62
16. Possibilities of synthesis of system or archiving aerospace data as complex dynamic system I. Kuharsky 62-65
17. Transcendent realization of the centralized management the telecommunication network of perspective rocket complex on the basis of principles of WMN-technology S. Malakhov, A. Snisarenko, S. Rassomakhin, N. Linnik, V. Shlokin 66-72
18. Methods of receipt of three-phase alternating current of the promoted frequency and their comparative analysis A. Malysh 73-76
19. The half- Markov model of exploitation of military facilities of measuring technique A. Melnichenko 77-81
20. The analysis of the automated systems raising a management efficiency career by transport D. Mihnov, G. Klimov 82-85
21. An improvement of protocols of transports is in the networks of multiservices A. Mozhaev, A. Podorozhnyak, I. Ilyina, A. Kovalenko 86-92
22. Determination of descriptions of parameters of casual function of speed of wind Y. Oleynik, V. Borodavka, V. Slobodyanyuk 93-96
23. Method or rise of exactness of determination of location of cosmic vehicle with the use of probabilistic-geometrical approach to comparison of geometrical formats of errors of location of cosmic vehicle V. Podlipaev 97-103
24. Analysis of basic factors, which affect quality of functioning a ground automated complex of management by the cosmic vehicles of supervision V. Prisyazny, V. Mironenko 104-107
25. Encoding of трансформант of discrete transformation Нartly in relation to the colour saturation of block of initial image points I. Ruban 108-110
26. Method of primary determination of position of space vehicle on measuring information of insufficient volume S. Stavitsky 111-113
27. Method of situation man-agement of air defense of the separate mechanized brigade during the conduct of battle actions in the armed conflict V. Talavirya, I. Shchegolev, V. Abrashin 113-115
28. Results of estimation of indexes of efficiency of parallel decision of the system of linear equalizations by the Gauss method E. Tolstoluzhskaya 115-118
29. To the question about organization of technical maintenance of the radio engineerings systems of the special setting A. Chelpanov, O. Karpenko 119-121
30. Iteration algorithm of determination of parameters of microwave frequency - highways on the basis of multiprobe method Yu. Belokursky, Yu. Kozlov, A. Kozlova, I. Ruzhentsev 122-124
31. Statistical characteristics of capacity of a signal reflected fluctuate object at a relaying method of diagnostics E. Vdovichenko 125-127
32. Influence model on survivability of fiber-optical transmission lines A. Harybin 128-133
33. Asymmetrical cryptosystems on elliptic codes for channels with automatic negative acknowledgement S. Yevseev 134-137
34. Algebraic method of noiseproof coding algebro-geometric codes on spatial curves A. Kuznetsov, I. Pasko, R. Korolyev 137-141
35. The formation of fuzzy sets which answer quantitative expert evaluations O. Kuprinenko 142-143
36. Construction of function of belonging in supposition of index type of scale of measurings A. Levchenko 144-146
37. Estimation of low bound of free code distance of the algebraically set convolutional codes S. Prihodko, D. Kuzmenko 147-149
38. Mathematical model of optimization placement of circles and circular segments T. Romanova, K. Stupak 149-153
39. Technique of the information analysis of objects at construction of computer systems of support of acceptance of administrative decisions for the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Ukraine N. Adamenko, A. Pashnev 154-156
40. Increase of efficiency of functioning of a subsystem of sales of a supermarket due to introduction of technologies of automatic speech recognition and wireless technologies D. Mihnov, D. Shut 156-160
41. System of professional selection and professional orientation of young people, as basis of high-quality improvement of completing of military educational establishment students I. Pichko, A. Kornienko, V. Matushevskaya, S. Klevets 160-161
42. Abstracts 162-166
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44. Index 170