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3. Key Comparison of the AC Voltage Ratio Standards Yu. Anokhin, V. Кіkalo, V. Коpshyn, S. Nosko 3-5
4. Uncertainty of analytics. A condition and problems A. Begunov 6-9
5. Uncertainty of a wavelet-restoration of dynamic measurements results T. Bykova, G. Cherepaschuk 10-12
6. Peculiarities of using of measurement uncertainty assessment in international and national standards O. Velychko 12-15
7. The analysis of uncertainty of measure-ment of the charge of substance a vortical method L. Vitvitskaya, N. Pindus 15-17
8. Independent assessment of the correlation due to the permanent displacement measure-ment E. Wolodarsky, L. Koshevaya, E. Mishina 18-20
9. Correct-ness of Grubbs criterion application in test results analysis with three elements E. Volodarsky, I. Kharchenko, V. Zgurya, M. Molochkov 20-22
10. Uncertainty in Polynomial Calibration L. Vyskocil, M. Mariassy 23-25
11. Main approaches for uncertainty assessment in environmental and metrological guides T. Gordiyenko 25-29
12. Analysis of problems of the Bioanalytical Method Validation used for pharmacological and clinical researches V. Dobrova, L. Maloshtan 29-31
13. Uncertainty of measurement by scales of various types А. Doynikov 32-35
14. Strength of Kohren criterion research on the stipulation of moderate-sized sample V. Eremenko, V. Mokiychyk, О. Samoylichenk 35-38
15. Estimation of the uncertainty of relativistic effects measurement with periodic motion in gravitational field Y. Zanimonskiy, A. Omelchenko 39-41
16. Programmatic mean for the calculation of vagueness of measurings I. Zaharov, S. Vodotika 41-43
17. Estimated uncertainty of the EMC tests results of the technical means V. Knyazyev, I. Lesnoy 44-46
18. Estimation of liquid flow measurements uncertainty on standards N. Kosach 47-50
19. Estimation of measurement uncertainty by results of control measurements with reference materials application A. Kotsjuba 51-53
20. Estimation of uncertainty of stationary methods of measurement of heat conductivity of materials V. Latipov, O. Hakimov 54-55
21. Problems of discrepancies in metrology S. Levin 56-62
22. Formation of system of normative documents according to uncertainty of measurements O. Maletskaya 63-65
23. Features of methods of the analysis of results of measurements in hausdorf space Yu. Machehin 65-68
24. Methodology of an estimation of making uncertainty of results of the measurements, the caused discrepancy of the equation (model) of measurements M. Moskalenko 68-71
25. Statistical methods of analyses uncertainty non direct measements L. Nazarenco, P. Chtapov 71-73
26. Expanded uncertainty calculation V. Novikov 74-76
27. Corrections of dual-frequency GNSS measurements allowing for the high order ionospheric effects A. Oliinyk, A. Prokopov 77-80
28. Comparison of prognostic properties of indexes of heart rate variability in patients after the acute myocardial infarction A. Oparin, Yu. Rudyk, I. Ovcharenko 80-81
29. Introduction of the concept of uncertainty in measurement in republic of Bulgaria H. Radev, V. Konstantinova 82-84
30. Influence of uncertainty of control and measuring operations at the estimation of quality of grain Е. Ramazanova-Stepkina 84-86
31. Experience of use of an estimation of uncertainty of results of tests of a control sample at carrying out of laboratory researches V. Rimer, N. Popova, N. Matienko-Kupriyanova, P. Sidorchenko 86-87
32. Estimation of uncertainty of measurement of thickness of a product and speed of distribution of ultrasonic fluctuations at spectral processing autocorrelation function I. Rugzentsev, A. Marchenko 88-89
33. Uncertainty of result of measurement. A remote rate V. Tsidelko, N. Yaremchuk, M. Vasilenko 89-92
34. Aprioristic estimation of tool making uncertainty of measuring function of measuring information systems and the automated control systems of technological processes V. Chubatenko, А. Chudesov, L. Shreder 92-95
35. About the recommendation of COОMET R/GM/14: 2006 «Management on evaluation the given key checkings of COОMETS» A. Chunovkina 96-98
36. The analysis of various approaches to оцениванию uncertainty of measurement of a mass fraction of pesticides of raw material and products of an animal and vegetative origin V. Golodnjak, N. Granica, I. Zakharov, P. Petik, M. Sergienko 99-100
37. Abstracts 101-105
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39. Index 108