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2. Contents 174-175
3. On the model of spontaneous states transitions of information systems architectural components parameterization Almherat Ahmad Ali (Abdel Karim), G. Zholtkevych 2-5
4. Algorithm of definition of position of flying devices in local system of coordinates according to global satellite radionavigating systems and ground measuring means A. Bondarenko 5-8
5. The analysis of the basic requirements to quality of service in telecommunication networks by transfer of the digital information on air conditions M. Gorobets, K. Bohan 8-10
6. Forecasting of a residual resource of units of rocket-artillery arms with use of correlation dependences of controllable operational parameters of deterioration V. Gridin, A. Pyankov 10-12
7. Soft decoding error correcting codes A. Zhuchenko 13-15
8. Review of radar object secondary emission calculation methods G. Zalevsky 16-24
9. System for control spending of the fuel of internal-combustion engines M. Ivantsov, O. Kadatska, V. Siroklin, N. Koshevoy 24-27
10. Modelling and estimation of process of introduction of the information of DSE in ecology-economic monitoring E. Kozelkova 27-29
11. The methodological approach to recognition of speech with use of a subsystem of understanding of statements A. Korostilenko, A. Kramarenko 30-33
12. Algorithmic estimation of a design the aerial of a lattice V. Kupriy, G. Golovin, D. Grib, I. Nevmergzitskiy, P. Kovalenko, A. Grizo 34-36
13. Models of an information reception operations in dynamic multi-stable information system V. Levykin, M. Evlanov 36-42
14. Technique of an estimation of quality of service in a telecommunication network of special purpose with an establishment of connection D. Mogilevich, S. Drugzinin, O.Klimovich 43-47
15. A multiple-attribute synthesis of the compound systems upon condition of the information ambiguity A. Morozov 47-50
16. Research of an opportunity of application of wireless networks of data transmission in a control system of an aviation brigade O. Nikityuk 50-52
17. Research of methods of protection of the information, based on use algebraic trochlear codes E. Onanchenko, A. Kuznetsov, V. Lisenko, V. Grabchak, R. Korolyev 53-58
18. Wavelet processing of fractals signal R. Paschenko 59-63
19. Stable estimation of speech signals parameters in the network of liner prediction model S. Perchenko, A. Omelchenko 63-69
20. Optimization of multi-parameter similarity measure for image search N. Ponomarenko, S. Abramov, V. Lukin, A. Tsaran 69-73
21. Entropy model of information security process maturity A. Potiy 74-77
22. The optimum designing of the analog-digital circuits based on multi-criterion approach I. Prasol, A. Kobylinskiy 78-82
23. One-dimensional code-alarm designs on the basis of normalizing transformation of binary sequences S. Rassomahin 83-87
24. The object-oriented approach to compression of images I. Ruban 88-90
25. Method for defining reduced attribute sets in data bases using rough set theory D. Sitnikov, O. Romanenko, E. Titova, S. Titov 91-95
26. Estimation of general index of quality of the system of providing of safety of information of the avtomatizirovanooy system of O. Smirnov, O. Dorensky 95-99
27. Estimation of competitiveness of facilities of measuring technique after information of monitoring of their exploitation A. Feklistov, S. Gerasimov 99-103
28. Modern methods of decision-making in conditions of uncertainty A. Lutsaevsky, T. Chainikova 104-106
29. Error check of the prediction of behaviour of the telecommunication traffic on uniformity of distribution of bandwidth report ТСР I. Ilyna, V. Kirvas, A. Kovalenko 106-109
30. Microbiologic contamination of the water sources and the problems of its control T. Ghadan, A. Grek, O. Shevtsova, S. Kovalenko, A. Sakun 109-115
31. The information technology for forecasting of key parameters of a zone of burning of probable fires V. Kleevskaja 115-123
32. Research of characteristics of the gas fire detectors with a semi-conductor sensitive element of helicoid type for detection of gaseous products of pyrolysis сellulosecontain materials D. Sitnikov, O. Romanenko, E. Titova, S. Titov 123-128
33. Features of stochastic processes in cellular structures under influence of electromagnetic fields A. Cherepnyev, I. Cherepnyev, V. Novikov, E. Homenko 128-136
34. The specialized measure-informative transformer J. Makal, A. Nazarkiewicz 137-139
35. Classifier of the models of analysis and estimation for problems of project managment T. Bondaryeva, I. Blasenko, I. Majboroda 140-145
36. Development of algorithm of acceptance of investment decisions in the share market A. Sidorenko 145-147
37. Comparative Analysis of Oscillators as a type of technical indicators. Report 2 O. Sitnikov, P. Sitnikova, A. Usan. 148-152
38. Мuch level scale during conducting of psychical-physiological experiment А. Ignatiev, N. Kachan, А. Кurenko 152-157
39. Special psychophysical preparation of students of faculty of safety of business PIB ISTU. (Requirements and the organization of special psychological preparation of students of faculty of safety of business) A. Linnichenko 158-160
40. The use of computer technologies in the teaching and test programs for teaching of children of preschool age E. Sirevich, O. Matsulevich 160-164
41. Abstracts 165-169
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