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3. Prognostication of noise error of measuring of pseudorange in the satellite radar systems at indignations of ionosphere in the layer of F V. Pashintsev 2-6
4. Method of encoding of transforms of Walsh in the systems of monitoring of Earth V. Barannik, N. Sidorenko, A. Krasnorutskiy 7-9
5. Heterogeneous spiking neural network with lateral connections in clustering problem Ye. Bodyanskiy, A. Dolotov 10-15
6. Increase the informing of the thermovision system by the composite pictures generation V. Bozhenko, P. Kondratov 16-17
7. Division in a mode of watching measurement of coordinates of the purpose at action active noise obstacles V. Vasilyev 18-21
8. Processing test charts for creating input profile N. Guryeva 22-25
9. To the question of determination of private indexes of matrix of estimations and coefficients of relative importance of requirements to the parameters of the system of providing of safety of information O. Dorensky, S. Woropay 26-28
10. Cryptographic transformation of the information in code cryptosystem on elliptic codes for channels with automatic negative acknowledgement S. Evseev 29-31
11. Directions of development of the automated control system of space vehicles A. Zagorulko 32-34
12. Substantiation of model of routing in multisatellite low-orbit to system of remote sounding of the dual-purpose Earth E. Kozelkova 35-38
13. Method of synthesis of a control system of the electric drive of a radar B. Kononov, V. Scheka 39-41
14. A method of dynamic change of descriptions of protocols of transports is in the networks of multiservices G. Kuchuk, A. Mozhaev, I. Ilyina 42-44
15. Algorithm of association of one-dimensional cycles of the initial text of the description of digital systems with the purpose of their decrease power consumption D. Lazarenko 45-49
16. Modeling of the conservative dynamic systems in mechanical engineer А. Larin, V. Novikov 50-51
17. Discipline of service of a stream of messages at multiradar processing the radar information Yu. Losev, Z. Zakirov 52-54
18. The comparative analysis of the mathematical device of modelling of telecommunication networks Yu. Losev, K. Ruccas 55-60
19. Construction of the regression equalization describing the dependence of tank violence on its tactical and technical characteristics O. Makogon 61-63
20. Development of technology of the sensor-zone of electrochemiluminescent microfluidic system fabrication using Langmuir-Blodgette method K. Muzyka, O. Bilash, A. Kukoba 64-65
21. Construction generating grammar and final automatic devices for a semantic network structural-linguistic concepts during training system of recognition Yu. Parzhin, D. Grinyov, V. Onitshenko 66-71
22. Formal synthesis of parallel programs for high-efficiency VLIW-processors G. Polyakov, E. Tolstolugzskaya 72-80
23. Synthesis of optimum algorithm of transfer of numerical item codes for discrete-continuous channels with fluctuating noise S. Rassomahin 81-84
24. Reduction of word length of factors of discrete transformation Hartly in algorithms of compression and restoration of images I. Ruban, M. Kolmykov 85-87
25. Optimization of digital networks of the integrated service at the limited network resources S. Savchenko 88-90
26. Research of cryptographic properties of nonlinear units of replacements of algorithm of symmetric enciphering GOST 28147-89 R. Sergienko, I. Moskovchenko 91-95
27. Compressions degree of algorithm JPEG with loss influence on statistical image characteristics A. Strelkov, V. Barsov, A. Voronin 96-99
28. Optimization of technological operations edge cutting machining of optical polymers I. Havina 100-104
29. The complex extreme influences model on survivability of data and communication centers A. Harybin 105-109
30. The main problems of practical usage of electronic tracking systems synthesized on the basis of multialternative model of the object movement V. Hismatulin, I. Sachuk, O. Sosunov, P. Poteleshenko 110-114
31. GIS’s cartographical data application in Air Forces of Ukraine A. Shatrov, B. Golovko 115-116
32. About possibility of drawing on results of the ionosphere sounding for the operative prognosis of motion national space vehicles V. Dedenok, S. Malovica, V. Yamnitsky 117-119
33. Developing of high-performance technologies for creating and management ontology databases V. Filatov, S. Shcherbak, A. Khairova 120-125
34. The analysis of easing of intensity of a stream of x-ray quantums in fractal to environment E. Homenko, V. Novikov 126-129
35. About research of linear logical transformations I. Vechirskaya, Yu Shabanov-Kushnarenko 130-133
36. The algebraical coding by algebrogeometrical codes on spatial curves V. Grabchak, I. Pas’ko, R. Korolyev, I. Kugzel 134-138
37. Ordering of permutations under solving of combinatorial optimization problems with linear goal function I. Grebennik, L. Yurchenko 139-142
38. Mathematical model of the covering polygonal region by a finite collection of rectangles A. Krivulya 143-145
39. Ellipse Fitting with Higher Accuracy Parameter Identification A. Smelyakova 146-151
40. Logistics risk-management for projects S. Danshyna, I. Blasenko, I. Majboroda 152-154
41. Playing approach to the decision of task of management by the competitiveness of products І. Сhumachenko, А. Lysenko 155-156
42. Classification of pedagogical experiments V. Kononov, V. Klimenko 157-158
43. Motivation of intellectual activity trained A. Kurtov, O. Nikityuk, I. Hromov 159-163
44. Chronicle and information 164
45. Abstracts 165-169
46. Authors 170-171
47. Index 172