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2. Contents 175-176
3. Analysis of models productivity realization of neuroalgorithm N. Axak, A. Tihun 2-5
4. Ground of choice of approach for the construction of technology of the digital processing of images neuroalgorithm V. Barannik, S. Sidchenko 6-10
5. Some aspects of choice and use of information L. Vitkin, V. Ignatkin 11-13
6. The influence of damages on the vibrating characteristics of fluctuations of blade wheels Yu. Vorobyov, M. Chugay 14-17
7. Application of FME(C)A-technique for dependability assessment and ensuring of complex hierarchical computer systems Iraj Еlyasi Komari 18-21
8. The device of determination of geometrical characteristics of radar targets at use of multifrequency signals in system of space diversity radars E. Kazakov, D. Vasiliev 22-24
9. Images superposition algorithms in map-matching navigation systems Ya. Koschushko 25-28
10. Providing of exactness of work of devices of automatic synchronization B. Kononov, Yu.Kusakin, A. Malish 29-33
11. Estimation of filtering efficiency of images using local activity maps S. Krivenko, N. Ponomarenko, V. Lukin 34-37
12. Еstimation of influence of phase fluctuations of signal on the decrease of accuracy of measuring angular coordinates of target in RLS with phased antenna array A. Кuznetsov 38-39
13. Redistribution of network resource of critical region of multiservice network G. Kuchuk, O. Vorobjev, A. Bychkov 40-42
14. Procedure of definition of probability - temporal characteristic of information process engineering’s in view of specificity of reports Yu. Losev, Z. Zakirov 43-47
15. Technique of a polarization-spatial signal processing and disturbations at full polarising sondage taking into account polarising performances of antennas A. Martynchuk, A. Florov, O. Гребенюк, S. Voljuvach 48-52
16. The improved scientific-methodical vehicle of taktiko-tehniko-economic ground of look of perspective helicopters of army aviation N. Momot 53-56
17. Probabilistic descriptions of parameters of pulsations of speed of wind and gusts of wind Y. Oleynik, V. Borodavka, V. Loqinov, D. Dyacshenko 57-59
18. Approaches to development of informative models in the systems of support of decision-making M. Pavlenko, P. Berdnik, M. Kolmikov, V. Kapranov 60-64
19. Problems of dynamic stability of power system I. Panteleeva, T. Romanovskaya 65-66
20. Рhase measuring device of corners of place for a two-coordinate radar station S. Poroshin, V. Bakhvalov , I. Leonov 67-69
21. Increase of accuracy of estimation of target positions after fusion of results of separate target trajectory parameter filtering from spatial radars A. Prosov 70-72
22. Method of recognition of sources of indignations in a near area at the use of the acoustic system of the geophysical monitoring O. Ribachuk, V. Kiriljuk, V. Strinada, A. Lyashchuk, S. Klevets 73-77
23. Information technology and method of information system resource management in a network with use of the policies concept V. Sayenco, А. Golubev 78-84
24. Field calculation, strategic bomber of B-2 dissipated a model in the aperture of aerial of head of self-homing A. Sazonov 85-86
25. Тне research of coefficient of harmonic distortion determination errors M. Sergienko 87-91
26. Linguistic attitudes between a database and base of knowledge of expert system of ergonomics of the interface of the user of a personal computer A. Sobchak, S. Danshina, E. Furmanova, I. Vlasenko 92-95
27. Method of synthesis of Сi – programs of mixture of algorithms D. Tolstoluzhsky, E. Tolstoluzhskaya, G. Polyakov 96-100
28. Combined algorithm of finding out aims on a background active noise hindrances for RLS with the complete polarization sounding of space on two frequencies D. Fomenko, V. Lukjanchuk, A. Zverev 101-104
29. Research of algorithms of management the priority multitasking of the operating system of Windows XP Z. Holodnaya, M. Trusov 105-107
30. The comparative analysis of computer system user’s authentication methods by keystroke dynamics L. Chala 108-115
31. To the choice of function of initial orbit determination method from data of a few space radar measuring sessions D. Karlov, A. Tkachenko 116-118
32. Application of dividir and multigral calculations for determination of instantaneous rate of growth of unmonotonous functions S. Gadetskaya, V. Dubnitsky 119-122
33. Account of errors at a design and Decision of task of packing of parallelepipeds L. Evseeva, O. Pankratov 123-127
34. Random packing of identical spheres into a cylindrical container G. N. Yaskov 128-130
35. Two – Pupil optimal Synthesis of optical Transfer Functions E. Prilepsky 131-134
36. APpendix of fractal analysis to classification of medical images A. Nitsin, A. Povoroznjuk, D. Nitsin 135-138
37. Model of defeat of the person splinters at explosion of an ammunition V. Sidorenko, S. Azarov 139-141
38. Hardware-software complex of automation of construction of organizational structures N. Dotzenko, F. Shipulin, N. Didik, I. Chumachenko 142-144
39. Adaptation of method of precedents for support of process of selection and placing of personnel of project D. Lisenko 145-147
40. Using a combination of oscillators MACD and Stochastic for data mining in financial markets D. Sitnikov, P. Sitnikova, S. Titov, A. Usan 148-151
41. Development of electronic library of department of Institute of higher V. Slesarenko, A. Zavolodko, L. Nikitina 152-155
42. Approaches on automation and introduction of interactive facilities of studies V. Stolbov, I. Ruban, S. Dudenko, V. Tretyak 156-161
43. Chronicle and information 162-163
44. Abstracts 164-170
45. Authors 171-174
46. Index 174

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