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3. Analysis of influencing time of accumulation of optic signals on the dynamic range of acoustic-optical analyzer of spectrum of radio signals A.I. Strelkov, T.A. Strelkova, E.I. Zhilin, V.V. Karnauh, O.P. Lytyuga 2-5
4. Problems of standardization of classification of air objects for providing of intergovernmental exchange information about an air situation А.М. Artemenko 6-9
5. Information technology of decompression of images V.V. Barannik, A.K. Yudin, N.K. Gulak 10-15
6. Decrease radar-tracking visibility a illumination radar and promptings 30n6 at the expense of change of position of its separate elements Y.A. Belevshchuk, K.I. Tkachuk, A.A. Shkirenko 16-18
7. Search engine WEB INDEXER R.V. Bobkov, E.A. Konovalov 19-22
8. The adaptive filter-predictor for multivariate essentially nonstationary time series Ye.V. Bodyanskiy, O.A. Romaniuk, O.S. Udovenko 23-27
9. Choosing the best estimates of measurand on the example of trapezoidal distributions Z.L. Warsza, M.V.Galovska 28-31
10. Method of determination of Ukrainian spectrum radiofrequency familiarization indexes O.V. Vysockij, S.A. Makarov, V.V. Poliakov 32-38
11. Development of method of estimation of error multipath distribution of signals of radio engineerings systems of satellite navigation GPS/GLONASS V.M. Deineko 39-41
12. Synthesis of optimum control laws traction electric power by differential geometry and the principle of maximum V.V. Dmitrienko, A.Yu. Zakovorotnyi 42-51
13. Potential exactness of measuring of delay of useful signal on background of preventing V.D. Karlov, S.A. Kornyakov, D.V. Karlov 52-56
14. Modeling of characteristics of an orientation of a convex antenna lattice V.D. Karlov, O.A. Okunev, N.N. Petrushenko, H.V. Lukashuk 57-63
16. Comparative analysis of the pseudorandom numbers generation at current technology of wireless data transmission L.O. Kirichenko, R.I. Tsekhmistro, О.Ya. Krug, А.V. Storozhenko 70-74
17. Irreversible changes and transitions of phases at affecting of laser radiation solids G.F. Konyakhin, O.I. Melnichuk, A.M. Sotnikov 75-77
18. Data clustering using artificial immune systems N.M. Korablev, A.A. Fomichov 77-81
19. Influence of degree of indemnification reactive power of lines of electricity transmission on the protracted overstrains in network E.T. Krasovskaya, P.F. Budanov 82-85
20. Particularities of generate powerful electromagnetic hindrances spiral explosive magnetic generator D.B. Kucher, S.V. Tarasenko, A.I. Kharlanov, Yu.M. Busyak 86-89
21. Multidimensional loop fusion for low-power embedded systems design D.І. Lazorenko 90-92
22. Problem-solving questions of the organization and the planning the test the complex technical systems B.N. Lanetskij, V.V. Lukjanchuk 93-96
23. Moment criterion of quality of testing statistical hypotheses for the signal processing on a background the correlated non-gaussian noise v.v. Palahin 96-101
24. Analysis of possibility of diagnosing of sensitive multimeters of microprocessors on basis of vehicle of fuzzy logic Yu.B. Pribilev, M.V. Chorniy, V.V. Shinkarev 102-104
25. The package of applications of image processing text based on fuzzy cognitive models О.Ye. Pyatikop 105-108
26. Calculation and analysis of power elements of a lot of axes railway unit freight light carts as component parts of aggregates of industrial transport N.C. Rakovskaya 109-113
27. Construction of reverse functions for the systems of protection to information V.N. Rudnitsky, D.A. Zhylyaev 114-116
28. Method of increase of speed of arithmetic devices at the expense of the combined performance of operations in structural-sectional codes V.N. Rudnitsky, I.N. Fedotova-Piven 117-119
29. Analysis transfer characteristic fo frequency of controlled generator on bipolar transistor V.V. Sidorov 119-121
30. Finding minimal sets of features for describing discrete information objects in database D.E. Sitnikov, O.A. Romanenko, E.V. Titova 122-125
31. Generalised methods revealing faults automated control system the special purpose object A.M. Usachev, V.N. Rudenko, O.A. Drobot 126-129
32. Estimation of stability of accompaniment on distance and angular co-ordinate of maneuvers aircrafts of multichannel RLS V.Sh. Khismatulin, G.N. Zubrickiy, O.N. Stavickiy, A.A. Koval'chuk 130-133
33. Some way оf increasing to efficiency of the using the technical facilities of diagnostic ship artillery installation with provi-sion for analysis of the practical experience to their usages and repair A.S. Chirikalov 134-137
34. About development of the information system’s fragment for the department that deals with public appeals A.O. Litvinov 138-141
35. Research of influence of informative providing of measures of preparation on level of preparedness of teaching objects I.A. Romanenko, I.V. Ruban, S.V. Dudenko, S.V. Alekseev 142-145
36. Ontological system of management by national educational and scientific resources A.Yu. Shevchenko, M.V. Klimova 146-151
37. Method for decision of task of integer linear programming with boole variables on basis of grade approach D.Yu. Golubnichiy, V.V. Ogurtsov, V.F. Tret’yak 152-154
38. Mathematical design| of the zenithal guided rockets. Analysis of task of design of contour of aiming of ZGR A.B. Skorik, A.S. Kirilyuk, O.F. Galytsky 155-159
39. Linаr approximation for placement conditions of nonoriented geometrical objects I.A. Chub, M.V. Novozhilova 160-163
40. Bayesian procedure of check of hypotheses on the basis of the analysis a posteriori of probabilities D.A. Nitsyn 164-168
41. Theoretical determination of parameters electromagnetic field for stimulation of metabolic processes in embryos of animals I.A. Sosimova 169-171
42. Computer models of cranial implantates Е.О. Shamraeva, А.А. Shamraev 171-173
43. Algorithmic and program providing of support of acceptance of decisions of ispektor state fire supervision of Ministry of Emergency measures of Ukraine А.А. Dyadyushenko, I.S. Titorenko, A.V. Minenko 174-176
44. Analysis and development of measures on diminishing of accident rate of electro-heaters V.V. Shevchenko 177-183
45. Construction of multifactor mathematical model of influencing of the national harmonized standards on the labour pro-ductivity L.M. Vitkin, A.I. Khimicheva, S.N. Lapach 184-194
46. Fuzzy model of the pharmaceutical enterprise’s business safety and the results of it’s computer realization О. V. Dorokhov, I. O. Zolotaryova, L. P. Dorokhova 195-198
47. Estimation of plenitude and authenticity of informative providing of technological preparation of production O.Yu. Shevchenko, A.S. Kotov, D.E. Lysenko 199-201
48. Models of profits of bank Ju.A. Dolgov, N.V. Koloskova 202-203
49. Chronicle and information 204
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51. Index 208