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2. Contents 125-126
3. Problem questions of integrity of terminological subsystems of the international vocabulary of metrology O.M. Velychko, T.B. Gordiyenko 2-4
4. Presentation of Rmg 91 – 2009 «Gsi. Sharing of concepts «measuring error» and «measuring uncertainty». General prin-ciples» A.S. Doynikov 5-8
5. Evaluation of uncertainty in measurings: evolution of normative base and basic approaches I.P. Zakharov, S.V. Vodotyka 9-14
6. The development of methodological fundamentals of measurement uncertainty evaluation during the calibration of measuring instruments O.E. Maletska, M.V. Moskalenko, A.E. Oliinyk, A.V. Prokopov 15-17
7. Shifted up cosine function as model of probability distribution Z.L. Warsza, M.J. Korczyński 18-23
8. Problems of practical processing of the observations with their cross-correlation M.M. Dorozhovets 24-28
9. Features of uncertainty evaluation of measurement at expression of input quantities in decibels I.P. Zakharov, N.S. Shevchenko 29-32
10. Measurement uncertainly evaluation at the choice of optimum amount of measuring and class of exactness of facilities of measuring V.U. Ignatkin, L.M. Vitkin, V.A. Litvinenko, O.I. Beliy 33-35
11. Paradox with it is abnormal high value of factor of correlation at calculation of combined standard uncertainty A.М. Kotsjuba 36-38
12. Uncertainty of the results of tests. features and ways to reduce estimation L.O. Kosheva 39-42
13. The theoretic information approach to the analysis of the measuring data and an estimation of their uncertainty S.I. Melnyk 43-46
14. Some considerations about validity of a Monte-Carlo method for evaluating measurement uncertainty V. V. Novikov, Y. A. Timoshenko 47-49
15. The uncertainty of the dynamic characteristics by their mutual translation M.P. Sergienko 50-53
16. Analysis of methods of indirect measurement uncertainty evaluation when model equation is nonlinear N.А. Yaremchuk, M.V. Galovska 54-57
17. Validation of the method of the destabilizing factors influence studying by the model of bone marrow cells of rats V.E. Dobrova, El.V. Dolzhykova, E.S. Kolesnik, Ek.O. Stepanova 58-61
18. Estimation of the expanded uncertainty of results of interlaboratory experiment on the method of the spectral analysis of nickel R.I. Ivanen 62-64
19. Uncertainty evaluation of the results of measurement of heat conductivity of damp textile materials V.B. Latipov, O. Sh. Нakimov 65-68
20. pH traceability system in Japan I. Maksimov, M. Ohata, A. Hioki, K. Chiba 69-71
21. The application of basic methods of the uncertainty estimation in the practice of chemical laboratory A.A. Polischuk, T.N. Mozolevskaya, K.A. Polischuk 71-74
22. Uncertainty of measurement of key parameters of the non-stationary gas stream in the measuring pipeline for gas-measuring system Yu.V. Ponomarjov, Yu.V. Nazarenko, V.P. Borisenko 75-77
23. Statistical modeling method in research into the influence expanded uncertainty on the risk of the customer and the manufacturer of a metric thread A.V. Azarov, А.L. Voitchishen, V.I. Korsun, S.T. Patsera 78-81
24. Joint detection, direction finding and recognition of radio radiation taking into account measuring uncertainty of signals parameters V.M. Bezruk, A.V. Chebotov 82-84
25. Research of uncertainty of measurement of single time intervals of a method of package coincidence O.I. Kadatskaya 85-88
26. Estimate for the limiting resolving power in the microwave scanning microscopy S.I. Melnik, N.I. Slipchenko 89-91
27. Measuring uncertainty evaluation under describing level of radio-electric handicaps caused systems of ignition of vehicles Yu.G. Zharko, I.P. Zakharov, E.N. Slipchenko, E.P. Soroka 92-95
28. Evaluation of uncertainty of measuring of multimeter on base of digital signal processing V.N. Zinkovskiy, M.A. Kryukov, I.V. Ruzhentsev, S.N. Sakalo 96-98
29. Analysis of constituents of the uncertainty budget of the results of metrology attestation of standard of remp V.V. Kniaziev 99-102
30. Diminishing of uncertainty of measuring parameters of OHF-signals I.V. Ruzhentsev, Y.V. Kozlov, M.N. Kopoty 103-106
31. Thermoelectric transducers. investigation of instrumentation error B.I. Stadnyk, S.P. Yatsyshyn 106-109
32. Peculiarities of the uncertainty determination for vector quantities reproduction and transfer M. N. Surdu, А. L. Lameko, S. A. Akhmadov, D. M. Surdu 110-112
33. Errors and uncertainty of standard of electric voltage unit from 0,001 to 1000 V of alternating current in the range of frequencies from 10 Hz to 30 MHz Y.М. Тuz, М.V. Dobrolyubova, Y.V. Аrtyukhova 112-115
34. Necessity and feasibility of inter-universitiesknowledge generation base for research and education in general and fundamental physics V. I. Belousov, I. I. Degtyarev, V. V. Ezhela, O. V. Zenin, Y. V. Kiyanov, V. N. Larin, K. S. Lugovsky, S. B. Lugovsky, F. F. Tikhonin, N. P. Tkachenko 116-119
35. Application of measurement uncertainty estimate to metrology and measurings laboratories of Military Powers of Ukraine І.D. Pashkevych, S.М. Shevkun 120-121
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