Information Processing Systems

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2. Contents 153-154
3. Core of the digital underground Robert Brumnik, Miran Vršec, Iztok Podbregar 2-6
4. Approach's to estimate vulnerability and threats of information critical infrastructure Vršec Miran, R. Brumnik, Vršec Milan 7-11
5. Medical images verification L.A. Kuznetsova, A.A. Iakovenko 12-15
6. The determination of the ambience of the spreading to information and technical channel of the headwaters I.A. Gromiko 16-18
7. Application of semi-markov processes in design and state description of information security systems D.V. Domarev 19-24
8. Control of hindrances quality in the modernacoustic and vibroacoustics systems of masking S.L. Emelyanov 25-28
9. Rise of informational safety of computer networks by methods of multicriteria and multitravelling routeing O.P. Martinova, A.A. Zasjad’ko, V.L. Baranov 29-32
10. Anomaly traffic detection method in communication G.A. Maksimenko 33-37
11. Way of the determination internal defect in wall of the premiseses V.Ya. Pevnev, M.P. Borzov 38-40
12. Consulting in payment system information security A.I. Pilipenko, S.V. Pilipenko 41-44
13. Potentially dangerous objects - as a factor of destabilization V.M. Prikhodko 45-47
14. Analysis of development of modern directions of informative safety of the automated systems O.O. Skopa, N.F. Kazakova 48-53
15. Analysis of prospects of development of stream encryption G.S. Bezverkhaya 54-55
16. The analysis of models of primary gauges of pseudo-random numbers N.M. Bilyk, A.A. Skopa 56-58
17. Speeding-up of cryptographic transformation on hyperelliptic curves of genus three over small field V.I. Dolgov, G.V. Nelasaya, O.M. Dorogkin 59-62
18. Problem questions of information security on the objects of information activity O.V. Manzhai, V.P. Koval, Y.M. Onischenko 69-73
19. Multicast authentication protocols with non-repudiation that tolerates packet loss V.Y. Pevnev, V.V. Toryanik, Y.V. Toryanik, G.Z. Khalimov 74-77
20. The application of sonograms for the protection estimation of speech information based on stochastic differential equations with variable coefficients S.B. Prikhodko, A.V. Puhalevich 78-81
21. The model of potential-dangerous group for warning of loss of information Y.V. Nevoyt, L.N. Mazurenko, V. A. Khoroshko, V.S. Cherednichenko 82-84
22. The general factor to efficiency data communication in computer network D.V. Sumcov, B.P. Tomashevskiy 85-89
23. Choice of criterion for optimization of the technical system of priv E.O. Tiskina, V.A Khoroshko 90-92
24. Semantic integration of incomplete and imperfect data A.Y. Berko, V.A. Vysotska 93-97
25. P-simulation of the attack process on the information with the non-stationary kind of the protective and information attack R.V. Gryschuk 98-101
27. Custom application replication implementation Ye.V. Ivohin, K.E. Yushtin, V.S. Arhipov 107-114
28. Method of rapid realization of cryptographic transformations on the basis of digit-by-digit tabular realization V.A. Krasnobaev, S.A. Koshman 135-136
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