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2. Contents 300-302
3. Algebraic model of neuron oscillation spectrum S.V. Smelyakov 2-12
4. Criteria and models of structural classification using voting principle V.O. Gorohovatsky, T.V. Polyakova 12-16
5. Evaluation of cauchy two-parameter distribution by method of maximum likelihood for grouped and ungrouped observations V.Yu. Dubnitsky, A.I. Khodyrev 17-20
6. Universal data model and its mathematical bases V.I. Yesin 21-24
7. One of the methods of connection operation results minimization T.P. Kolеsnik 25-28
8. Convergence analysis of immune algorithms N.M. Korabljov, A.E. Makogon, A.A. Fomichov 29-33
9. Linguistic algebra as apparatus of human language sentences sense formalization I.A. Leschinskaya, V.A. Leschinsky, L.G. Petrova, S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko 34-38
10. The interval type 2 fuzzy sets. Terminology, representations, operations S.A. Olizarenko, V.A. Kapranov, A.V. Perepelitca 39-45
11. The search of balanced solution of the assignment problem A.N. Podolyaka, O.Y. Nikonov, V.A. Timonin 46-48
12. Method of decision of logical equalizations with the final binary relations in the informative system D.E. Sitnikov, P.E. Sitnikova, A.I. Kovalenko 49-52
13. Analysis of international standarts in risk assessment of information security A.A. Zamula, V.I. Chernish 53-56
14. The conceptual approaches for information security maintenance in defence sector G.V. Pevchov, S.V. Zalkin, A.O. Feklistov 57-59
15. Accuracies of joint measuring of time delay, frequency and ionosphere parameter in the case of wideband signal receiving S.T. Bagdasaryan, V.R. Нachaturov, V.A. Vasilyev 60-64
16. Evaluation of air navigation in the regime of free flight P.A. Bilko 64-67
17. Methodic of definition quantity measured parameters of electronic equipment at aeronautical engineering operation on a condition A.V. Voronin, M.V. Gudkov 68-70
18. Application of method of multichannel measurings of frequency impulsive signals for construction of centralized checking of motor-car technique systems S.V. Gerasimov, A.O. Podorozhnyak, D.E. Petrukovich 71-75
19. Properties and application prospects of pseudo-random sequences generators on elliptic curves T.O. Grinenko, Yu.I. Gorbenko, R.I. Mordvinov 76-80
20. Indemnification of influence of ionosphere on elements of polarization scattering matrix of space objects at distribution of radiolocation signal E.L. Kazakov, D.G. Vasiliev 81-83
21. Increase of efficiency of non-destructive control of the self-reactance sounding a method G.F. Konyakhin, S.O.Kosikov 84-86
22. The method of the syntheses algorithm space-temporary association coordinate and associative information in information system of the intermix sources V.A. Korneev 87-90
23. Combinative method of design of stochastic processes V.V. Kosenko, A.V. Shevchenko 90-93
24. Model state estimation of complex spatially distributed objects Ye.I. Kucherenko, I.S. Glushenkova 93-101
25. Formalization of task of determination of nomenclature and powers of power-stations and electro-aggregates G.I. Lagutin, A.Ye. Ruchka 102-105
26. Criteria of evaluation of efficiency of the metrology providing М.М. Mykyychuk, P.G. Stoljarchuk 106-108
27. Types influence when governing technical and social system Yu.A. Oleynik, Ya.M. Kozhushko, A.S. Balabukha 109-111
28. Method of development of informative elements at forming of informative model М.А. Pavlenko, А.V. Samokish, P.G. Berdnick, S.I. Simonov 112-115
29. Modelling formation of the working surface of the grinding circle at vibrating editing А.N. Popov 115-118
30. Development of cascade code constructions with the improved properties S.I. Prikhod'ko, S.A. Gusev, V.A. Zubenko 119-128
31. Digression on the right off-bound projector optimal strategy in four props construction being pressed uncertainly V. V. Romanuke 129-132
32. Requirements for the accuracy of measuring the coordinates of landing radar for landing in poor visibility conditions runway N.D. Risakov, I.V. Titov, A.P. Kulik 133-136
33. The method of asteroid detection, based on after-treshold accumulation of signal statistic in space of asteroid trajectory parameters V.E. Savanevich, A.B. Bryukhovetskiy, A.M. Kozhukhov, E.N. Dikov 137-144
34. Structure functional analysis of modern informative systems with development of complex index of efficiency of their functioning S.G. Semenov 145-149
35. Research of influencing of character of placing of sources of heat on the temperature field REA А.М. Sіnotіn, T.A. Kolesnіkova 150-152
36. Radar objects classification by using information features containing in backscattering signal time-frequency distributions A.V. Totsky 153-157
37. Structure fire defeated enemy artillery sredstvamii defense P.E. Trofimenko 158-161
38. As to efficiency estimation of combat fighter at air attack repulse V.А. Tugolukov, K.V. Bashinsky 162-164
39. Algorithm and quality indices of bearings identification while triangulating in passive radiolocation K.A. Tursunhodzhaev, A.L. Kuznetsov, V.O. Koshka, O.S. Ivanchenko 165-167
40. Horizontal radio acoustic sounding systems for windspeed measuring for wind turbines Yu.N. Ulianov, V.L. Misailov, G.Yu. Martynenko 168-172
41. Improvements recovery of damages pripomoschi information technology A. D. Florov, A. M. Doska, Y.I. Galuskо 173-179
42. The distributed processing of information is in the joint networks of the systems of supervision of air space Е.P. Chernyh, I.I. Obod, M.Yu. Okhrymenko 180-182
43. Observeridentifiers aims are from data of measurings of the airborne radar Е.А. Korshec 183-187
44. The set-theoretic method of professional selection S.A. Gorelyshev, A.U. Iohov, A.A. Novikova 188-190
45. The approach allows us to classify text fragments semi-structured text documents as a data attribute or value of the data attribute V.A. Gubin, Yu. Yu Shevyakova 191-195
46. Information technologies and globalization O.V. Dorokhov, O.V. Tarasov, M. Drashkovich 195-199
47. The theoretical-methodology bases in organization is network informatively-educational complex at teaching on the distance D.V. Kleutin, I.V. Il’ina 199-201
48. Construction of curriculum of functioning systems of support of decision-making for active facilities I.V. Tolok, A.V. Koval 202-205
49. Algebraic modeling communication processes in organizational management systems O.Ye. Fedorovich, T.N. Nazarenko 206-210
50. Assessment of the coordination mechanism of planning R.V. Khrashchevskiy 211-214
51. Model for qualimetry assessment of resources at the higher educational establishment O. Yu. Cherednichenko, M.O. Timchenko, I.V. Lutenko 215-220
52. Semantic annotation of text documents models special form artificial neural networks O.V. Shubkina 221-225
53. Intellectual processing of the information in the Web 2.0 environment on the example of the problem decision of recommendations making O.V. Shcherbakov, V.S. Naryshkin 226-229
54. Valuation method intensional-logic dependency of the disciplines modules in structured-logical scheme I.S. Yasenova 230-233
55. Using discriminant analysis for diagnosis of benign and malignant tumors O.V. Visotskaja, N.O. Shukin, A.P. Porvan, N.S. Pushkar 234-238
56. Alternative approaches to improve the uv actuators of photopheresis Z.Y. Gotra, M.S. Ivakh, A.T. Kozhukhar, K.V. Voytsikhovska 239-243
57. Problems and basic approaches to solving the problem of medical diagnosis K.V. Мelnik, S.I. Ershova 244-248
58. A statistical estimation of the two-criterion approximation method of experimental data when using it for measuring of living tissues electrical parameters with capacitive electrodes V.O. Iaruta, V.D. Lipanov, V.O. Brusentsev 248-253
59. Modelling of a choice of a variant of leasing mutual relations by the polygraphic enterprise I.A.Bondar 254-258
60. Realization of information technology of prognostication of processes of development of macroeconomic system. research results М.А. Grinchenko 259-263
61. The methodology of the management company's competitiveness Ye.A. Dovgal’, Ye.V. Leshchenko 263-268
62. The methodology of the anti-crisis strategy of the enterprise V.V. Ivanichenko, A.V. Kudlai 269-272
63. The organizational mechanism of procedure commercialization innovations M.A. Tsybynoga, O.V. Starkova, L.A. Gnushix 273-276
64. The approaches’ analysis to critical infrastructure’s safety assessment under uncertainty YE.V. Brezhnev 277-281
65. Mathematical design of parameters of volume- explosion hose charge is in the forest S.V. Govalenkov, D.Р. Dubinin, R.V. Kornienko, K.V. Koritchenko 282-285
66. Methods and algorithms of component interaction organization in composition the intellectual system of prognosis and support of making a decision at a fight in emergency situation Ya.G. Kiseleva, S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko 286-290
67. Mathematical model and decision optimization problem of distribution of the project resources I.A. Chub, M.V. Novozhilova, I.V. Belenchenko 291-294
68. Authors 295-298
69. Index 299