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3. Analysis of methodical error of the spectral analysis using surrogate data technology V.I. Vasylyshyn 5-9
4. Development of system of graphic description and design of the up-diffused programmatic objects at planning of informative systems S.G. Gavrilenko, V.G. Ivanov 10-13
5. Calculation of function of distributing of output signal control object at determination of his technical state S.V. Gerasimov 13-18
6. Measurement tangential speed of objects with reflective coating at a single-beam sounding G.N. Dolya, A.N. Katunin, V.G. Mazanov, A.N. Bulay 18-21
7. Synthesis of expert system and artificial neural network for determining the mechanical properties of the researching object V.O. Iemelianov 25
8. Digital forming of multifrequency signals in radar and medicine N.P. Kandyrin 26-29
9. The building working characteristics of the receivers by modelling on the computer I.G. Leonov, A.Y. Prisyazhniy, D.S. Sidorenko 30-32
10. The method of the elements of a system with a dynamic structure moving R.A. Mykolajchuk 33-36
11. The influence of false target on the high-precision weapons guidance probability on small-SIZED targets G.O. Moiseeva 37-40
12. A comparative analysis of the two methods of treatment response signals Inquire surveillance I.I. Obаd, A.A. Strelnickiy, V.A. Andrysevich 41-43
13. Testing of programmable logic controller on FPGA using functional programming environment V.V. Sklyar, V.S. Kharchenko, A.S. Panarin 44-55
14. Photometric model for irregular object image К.S. Smelyakov 56-61
15. Argumentation for the application of fractal analysis methods to operational preparation reference images V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.E. Pashchenko 62-66
16. Method of synthesis of optimum trajectories for delivery dynamic objects in the set point V.M. Ushan 67-71
17. Generalized mathematical model electrical measuring instruments when input periodic piecewise-speed signals of the complex form V.N. Chinkov, V.V. Mosharenkov 72-74
18. The detection of text regions on image of a document using merge method O.V. Gorokhovatskyi 81
19. Programmatic realization and application of mathematical model for formation strategic management of the development of socio-economic systems T.V. Lukyanenko 82-85
20. Metadatas. Features of forming of levels of metarule are in intellectual systems S.O. Maryin 86-88
21. Construction of control the system by life cycle of objects of intellectual property and problem of their commercialization О.Б. Nіkіtyuk, V.P. Rubashka 89-92
22. The peculiarities of application of mathematical apparatus for minimization of non-deterministic finite automatons for assessing management effectiveness in socioengineering S.V. Pivneva, N.V. Lada 93-96
23. The method of frequency coding of the reduced complexity of convolutional codes based on FFT algorithm Good-Thomas A.S. Volkov 97-101
24. Use of instant growth function for comparative analysis of time series formed by basis index of average monthly wage V.Iu. Dubnitskiy, A.I. Khodyriev 102-107
25. Segmentation and compression of realistic images on the basis of contour-form of informing areas V.G. Ivanov, Y.V. Lomonosov, M.G. Lyubarskiy 107-116
26. The model and the method of implementation of integer arithmetic operations within the RSA crypto algorithms V.A. Krasnobayev, O.I. Tyrtyshnikov, I.I. Sliusar, V.N. Kurchanov, S.A. Koshman 117-122
27. On the optimality properties of a method to minimize total tardiness on a single machine based on the rank approach and the dominance rules S.V. Minukhin 122-128
28. Phi-functions for modelling of containment constraints in optimization balance layout problems T.Е. Romanova, A.А. Kovalenko 128-133
29. Representing binary predicates in an information system with the help of a free predicate parameter D.E. Sitnikov, P.E. Sitnikova, A.I. Kovalenko 133-136
30. Mathematical GERT- model of metadata’s transmission technology in anti-virus systems B.В. Bos'ko, A.A. Smirnov, I.A. Berezyuk, Mokhamad Aba of Taam Gani 137-141
31. Method of information protection subsystem modernization in automated system without validation procedures A.L. Voloshyn, G.Ya. Kryhovetskij 142-147
32. Estimated frequency streaming encryption algorithm with non-zero index elements R.V. Korolev, D.A. Volkov 147-149
33. Approach of calculation of network devices security rating A.V. Snigurov, V.K. Chakrian 150-155
34. Comparative analysis of the routing protocols in AD-HOC networks A.A. Astrakhantsev, S.M. Gorban 156-159
35. Task management method for parallel simulation of complex digital system in homogeneous computer environment D.A. Havrysh, S.N. Sarancha 160-164
36. Information and disinformation terms of their value І.O. Gromyko 165-169
37. Procedure fragmentary video compression A.V. Zadnepryanskaya, О.N. Kadushkevich, T.A. Kolesnikova 170-172
38. Assessment of reliability software of the critical infrastructure’s management system: an architecture-based approach O.V. Ivanchenko, E.S. Soldatenko, E.S. Vladimirova 173-179
39. Approaches to synthesis of informational structure of control system for critical application object A.A. Kovalenko 180-184
40. Quality model of information systems with changing subject areas D.A. Maevsky, H.J. Maevskaya, O.A. Nazarenko 184-187
41. Determination of descriptions of providing of optimal reception in telecommunication radios systems А.А. Makarenko, G.А. Grуnkevуch 188-190
42. Improvement of the interaction models of short-navigation radio system and digital cellular radiocommunication GSM-900 S.А. Makarov, V.O. Lebedev, О.V. Visotskiy, P.M. Gritsenko 191-195
43. Selection of parameters LDPC codes for channels with AWGN R.S. Novykov, A.A. Astrakhantsev 195-199
44. Analysis of the existing agent platforms for building management systems mobile radio nodes class MANET O.А. Simonenko, O.Y. Sova, V.A. Romanyuk, Y.L. Umanets 200-203
45. Technology for differential diagnosis of drug disease E.V. Vysotskaya 204-209
46. Application of intelligent technologies for data processing of information about the activities of banks V.А. Gorohovatsky, A.M. Kobіlyn, R.V. Sementsov 210-213
47. Managment quality in project public passenger transport V.K. Dolya, I.Ye. Ivanov 214-216
48. The system of monitoring of quality the products of mixed fodder manufacturing N.А. Yefimenko 217-219
49. Optimization model of planning of service measures on engineering’s objects Yu.А. Romanenkov, V.M. Vartanyan 220-223
50. Conceptual model adaptive control system complex with distributed energy sources A.M. Selyakov, O.O. Ilunin 224-227
51. Forming of informative base for initiation of programs stabilizing communal enterprises A.Yu. Starostina, Yu.Yu. Guseva, D.N. Roslavcev 228-231
52. Improvement technological equipment standardization in the engineering enterprise K.O. Chernovska 231-234
53. Generation subsystem administrative decisions А.S. Androshchuk 235-240
54. Formalization of attracting forces of civil protection to emergency situations on the territory of Ukraine A.S. Rogozin, S.A. Sklyarov 241-243
55. Methods of creating complex multimedia on informatics for deaf I.O. Bondar, N.O. Pavlenko 244-250
56. Information and communication technologies in educational process О.Е. Konovalenko, V.А. Brusencev 251-253
57. Modern information technologies. in teaching of foreign languages H.А. Makogon, S.А. Novik 254-256
58. Method of presentation subject area computerized training systems L.N. Radwanska, E.O. Makeeva 257-261
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