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2. Contents 141-142
3. Prospects of introduction of procedure of an assessment of uncertainty of measurements in activity of the state regional centers of metrology in Russia A.A. Danilov, Yu.G. Tyurina 3-5
4. Change № 2 RMG 29-99 – «Change № 1 XXI-st centuries in metrology» S.F. Levin 6-10
5. Calibration of MI: implementation of legal requirements O.Ye. Maletska, M.V. Moskalenko 10-13
6. The evaluation of gain-frequency characteristics identification uncertainties for oscillating measuring devices Baker Alravashdeh, Lejt Ahmed Mustafa Al Ravashdeh, M.P. Sergienko 14-18
7. Accuracy estimation of the improved method of grids T.V. Barashkova 18-21
8. The uncertainty estimation for the neural network model of the nonlinear measuring transducer O.V. Zaporozhets, T.A. Ovcharova 21-24
9. Application of excess method to obtain reliable estimate of expanded uncertainty I.P. Zakharov, K.A Klimova 24-28
10. Combining heterogeneous data in measurement uncertainty estimation I.R. Szajniak 28-31
11. The quantum effects and their application in metrology P.I. Neezhmakov, Ju.F.Pavlenko 32-37
12. Calibration and measurement capabilities J. Horský, J. Horská 37-40
13. Determination of the optimum factor of coverage expanded uncertainty in verification of measuring instruments L.V. Yurov 41-44
14. Evaluation of uncertainty in the calibration of optical-mechanical measuring machines O.A. Novoselov 45-49
15. The influence of system refraction effects on results of measurements, carried out by electromagnetic waves on transatmospheric traces A.V. Prokopov 49-52
16. To the issue of determination of the liquefied hydrocarbonic gases masses on the basis of uncertainty of measurements D.D. Gribanov 53-56
17. Evaluation of uncertainty in determining the dust content of gas and dust flows of industrial emissions V.A. Donbayeva, B.T. Aitkesheva 56-60
18. Evaluation of uncertainty in measurements made with automatic air analyzer N.B. Mkrtychyan, G.R. Nezhikhovskiy 61-65
19. Estimation of the boarders of uncertainty while determining correlated mass fraction of wool in mixed textile materials (wool-polyester) according to the scatter diagram G.О. Skrypko 66-69
20. Evaluation of uncertainty in measurements of mass fraction of oil products in soil samples by the fluorimetric method I.Yu. Tkachenko, D.B. Gladilovich, G.R. Nezhihovskiy 69-75
21. Uncertainty of the method of measurement of coefficient of reflection the ultrasonic are free from border i undressed the solid body – liquid O.S. Hakimov, G.О. Hakimova, N.A. Tadzhaliyeva 76-79
22. Calibration measurer isolation parameters Y.L. Anokhin, R.V. Vendichanskiy, V.V. Kopshyn 79-82
23. Exploration of a measuring uncertainty, associated with nonlinear scale reading I. P. Zakharov, R.V. Pohybko, O.O. Volkov 82-86
24. Component uncertainties are a volt - second descriptions of a long air interval electric discharge V.V. Kniaziev, О.U. Chernukhin 86-89
25. Control and quality assurance of testing laboratory measurement results using the example of light output scintillators B.V. Grynyov, N.R. Gurdzhian, O. V. Zelenskaya, V.R. Lyubynskiy, N.I. Molchanova, V.A. Tarasov 90-95
26. Evaluation of uncertainty in luminous intensity measurements on the goniophotometer GO-2000H L.A. Nazarenko, S.A. Reva, D.P. Zubkov 95-98
27. Research of uncertainty of flow reproduction in gas network during domestic gas meters diagnosing A.G. Vynnychuk 99-102
28. The metrological analysis of low flow vortex flowmeters L.A. Vytvytska, Z.Y. Vytvytskiy. K.Z. Lavruk 102-105
29. Mathematical and metrology model of the piston prover transfer process high pressure gas volume unit I.S. Petrushun, T.I. Prisyajnyuk, O.A. Bas 106-111
30. Uncertainty of differential pressure measurement at active rhinomanometry A.L. Yerokhin, I.P. Zakharov, I.V. Prasol, A.S. Nechyporenko, O.G. Garyuk 112-115
31. The problem of constructing Bayesian classifier under apriori uncertainty S.I. Kondrashov, T.V. Drozdova 116-118
32. Reproduction method of test data based on their randomization А.А. Kravchenko, N.А. Jaremchyk 119-123
33. Health as an object of dimension Yu.S. Kurskoy 124-126
34. Uncertainty of metrological characteristics of measuring channels uncertainty of metrological characteristics of measuring channels D.A. Bereznoi, K.N. Malovik, A.N. Miroshnichenko 127-130
35. Metrological analysis of the information and measuring system for the control of underground heating systems І.R. Vashchyshak 131-134
36. The elements of measurement uncertainty in the simulation and statistical models for measuring and monitoring system involute gears V.А. Derbaba, A.L. Voitсhishen, V.I. Korsun, S.T. Patsera 134-137
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