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3. Knowledge base model of intellectual control system of high-speed moving objects based on its verification O.V. Barabash, D.M. Obidin, A.P. Musienko 3-6
4. Method for determining a clear subset of influence factors on the content of their behavior of the process development of complex system functioning V.M. Bilchuk, D.A. Grib, I.G. Dzeverin, O.V. Vorobyev, I.A. Nos 7-13
5. Mathematical model of use perspective mobile laboratory measurement technique M.V. Borisenko 13-17
6. Distributed methods of discrete-event system simulation D.A. Havrysh, S.N. Sarancha 17-23
7. Development of optimum method of control of parameters dynamic system after criteria of informing and sensitiveness S.V. Gerasimov 24-27
8. Three-dimensional mathematical simulation of power nonharmonic determined processes in radiotechnic circuits and radio engineering devices with various parameters M.N. Gorbachev 28-30
9. Coordinate registration methods in defectoscopy O.V. Dergunov, Y.V. Kuts 31-35
10. Integrated full-reference visual quality metric O.I. Ieremeiev 35-42
11. Prediction strength welded connection point N.A. Zubretskya , S.S. Fedin 42-46
12. Representation of knowledge’s and information about air objects-violators of the use of air space rules S.I. Ivanov, L.B. Cyurak, O.V. Davidenko 46-51
13. influence of aerodynamic arrangement onto radio-location noticeableness of unmanned aircrafts E.Y. Ilenko 52-54
14. method of forming sequences focused space-time impulses at the multi V-shaped frequency distribution of multi systems in aperture emitters A.I. Kovalenko, S.V. Titov 55-61
16. Digital twomass control the system by speed of rotation and pull multimotive the electromechanic of paper-lapping taking into account executive drives B.I. Kuznecov, L.B. Kurceva, N.S. Eremina, Yu.A. Alferov 66-69
17. Structural model of control system for mobile robot based on video stream analysis O.V. Lipanov, M.V. Fesenko 70-73
18. Calibrator for multiprobe microwave multimeter M.A. Miroshnik, R.I. Tsekhmistro, O.B. Zaichenko 74-76
19. Immunity of middle identification systems I.I. Obod, I.V. Svyd, I.A. SHtyh 77-79
20. Development of module of introduction of measuring information systems of vibrodiagnosticating of engines of aircrafts S.S. Olkhovikov, N.Kh. Rakovskaya, S.М. Shvydkov 80-83
21. Increasing of receiver sensitiveness of signal intelligence station by means of using of aerials with signal processing I.I. Opanasyuk, V.A. Baginskiy 84-86
22. Method of solution to task routing traffic control airborne targets M.A. Pavlenko 87-90
23. Results of theoretical and experimental researches of fluctuation error of measuring of angular coordinate of littlepitch aim at her location within the limits of line-of-sight M.M. Petrushenko 91-93
24. Quality information security based on consumer information processing joint surveillance systems airspace A.A. Strelnickiy, V.A. Andrysevich 94-96
25. The automatic system for support of optimum microclimate at industrial area O.V. Strokan 97-100
26. Analysis of power consumption and and longer operation times offline elements of wireless sensor networks І.S. Shostko, J.E. Sosedka 100-104
27. Method for establishing reduce uncertainty verbal scale N.А. Yaremchuk, О.Yu. Redyoga 104-108
28. Using environmental planning information elements in the formation of the information model M.U. Gusak, P.G. Berdnick, A.I. Timochko, О.S. Bodyak 109-111
29. Domain-specific diagram language grammar definition method N.G. Keberle, D.V. Chesanovsky 112-116
30. prospects of development of the automated control systems of tactical link of management of the army of military powers of Ukraine О.О. Lavrut, О.К. Klimovich, T.V. Lavrut 116-120
31. Formalizing the problem of determining directions air attack weapons at the operational direction A.K. Sheygas 120-125
32. A study in properties of financial bubble functions and their logoperiodical component V.Yu. Dubnitskiy, O.Ye. Petrenko, O.I. Khodyrev 126-132
33. Methods of collection and analysis of statistics of network functioning enterprise applications A.M. Klimenko, I.V. Shuba, D.A. Berchiyan 133-136
34. Assessment information capacity information mobile networks I.I. Obad, I.L. Jatsenko, О.О. Моghayev 136-138
35. An analysis of methods of increase of protected is in LTЕ-systems T.V. Lavrovskaya 139-141
36. Development strategies to improve quality decision support general practitioners O.V. Visotska 142-145
37. Functional going near design of difficult homoeostatic systems with local inertance L.A. Pospelov, S.S. Lapta 146-151
38. Research on websites optimisation methods for local business owners A.L. Yerokhin, M.V. Beshley 150-151
39. Decision support system for company investment policy formation V.V. Moskalenko, T.V. Zakharova, K.A. Lapko 152-158
40. System of monitoring of technogenic safety of region with the use of geographic information system technologies S.E. Vazhinsky, V.M. Popov 159-162
41. To the problem of security management of man-made and natural objects G.V. Mykytyn 162-169
42. Possibility of creation of complex of ecological monitoring and control on basis of the use of space systems of remote sensing of earth D.P. Pashkov 170-173
43. Assessment tasks to territorial technogenic hazard element A.N. Poleghaev 174-176
44. Classification of modern software and application service levels recommended for workplace organization students computer specialties V.A. Zhilin, D.P. Panasenko 177-182
45. Modeling of processes of education and training in Higher educational institutions with use IT-technologies K.O. Meteshkin, O.E. Pomortseva 183-189
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