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3. Cluster approach is the door to increase of high education quality S.M. Poroshin 7-11
4. About deforming multifrequency pulse-coded acoustic signals in the underwater sound channel A.O. Bezruchko, V.S. Didkovskiy, N.D. Hladkikh, O.V. Korzik 12-15
5. Detection of objects with given shape on the image in a multimedia shooting simulator and determining their coordinates O.V. Belyaev, V.M. Kartashov 16-20
6. Research of the parametric transformation of the ultrasound into the sound S.O. Kozeruk, D.V. Maznichenko, Y.O. Mytiai 21-25
7. Mathematical model of automated system for correction of apparent sound source position in space S.M. Poroshin, V.V. Usik, I.S. Bielikov 26-28
8. Assessment of a priori signal-to-noise ratio in noise reduction algorithms A.N. Prodeus, V.S. Didkovskyi 29-34
9. Ensembles of dicrete signals with minimal values of side lobes of correlation function A.А. Zamula 35-39
10. Digital adaptive antenna systems on the base of phased arrays О.V. Karpenko, V.V. Onyshchenko 40-43
11. Development of the method of collecting measurement data for the calibration of temperature transmitters semiconductor thermoresistive O.B. Koshelieva, I.S. Zubretskya, S.S. Fedin 44-47
12. The influence of electrical explosion conductors parameters on character of secondary breakdown detonation products D.B. Kucher, R.A. Sharov, L.V. Litvinenko, N.N. Koroschenko, A.I. Fyik 48-52
13. Increasing the reliability of information transmission in communication systems using complex signals N.F. Linnik, Yu.S. Litvinov, R.V. Khomenko, E.P. Balanovsky 53-56
14. Landweber’s advanced iterative method of processing for defocused and blured optoelectronic images V.О. Pavliy 57-59
15. Information capability estimation technique of initial images for high-fidelity cross-correlation-extreme systems of navigation V.A. Tarshyn, A.M. Sotnikov, R.G. Sydorenko, A.V. Mezentsev 60-63
16. Diagnosticating of electronic modules of informative systems by the method of growings pyramidal networks B.A. Shostak 64-68
17. Development of information search model with the use of linked data V.V. Artamonov, V.О. Tertyshnyi 69-75
18. Determination of Hamiltonian path on the incomplete stochastic column R.H. Akhmadov, N.I. Yashchuk 76-78
19. Problems of data encryption for cloud computing T.G. Belova, V.O. Yaruta 79-81
20. A mathematical model of the problem of planning a file transfer from multiple sources to the consumer I.V. Grebennik,V.G. Ivanov, D.V. Ivanov, I.A. Urniaieva 82-85
21. Quantum random number generators in cryptography T.A. Grinenko, A.P. Narezshhy 86-89
22. Network management system of multiservice network Ie.V. Duravkin, L.V. Demchenko, S.A. Soboleva 90-96
23. Selection of combinatorial algorithm for optimization in multiservice network trafic control А.А. Kovalenko, G.А. Kuchuk, А.А. Mozhaev 97-101
24. Analysis of the current status of technical diagnosis of distributed telecommunications systems T.І. Korytchinko 102-104
25. The use of static analysis for source code to improve energy efficiency of software А.Yu. Kryvtsov 105-113
26. Multi-version digital automata’s and the elements of their synthesis V.A. Kulanov 114-118
27. Advantage of introduction of cloudy calculations in education process of high establishments education I.A. Pobezhenko 119-122
28. The method of intellectual multispectral image processing A.O. Podorozhniak, N.Y. Lubchenko, O.D. Lagoda 123-125
29. Development of computer viruses detection system based on ART-1 neural network S.G. Semenov, S.Y. Gavrilenko, S.M. Globa, O.S. Babenko 126-129
30. Adaptive model for enhancement of digital image sharpness K.S. Smelyakov, E.M. Drob 130-132
31. Unequal cost load balancing algorithm improvement for EIGRP protocol A.V. Snigurov, V.K. Chakrian 133-139
32. Integration SDN controllers into OpenStack. Evaluition of performance and reliability O.B. Tkachova, Mohammed Jamal Salim, Raed Yahya Abdulghafoor 140-144
33. The vector-graph’s clustering method of documents in text processing systems L.E. Chala, Yu.Yu. Kharytonova 145-151
34. The precedent metrics tabulation method with functional weight dependence on the precedent attributes L.V. Shabanova-Kushnarenko 152-155
35. Building of ontology for documents semantic search S.Yu. Shabanov-Kushnarenko, A.I. Kovalenko, D.S. Bulaenko 156-158
36. Risk disclaimer of system wide after modernization M.I. Adamenko, V.V. Berezutskiy, N.G. Kucuk, O.Yu. Palant 159-162
37. A generalized training algorithm of the evolutionary radial-basis network O.O. Bezsonov 163-166
38. A generalized training algorithm of the evolutionary radial-basis network V.І. Bogomia 167-169
39. The organization of the recovery vehicle units O. Yu. Bondarenko 170-173
40. Raising of synthesis task of control the system by motion of trains V.А. Bryksin, S.M. Poroshin 174-177
41. General theory of measuring as basis of expert evaluation О.V. Degtyaryov, V.V. Dubrovina, V.Ye. Kozlov, Yu.V. Kozlov 178-181
42. Informational and technical methods of environmental monitoring in condition of technogenic emergency situation M.M. Diviziniuk, О.О. Popov, V.О. Kovach, О.V. Bliashenko, К.V. Smetanin 182-185
43. System technology of navigation operative tasks decision is for the synthesis of water-carriage exploitation laws V.V. Doronin 186-191
44. The computer system of wind flows monitoring for a wind potential power determination and wind power stations establishment V.B. Dudykevych, G.V. Mykytyn, O.V. Pashuk 192-195
45. Interval analysis of mechanical structures based on genetic algorithms D.B. Yelchaninov, N.S. Kosilo, N.V. Belova 196-199
46. The mathematical model of the pneumatic and electro-pneumatic combined driving tilt of the vehicle body B.Kh. Yeritsyan, B.G. Liubarskyi, D.I. Yakunin 200-204
47. Algorithm of measuring of distance in cass aiming fighter aircraft on littlepitch aim above sea V.D. Karlov, A.B. Kotov, I.M. Pichugin, D.V. Karlov 205-207
48. Inventory management under combined uncertainty V.V. Karpenko 208-211
49. The model of visual noticeableness of the remotedly pilot-controlled aircrafts is modified I.B. Kovtonyuk, O.B. Kotov, V.A. Tavrin 212-214
50. Parameters shot throwing gas detonation system К.V. Koritchenko, O.V. Sakun, Yu.V. Khil'ko, I.V. Cebryuk, I.O. Belousov 215-218
51. Development of program complex digital imaging sessile drop in the investigation of surface properties of the melt T.А. Levitskaya 219-221
52. Functional model of wireless sensor network control system with self-organization for monitoring enviromental parameters A.I. Lysenko, E.S. Kozelkova, V.I. Novikov, T.A. Prischepa, A.V. Romanyuk 222-225
53. A method of optimum spectral channels width choice is in the space systems of optical-electronic supervision D.P. Pashkov 226-229
54. Information problems of canonical regression analysis L.G. Raskin, O.W. Seraja 230-234
55. A simplified definition of consistency of experts evaluating the execution of combat operations, deployment of fire and technical equipment O.M. Reva, V.M. Strelec 235-237
56. Methods of discrete devices synthesis V.G. Rykun, V.M. Uvarov, M.O. Pakholko 238-241
57. Features of modern tachymeter M.N. Tokarev 242-244
58. Information-analytical technology research artificial bodies V.M. Trysnyuk, V.I. Mokriy, T.V. Trysnyuk 245-247
59. Hybrid method of filtration in the tasks of localization of mobile robots S.G. Udovenko, A.R. Sorokin 248-254
60. The method of automatic generation of hypotheses with a multidimensional association's quantifier for decision support system A.O. Feklistov 255-257
61. Process optimization machining with the application of neural networks I.P. Havinа, V.V. Limarenko 258-260
62. Development of the simplified chart of adjusting of start-stoppings devices small and micro HPS A.M. Chernyuk 261-265
63. Radio physica apparatus for research of ground surface parameters of terrene and creation of telecommunications hybrid network S.Ye. Yacevich, Ye.I. Yacevich, V.Ye. Kuz'menko, Naaem Khazim 266-272
64. Overcoming of a priori self-reactance vagueness in tasks of supervisions planning of ground measuring complex facilities during leadthrough of flying-designer tests А.V. Gurnik, V.I. Emec, V.V. Khizhnyak 273-278
65. Diminishing of noise of railway transport by noise rejector of screens V.P. Zaec 279-283
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