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3. The artificial neural networks based identification algorithm application for measuring transducers Baker Alravashdeh, M.P. Sergienko 6-9
4. The development of neural network models and algorithms to compensate for the nonlinearity of the conversion function during the locating of mobile transport objects L. Al Rawashdeh, T.A. Ovcharovа, I.V. Ruzhentsev 10-12
5. Method and system for measuring zonal harmonic of the octupole magnetic moment of external magnetic field Raqi Alrawashdeh 13-16
6. Peculiarities of evaluation of measurement uncertainty type a based on a Bayesian approach O.A. Botsiura, I.P. Zakharov 17-20
7. Group expert evaluation of the state of the metrological assurance of measuring of electrical power O.M. Velychko, S.M. Shevkun, S.R. Karpenko 21-24
8. Research of hydraulic consumables characteristics NON-narrowing devices A.G. Vynnychuk, O.J. Seredіuk, T.V. Lіutenko 25-28
9. Imitation-statistical model of the instrumental errors of measuring the radial run out of gear wheels O.L. Voichishen, V.A. Derbaba, V.I. Korsun, S.T. Patsera 29-31
10. The question detection depth to macro-defect with bilateral access to zone control elements of metal structures that are under loading N.Ya. Gabl’ovs’ka, M.A. Kononenko, T.I. Luctushun, D.S. Rymezhak 32-35
11. Uncertainty evaluation of entropy of water radiation images N.V. Glukhova 36-38
12. Nondestructive test system for beam elements of industrial structures M.O. Demchenko, М.V. Filippova, V.M. Bezruchko 39-42
13. Application of the concept of fractal for the assessment of intense-deformed condition of an object E.А. Derkach, A.А. Chistokletov, N.V. Matsveyenka, T.V. Barashkova 43-46
14. Using perturbation wave patterns to improve the accuracy of the input signal of measurement means M.А. Doronina, V.І. Korsun 47-49
15. Synergetic approach to the description of realization of the product at the stages of design, manufacturing and operation Е.O. Yevstafeva, K.A. Dyadyura, O.А. Katrich 50-57
16. The system of experimental data processing of rolling stock dynamic tests V.S. Yeremenko, P.A. Shegedin 58-63
17. The compensation of the thermistor nonlinearity with artificial neural network O.V. Zaporozhets, T.A. Ovcharova, I.V. Ruzhentsev 64-67
18. Simulation of primary sources of information S.V. Zinchenko, V.P. Zinchenko, M.V. Dobrolyubova 68-74
19. Information processing in the research of the properties of moist materials by method of synchronous thermal analysis S.O. Ivanov, L.Y. Vorobiov, L.V. Dekusha 75-78
20. Methods testing and control parameters of quality services news generation О.I. Kаdаckyа, S.А. Sаburova 79-83
21. Uncertainty evaluation of the critical temperature measurement in the study of the semiconductor – metal phase transition in vanadium dioxide A.Yu. Karnina, O.P. Klymenko, O.P. Mysov 84-87
22. Metrological certification problems of remote sensing of the atmosphere V.M. Kartashov, S.I. Babkin, E.G. Tolstikh 88-91
23. Uncertainty evaluation of SiO2 diameter measurement with electron microscopy at forming structured materials I.G. Кayun, О.P. Musov, S.G. Kalashnikov 92-94
24. A technique to improve the accuracy of measurements of the dynamic mass оf freight-car L.V. Kolomiets, А.М. Limarenko, А.S. Limarenko 95-98
25. Influence of type of membership functions of sensitivity when evaluating the quality S.I. Kondrashov, T.V. Drozdova, M.I. Opryshkina 99-102
26. Application of algorithm of imitation of annealing for optimization of multiple-factor plans of experiment N.D. Koshevoy, A.V. Belmeha, Z.E. Chystikova 103-106
27. System for acoustic diagnosing of the heat power equipment units A.I. Krasil’nikov, V.S. Beregun, O.V. Garmash, T.A. Polobiuk 107-110
28. Researh of sample trigonometric moment’s method for circular distributions approximation tasks Y.V. Kuts, S.V. Shengur, E.S. Melnik 111-115
29. Measuring problem of definition the module of the full impedance for the chain element S.F. Levin 116-118
30. Mathematical model of semiconductor converter with fifteen zone by regulation of the output voltage V.V. Мyhaylenko, М.S. Shifanova, V.P. Svitaylо, L.М. Snitko 119-122
31. Influence of "aging" of temperature sensors on their dynamic characteristics А.V. Polyarus, A.A. Koval 123-126
32. Adaptive method of evaluation of higher hydrocarbon component of natural gas from the statistical expand the knowledge base V.M. Romaniv, S.I. Melnychuk 127-130
33. Assessment of disturbances intersystem measurement accuracy of spatial frequencies of maximum entropy method V.V. Skachkov, V.V. Chepkyi, A.N. Efymchykov, V.I. Pavlovich 131-134
34. Overview the calibration stands of gas meters оn the working environment «natural gas» in the countries of Independent States A.А. Stetsenko, I.V. Ruzhentsev, Yu.S. Glova, S.D. Nedzelskiy 135-139
35. Wideband AC voltage voltmeter Y.M. Tuz, Y.V. Artyukhova, A.A. Uliyanova 140-142
36. Error, uncertainty or doubt in measurements V.P. Chalyy , O.V. Chala 143-146
37. Correlation meter of a low-intensity microwave radiation K.L. Shevchenko, V.V. Gorkun, I.L. Kiva 147-149
38. Determination of harmonic distortion coefficient using symmetrical sequences filters A.A. Shcherba, D.K. Makov, O.V. Polishchuk 150-152
39. Research of the automated classification using the wavelet transform G.Y. Shcherbakova, V.N. Krylov 153-156
40. Evaluation of software quality using verbal-numerical scale N.A. Yaremchuk, О.Yu. Goda 157-160
41. Estimation of high school education's activity: students vs ministry A.S. Korchakova 161-163
42. Chronicle and information 164-166
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